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This is pretty amazing! I didnt know B’z were that big in Japan! Seems like Arashi and Exile are new entry into the charts too!!! YATTA! It’s based on much cds they have sold. I think it’s super cool that Kinki Kids are in too!

Source: Jpop Music

CD総売上【2010/09/10 Mステスペシャル】

今回(前回) 売上(単位:万枚)
*1位(*1位) 7938 B’z
*2位(*2位) 5420 Mr.Children
*3位(*4位) 4901 浜崎あゆみ  (Ayumi Hamasaki)
*4位(*3位) 4783 サザンオールスターズ  (Southern All Stars)
*5位(*5位) 4301 DREAMS COME TRUE
*6位(*6位) 3830 松任谷由実   (Yumi Matsutoya)
*7位(*7位) 3749 GLAY
*8位(*8位) 3745 ZARD
*9位(*9位) 3572 宇多田ヒカル (Utada Hikaru)
10位(11位)  3178 SMAP
11位(10位)  3140 CHAGE&ASKA
12位(14位)  2974 安室奈美恵  (Namie Amuro)
13位(12位)  2951 松田聖子  (Matsuda Seiko)
14位(13位)  2870 globe
15位(15位)  2849 L’Arc~en~Ciel
16位(16位)  2534 中森明菜   (Nakamori Akina)
17位(18位)  2467 KinKi Kids
18位(17位)  2441 TUBE
19位(19位)  2259 大黒摩季   (Ohguro Maki)
20位(20位)  2258 Every Little Thing
21位(22位)  2178 中島みゆき  (Nakajima Miyuki)
22位(21位)  2169 TRF
23位(23位)  2112 長渕剛   (Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi)
24位(24位)  2070 槙原敬之  (Noriyuki Makihara)
25位(25位)  2038 スピッツ   (Spitz)
26位(27位)  2018 福山雅治  (Fukuyama Masaharu)
27位(26位)  1950 SPEED
28位(29位)  1865 米米CLUB  (Koma Kome Club)
29位(–位) 1786 EXILE
30位(30位) 1777 Misia
31位(32位) 1664 モーニング娘。 (Morning Musume)
32位(31位) 1621 山口百恵  (Yamaguchi Momoe)
33位(–位) 1619 (Arashi)
34位(33位) 1611 氷室京介   (Himuro Kyosuke)
35位(34位) 1579 井上陽水  (Yosui Inoue)
36位(36位) 1576 郷ひろみ   (Go Hiromi)
37位(35位) 1570 沢田研二  (Sawada Kenji)
38位(42位) 1553 倉木麻衣  (Mai Kuraki)
39位(38位) 1538 チェッカーズ   (CHECKERS)
40位(39位) 1527 今井美樹  (Imai Miki)

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Ahhh its true, Arashi’s Happiness does always make me happy!! Also glad Troublemaker is in it.. haha i love that song too.

It’s pretty amazing that Arashi has 3 songs in the ranking!

Source: Unleashthegeek

Recochoku held a survey asking its users to pick a song that can chase the May blues away and lift their spirits. 1223 users responded through their mobile phones between 27th April and 18th May.

Songs to chase the May blues away
1. Happiness by Arashi
2. Joyful by Ikimonogakari
3. Troublemaker by Arashi
4. Kibun Joujou↑↑ by mihimaru GT
5. Guts Da Ze!! by ulfuls
6. Suirenka by Shonan no Kaze
7. Ogon Soul by Shonan no Kaze
8. Kitto Daijoubu by Arashi
9. weeeek by NEWS
10. GOLD by UVERworld

Survey by : Recochoku Music Data (imode/EZweb/Y!Keitai)
Survey Period : 27 April 2010 to 18 May 2010
Users surveyed : 1223

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How amazing can Arashi get.. its not possible anymore.. Just when they surprised u with sth, they surprised u again!!! haha..It’s amazing Arashi no Shukudai-kun is there… i really really miss that baka show.. miss it to death.. Also cannot wait for another Oodoroki no Arashi.. Also Matsujun’s drama Smile is there too.. Glad that its recognised too as it does deal with reality. Something that people tend to avoid.

Source of Results: Galac


第1位 日曜劇場「JIN -仁-」(TBS) 74票
第2位 嵐の宿題くん(日本テレビ) 44票
第3位 驚きの嵐!世紀の大実験!! 学者も予測不可能SP&奇跡呼ぶ実験的生ライブ!!(日本テレビ) 30票
第3位 MR.BRAIN(TBS) 30票
第5位 金曜ドラマ「スマイル」(TBS) 29票
第6位 アメトーーク!(テレビ朝日) 24票
第6位 スペシャルドラマ「坂の上の雲」(NHK) 24票
第8位 ドラマスペシャル「白洲次郎」(NHK) 21票
第9位 大河ドラマ「龍馬伝」(NHK) 18票
第9位 タモリ倶楽部(テレビ朝日) 18票

The results – (Best 10)
1. Sunday TBS Drama: JIN (TBS)
2. Arashi no Shukudai-kun (NTV)
3. Odoroki no Arashi! Experiments of the Century: Impossible for Scholars to Predict Special and Miracle Experiments Live Special (NTV)

3. Mr. Brain (TBS)
5. Friday drama: Smile (TBS)
6. Ame Talk (TV Asahi)
6. Special Drama: Saka no Ue no Kumo (NHK)
8. Drama Special: Shirasu Jiro (NHK)
9. Taiga Drama: Ryoma den (NHK)
9. Tamori Club (TV Asahi)

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It’s been a while since i last updated.. kinda got some push from my cousin.. so here i am writing again. haha

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Anyway i watched Arashi’s 5×10 Anniversary Concert 2009.. OMG i must SAY! It’s just getting better and better each other.. super cool..

AND i’m completely in love with the rap Sho did in Typhoon Generation… So smooth, soft and sexy! haha.. Kinda different from alot of his recent raps where the rap is more powerful and fast.. So it’s a nice change.. i hope he does more of this kind of slow rap.. really suits him.

ahhh i cant find it now, but i’ll try to upload that part!

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sooo cute!! cant wait when the full PV comes out.. Sho’s clothes is the most STRIKING ONE.. haha in RED.. aiya..

But i’m still hoping that they do a PV for “Yurase, Ima O”.. i really love that song too.. Wonder when will “Sora Taku” be released.. ahhhh.. haha

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I’m depressed.. really depressed.. Arashi no shukudai-kun will stop broadcasting at the end of march onwards. Although its because they’ll have a new program on Saturdays 10pm i think starting April. *sigh* I still really love shukudai-kun alot.. It was the 1st variety program that got me hooked on forever.. The silly Ai-Land, all the silly and stupid games that made Arashi look like a fool but made us all laugh so much.. *sigh* Just feel like its a waste.. So many classic moments have come out from this show.. *SIGH* really sad man…. i wonder what other programs will let them do extreme silly things.

Anyway here’s the official announcement:

Source: Tokyograph

“Arashi no Shukudai-kun” to end in March
Sat, February 6, 2010 (5:56pm EST)
With the popular boy band Arashi getting another prime time show this spring, NTV has decided to end the group’s late night show “Arashi no Shukudai-kun.” The network announced that the final episode will air on March 22.

“Arashi no Shukudai-kun” has been on the air since October 2006, and has received high ratings despite its time slot.

Source: NTV

Source: Tokyograph

Another prime time show for Arashi
Fri, January 29, 2010 (6:45am EST)
NTV has confirmed that popular group Arashi will have a new prime time show starting this spring. Tentatively titled “Arashi ni Shiyagare,” the show will occupy the Saturday 10:00pm time slot left open by “Enta no Kamisama,” which is ending in March.

The program is described as an improvised entertainment variety show. Each episode will feature a guest celebrity, but the members of Arashi will not be told in advance who the guest is nor what the guest will be doing on the show.

It appears that the main segment of the show will have a different guest each week to teach the Arashi members an entertainment skill in various fields, including comedy, rakugo, and kabuki. Called “The Set,” this segment will take place on various “sets,” such as a theater or kabuki stage.

“Arashi ni Shiyagare” premieres in April. Arashi already hosts two other shows during prime time.

Source: NTV

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I’m sure pretty much everybody has seen this HOT photo shoot already! haha..I went to Kinokuniya AND got my Anan Copy!!! haha… This is probably the naughtiest magazine i own? ahha!!! The man is just tooo hot for words.. Although he didn’t really show very much or pose with a girl.. I think it’s really nice.. Very sho! haha

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