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I have laughed at all the other episodes of Mago Mago Arashi, but seriously, this got me rewinding and laughing and laughing ALOT.. haha.. surprisingly it was not Sakurai Sho that usually gets me laughing me but OHNO.. haha.. yes Ohno Satoshi.. Ohno is juz sooo adorable in this episode.. haha..

This episode is abt Sho and Ohno goin to be grandchildren of a Dairy Farm grandparents. So den Ohno follows the grandfather, doin work in the farm like feeding the cows, milking the cows and carrying haystacks as food for the cows. And wat does Sho chan do wif the grandma, ermmm pretty much relaxing most of the time. haha.. i tink this episode was one of the funniest reactions i’ve seen of Ohno, that i went to take all these screenshot myself. haha..

Isn’t Ohno juz adorable here.. haha

Ahhh.. of coz, my Sho chan.. haha…

haha.. here the kawaii Ohno so tired that he takes a nap.

This is when Sho tells him that he and grandma went bowling. haha

Cldnt resist a Sho pic. haha

This was the lamest, haha, Sho told Ohno that he finished his work and will be heading back to the house first. haha Ohno hasnt finished, so den the reaction. haha. But Sho tells him that they’re heading back to make dinner first.

As Ohno went to check on them, he finds them relaxing and not makin dinner yet. haha

So den, after finishing all his work, Ohno is hungry and checks whether dinner is ready yet. HAHA. There he finds Sho drinking. haha

Haha.. Sho at first claims he ws drinking Barley Tea, den said it was Barley liquor den finally said beer and went down on his knees saying sorry. haha.

Haha, Sho den said “o tsukare” which means good work.. haha.. in which Ohno replied “URUSE” which means yes SHUT UP. haha..

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