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YAHHHOOOOO.. haha went down to Bugis Kino today after work coz there was a 20% members sale.. Went to get like onli 2 mangas and also Oricon Style which had Kinki Kids on it. As i was paying for it, i saw right behind the cashier was the “Arashi is Alive” photobook… wow wow.. i asked for it too and its worth it coz i get 20% off.. Big savings.. haha…

A funny thing is that i got a manga which had like “Unsuitable for the young” sticker pasted on it. I usually NEVER get asked BUT this time the lady at Kino was like “Sorry but we can only sell this book to people over 18 years old.” I was still unaware of the situation when she was like “Are you over 18?” I was eeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… I’m 23.. “oh okok sorry sorry”.. eeehhhhh….. I was even in my work clothes… ehhhhhhhh…. na de ya ne!!!!!!!!!

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Today i juz had to go to kino to find whether my magazines were still there. First met yanki at Clake quay to pass her some stuff from Hansy.

Den the Kino at Liang court didnt have any of my magazines.. haiz.. den went over to Bugis and luckily managed to get a copy of Oricon (Arashi’s on the cover) and the last copy of Duet July… my lord.. lucky.. and since it was on the way, went to Orchard Kino and found the last copy of Myojo July.. kyyyaaa… lucky… that issue is hot…

This is wat was inside Myojo.. haha.. nice nei.. haha…

Scan credit: yuckie@lj

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