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IT ROCKED!!!!!!! haha…. at first Hansy didnt wan to go wif me… BUT luckily Yanki decided to go den Hansy said oh well ok.. DEN YEAH!!! WE WENT!!!!! hahaha….

There were many funny moments… and also lots of cool dance moves… he rocks man.. haha.. my Xiaozhu!!!

These videos are mostly taken frm Youtube coz its a hassle to upload mine in and also i sat far far away.. haha…

This rocked sia.. he was soooo cool… haha… den at the end he said that after so many concerts, this was the 1st time that his mic had broke! AHAHHA..

I reali love this song sia.. haha.. Gary Cao Ge worte the melody for him!

Rainie Yang Chen Ling was his guest star.. super cute sia she…

HAHAHA.. this was funny man.. he was trying to speak English.. haha.. den he said his English improved.. when he stayed at the hotel, he asked for “room service” ahah.. den he said “Excuse me, i have hamburger!”… haha.. den heard his stupid laugh.. haha..

THIS was the funniest sia… Ji Fen is a song where he wld randomly pick a audience member and be his gf for the song.. haha.. BUT.. it was the 1st time he said that a guy was picked.. haha.. super cute sia.. he held the boy’s hand.. haha

here’s another! haha.. super cute.. there was even once he pretended to kiss the boy! haha…

Here’s lots of pics that my poor sister Hansy took so that i cld enjoy my concert!! ahahaha.. He reali super handsome and funny sia.. OH ya.. after that met Xiaoping and Meihui haha coz they also went…

me and Hansy!

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OMG!!!! 1 day to Show Luo Zhixiang aka Xiaozhu concert!!!

Cant believe i’m goin to c him tml!! hahahha… YIPEEE!!!! Fall on me Xiaozhu!!! haha

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OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cant believe that i went to Christina’s concert!!! I still cannot believe it!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahaha….. the concert started abt 8.20pm…I went wif my sister.. Christina Fans man!!! haha.. anyway we bought the ticket.. in which i haven paid her back yet.. haha.. Anyway it was full house man!!! 8000 ppl!! wahhh madness sia!! haha

Sat at T01.. haiz.. abit far.. sad sia.. but its the 1st row of the amount that we paid for. haha..

This is before the concert… Indoor stadium…

Ahhh its starting!!!!

This was the starting of the concert wif Ain’t No Other Man! Wahh rocks man her voice!

She had so many costume change during the show.. Abt 11.. haha.. veri nice sia!!!

One of her song.. Circus.. wahhh jaws dropped when i saw this scene. haha..

Dirrty… YEAH MAN!!!

Hansy took this shot…

One of the high point is abt halfway through her concert when she started singing Candyman.. wahhhhh rocks man!!! I screamed like mad! haha.. in fact the whole stadium was so high sia!!!!

Den after that, all the gd older songs started coming on like Lady Marmalade, Dirrty, Hurt (new), Beautiful and Fighter.. alll these songs juz made us go mad..

Her concert is reali a class act man.. although i went to Jay Chou and Alicia Keys concert b4, but seriously it cannot compare to Christina’s one… wahhh so exciting frm beginning to end.. costume change, background change.. so many… Christina was since my primary school idol till now!!! haha… Love her like mad!!! She reali have a powerful voice that her voice always overpowered the loud music.. ROCKS MAN!!! My heart was thumping throughout the whole entire show! haha.. juz beat like mad!! haha…
Too bad it was onli abt 90min.. depression… haha..

Lady Marmalade.. wahhh crowd went mad!!! So did i!!! haha…

Beautiful.. love this song.. the whole crowd was singing along…

Fighter was her last song.. sad sia.. haha..

Den we hurried out to buy her t-shirt.. wahhh super long queue sia.. haha… Bought one for $35 in which me and Hansy will have to share.. haha…

Den as we were walking back to the mrt.. we heard like they were goin to put fireworks at the Kallang Stadium coz last day of watever.. haha.. so juz nice whipped out the camera and took pics wif the fireworks.. haha.. which was like less den 2 min den that was it.. Nabei sia..

Wahhh the mrt was packed sia.. in fact when we were walking to the mrt.. there were already like ten million ppl comin out of the Kallang Stadium.. wahhh kaooozzz… haha..

Ohh had to take a pic wif the nice shirt!!



Places she’s goin.. and in order too!!!

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