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Oh my lord! Sakurai Sho is goin to New York for the New York Comic Con on February 6th 2009!!!! Lucky lucky to those who are living there.

Source: New York Comic Con 2009

Yatterman: Fans have been waiting for Takashi Miike to create a giant robot movie for years, and finally it’s here! Starring Japanese superstar Sho Sakurai, Yatterman is the story of two teenagers who run a super, high-tech toy shop which serves as a cover for their crime-busting exploits as Yatterman, a pair of masked super heroes who pilot the sentient dog robot, Yatterwan. Takashi Miike and Sho Sakurai will be at NYCC to speak about Yatterman at 4 PM on Friday in the IGN Theater. Both will then appear at the world premiere of Yatterman at an exclusive theater in NYC! The world premiere of Yatterman is presented by Nikkatsu, the New York Asian Film Festival, and New York Comic Con. For details as to where and when, head over to the Nikkatsu Booth (1315).


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Lovely Complex (anime)

So sad!!! The anime series has ended!!! With only 24 episodes, i thought it could have gone on and on longer actually, coz the manga is still running… haizz..

I reali like this anime alot.. gd times and bad times.. Let me refresh ur memory, its abt Koizumi Risa who is this tall girl at 170cm and also Otani who is a short guy at 156cm.. haha.. who knew thatRisa who fall in love wif Otani and thus chasing him till he finally loved her back..

Wat i love abt this anime is that, its not boring at all.. its juz so heartwarming and funny. Love it when Risa and Otani make all weird faces.. I’m juz glad that the manga is still running if not i’ll prob be depressed coz its juz so funny!

Some pics off this real sweet anime…

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Lovely Complex (anime)

Lovely Complex is still an ongoing manga so yah the anime has juz started too so far with abt 18 episodes and is still ongoin too.. Wat can i say but I LOVE IT! haha.. there r some parts which are dif frm the manga. But it’s still veri nice to watch.

The storyline is the same as the drama one, but the drama changed the storyline abt here and there. Whenever i watch the anime, i always burst out laughing coz the images r juz so funny! Its exactly like the manga! They always make like retarded faces! haha love it! I always enjoy these kinds of anime or manga, the funny romantic kind… I’m a sucker for the funny romance! haha..

If ur the kind that likes funny romance too, den this is the anime to catch!

Summary: (taken frm http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/encyclopedia/anime.php?id=7468)

One day, a very tall transfer student shows up and Risa immediately falls for him, as she has had bad luck with boys in the past because she is tall. There is a girl that Otani likes as well, so Risa and Otani decide to put aside their differences and help each other get their love interests. But as they get to know each other better, Risa’s feelings for Otani begin to blossom.

Risa Koizumi has always been taller than most people, and Atsushi Ootani has always been shorter than most boys. Risa, after being caught during one of the school assembles, is punished by attending summer classes. Risa learns that she attends summer class with Ootani. After a cute, tall guy transfers into their summer class, the two of them decide to help each other out in regards to a possible love interest. Ootani helps Risa get close to the new classmate, Suzuki, and Risa helps Ootani get close to one of her close friends Chiharu. It turns out that Suzuki and Chiharu have more in common than vice versa with Ootani and Risa and they decide to give up and let Chiharu and Suzuki become a couple. However, Risa begins to notice that her feelings for Ootani are growing, but Ootani doesn’t seem to notice at. Risa must get Ootani to understand that it’s him she likes, not some other guy, and then figure out if a relationship between a tall girl and a short boy can really be possible.

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