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I went to watch with Jensy on sunday!!! I was just dying to watch the movie soooo much after watching the drama! I love ittttttttttttt soooo much!!! I love how Ueno Juri potrays her character Nodame and as well as a very hot Tamaki Hiroshi as Chiaki Shinichi! I’ll talk about the drama next time! ahah..

OHHH i just cannot wait AND I MEAN CANNOT WAIT for the 2nd part of the movie to come out.. i’m already dying here… If its being released in Japan on April 17 2010 WHICH MEANS it’ll be a few more mths b4 it comes out here in Singapore.. moooooooooooo yadddaaaaa yo!!!!

Here’s a trailer for the 1st movie and 2nd movie!

2nd Movie trailer


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I’m soooo happy for Toma!!! It’s reali great that good things are coming more and more for him. This was also a drama that starred Kinki Kids a long time ago! Probably 10 over years.

Source: Tokyograph

Ikuta leads adaptation of Dazai’s “No Longer Human”
Wed, May 13, 2009 (1:12am EDT)
Popular young actor Toma Ikuta (24) will star in a new movie directed by Genjiro Arato, the producer responsible for the award-winning “Zigeunerweisen” in 1980. The film is “Ningen Shikkaku,” based on the Osamu Dazai novel of the same name. Also known in English as “No Longer Human,” the book is generally considered to be Dazai’s greatest masterpiece.

Ikuta has recently had major roles in several television series, but this role will actually be his first time appearing in a movie. Published in 1948, the semi-autobiographical “Ningen Shikkaku” was Dazai’s last completed work before he successfully committed suicide. Despite selling millions of copies, the story has never been adapted to screen. However, this year is the 100th anniversary of Dazai’s birth, prompting the decision to create a movie.

Filming starts in July, with a release projected for spring 2010.

Source: Sankei Sports

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This is wayyyy clearer!!!!! Click on it twice in order to go to the youtube page to watch!

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Omg i was soooo excited to hear him speak in english! It’s not bad at all!!!!!!!!! It’s kinda amazing how his popularity even reaches the American audiences!

And here is one with a fancam! Where they sing A.RA.SHI. and he does the hand movements!

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Sho might not be able to sit at the panel and sign autographs or sth.

Read this.

Source: Medium at Large.net

YATTERMAN UPDATE (1/22/09): As is the case with all of New York Comic Con’s celebrity attendees, schedules are always in flux, and with Miike-san and Sakurai-san — two of our biggest celebrities — their schedules may shift as well. Yatterman is coming to New York Comic Con for its world premiere, and the information presented below is based on our original Press Release along with an update from early on January 22nd. We will post any further updates here in clearly marked updates. We don’t want to provide any misinformation to all of Miike-san and Sakurai-san’s fans, but we hope that they understand that while both Miike-san and Sakurai-san will be premiering Yatterman at New York Comic Con, the specifics of their appearances may change. Originally, both Miike-san and Sakurai-san were scheduled to participate in the panel and autograph session on Friday prior to the DGA Theater screening. Miike-san is still commited to both the panel and signing. Due to Sakurai-san’s press schedule, we can no longer confirm he’ll be participating in the panel and signing; however, he will be present and part of the world premiere at the DGA Theater on Friday night, and tickets to this screening will be distributed freely at Nikkatsu’s booth at New York Comic Con as well as via a contest to members of the subwaycinema.com mailing list. We are presenting you with information as it is updated, and for the latest you need to only check this blog post, and we will continually update it. We welcome Miike-san and Sakurai-san to New York, and we hope to involve them in as many activities as we can.
EARLIER POST: NYCC is pleased to reveal that maverick Japanese director Takashi Miike will appear at our 2009 event as a Guest of Honor and superstar actor and pop star Sho Sakurai will attend as a Special Guest. Miike and Sakurai will be at NYCC to speak about their upcoming feature film Yatterman — and then present the world premiere of the highly-anticipated movie, produced by Nikkatsu Studios and scheduled for release in Japan in early March.
Fans have been waiting for Takashi Miike (Audition, Ichi the Killer, Sukiyaki Western Django) to create a giant robot movie for years, and finally it’s here. Starring Sho Sakurai, Yatterman is the story of two teenagers who run a high-tech toy shop which serves as a cover for their crime-busting exploits as a pair of masked super heroes. Miike’s Yatterman is based on a classic anime series created by Tatsuo Yoshida (founder of anime studio Tatsunoko Productions, which produced Speed Racer, Battle of the Planets, Casshern and Macross). Yoshida’s Yatterman originally premiered in 1977 and ran for 108 wildly popular episodes and was long considered by Miike as one of his dream projects. It was revived in 2008 as a crowd-pleasing television series, and now it hits the big screen as Nikkatsu’s Spring tentpole action blockbuster. With a massive budget and character and mecha designs by Katsuya Terada of Blood: The Last Vampire and Cutie Honey, it’s an over-the-top ride that, par for the course for director Miike, promises to turn the giant robot movie on its mechanical head.

Takashi Miike will be at NYCC to speak about Yatterman at 4 PM on Friday, February 6 in the IGN Theater, and will present an exclusive 7-minute clip from the film. Miike and Sakurai will then appear at the World Premiere of Yatterman at 8 PM the same day, at the New York Directors Guild Theater, at 110 West 57th Street. A limited number of free tickets for the screening will be made available at the Nikkatsu Booth (#1315) earlier on Friday.

Takashi Miike will also be signing autographs at the Nikkatsu Booth (#1315) – fans should check at the booth for the exact signing schedule. The world premiere of Yatterman would not be possible without the tremendous support of Nikkatsu, Subway Cinema and The Kitano Hotel, the official hotel sponsor for the event.

An encore presentation of the film will take place on Saturday, February 7, at 8:30 PM in the IGN Theater at the Jacob Javits Center. Admission to the Saturday screening is free and open to all New York Comic Con attendees.

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Yipeeeeee finally i’m goin to watch Hana Yori Dango. Since this month is a fasting month for muslims, Tasha cldnt join me and Jensy for sushi lunch. haha.. Me and Jensy juz regretted taking the 1.30pm bus.. by the time we got to Cineleisure, the sushi queue was like loooooonnnnggggg…. ara ara nan daiyo… i tink we stood in line for abt 40minutes.. den finally SUSHIIIIIII…. haha… oishi desu yo..

Since Tashie was goin to meet us at 6.30pm for the 7pm movie, we still had some time so decided to walk around to look for a bday gift for Tashie as her bday wld be comin soon and we weren’t sure whether Tashie was goin to have a party or sth like that.. we walked over to HMV and immediately a “wooden block” caught our eyes.. HAHAHAH.. yes a wooden block.. well with like digital clock in it.. like if u switched off the clock, it literally looked like a wooden block.. haha.. we were so intrigued by it.. haha… after walking the whole of HMV we went back and bought the clock for Tashie. haha.. coz we thought it wld be funny and lame when she sees it…

Den we went over to Centrepoint to buy a bday card WHICH was lame too.. haha.. Jensy was like we have to find sth lame which kinda be sth onli we give her or sth like that.. haha honestly we onli tink lame when we’re around Tashie.. haha.. anyway Tasha was late coz of her tution as well as the train.. we were likeeee oh shuccckkksss… haha..
Den we went back to Cineleisure and hurried stood in queue for Tashie to buy KFC so that she cld eat since she is starving due to her fasting.

I tink by  the time we got in the cinema it was like almost 7.30pm.. missed like half an hr of the show… haha oh dear..

Some of the parts were pretty funny.. but overall i guess i was a little disapointed. I guess i was expecting more from it. I tink the drama had been stronger and better and the movie was just ok.. I guess coz it was a whole new script and not from the manga.. ALTHOUGH i do remember reading abt the part where Doumouji and Makino being stranded on a island together. But there were a few touching moments, esp when Doumouji was like Makino is onli the girl for him. *pinch*pinch* heart moment. haha.. But i tink Inoue Mao (Makino) was reali funny here.. i tink she made me laugh alot. Oguri Shun too is juz handsssoommeee… haha.. ohhh i love Arashi’s One Love.. it was played during the ending credits.. Actually when i first heard it i tot it was like a Kinki Kids kinda song.. haha.. oh well.. it’s reali super nice. But u noe wat, overall i did enjoy the movie.. after all its the greatest love story nei.. haha..

After that we juz decided to hang around for a while and get a drink at Starbucks where we gave Tashie her bday present.. ahha.. she was literally “had her mouth open”.. haha.. we were like “its a wooden block” for u.. haha.. she reali had no idea y the hell we gave her a wooden block. haha.. Den after we told her its a clock and all.. she was still reali confused as to where she cld see the time.. HAHAHAHAH poor Tashie.. reali poor thing.. haha… that was reali funny. haha..

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I had wanted to watch The Mummy 3 since all the other 2 parts were fun to watch.. Went after work to AMK Hub, to meet my mumsy to watch.. and wat did i c… THE QUEUES WERE ALL BLOODY LONG.. and it was a Tuesday for pete’s sake!!!! The queues were juz reali reali reali long.. its not like there’s 10 ppl in front of me BUT 20-30 ppl.. wat the hell.. all 4-5 counters had that long queue.. I stood in queue for like half an hr.. geez… i guess everybody prob had the same thinkin as me right.. Its a Tuesday, there wont be much ppl watchin a movie.. wat the hell… majide????

Anyway the cinema was packed. We sat in the 2nd row.. god my neck almost broke.. Sadly, the movie was juz not that great.. It was reali quite disappointing.. y do i say that.. well, i guess coz there’s too much CG goin on.. the fake skeleton lookin bodies fightin away, Jet Li transformin into diff weird creatures, Yetis that actually will help humans…. haiz i dunt noe.. left me feeling like why did i queue for 30mins for this.. But i like Brenden Fraser.. haha.. he’s funny. But the guy playin his son.. i tink too damn old.. i tot they were like almost the same age in fact..

Now i noe y the critics said it wasnt a movie worth catching.. went home feelin extremely tired.. haiz my lack of slp juz to watch the Mummy 3.. HAIZ…

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