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This is really super cute.. This episode of himitsu no arashi chan was showing “fat” ppl. Den they got a shirt from the world’s fattest man, which he is in the Guiness World Record. Here u’ll c Nino, Aiba & Ohno in one shirt together.. haha DEN after that, Matsujun also joins in.. haha thats cute…

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ahhhhhh i loooveeee this episode soooo much… haha.. Himitsu no Arashi-chan has included a new segment in their program called “Child minder Arashi-chan”… Wat is it they do… well They become like babysitters for famous celebrity’s child. They even took an exam to prove that they are able to take care of children.

This episode has Sakurai Sho and Ohno Satoshi being Childminders. They babysat for a little girl called Koharu. I muz say that little girl is freakin cute. haha.. She’e like a little actress. haha.. Anyway Sho & Ohno try to cheer Koharu up coz she’s cryin and callin for her mother. They try all kinds of ways to cheer her up. haha.. freakin cute..

I muz say when Koharu-chan was slpin in Sho’s arms, boy that was juz the cutest thing on Earth, haha esp when tryin to put her down.. Ohno too, fell asleep together. haha..

I lllooooveeee this segment super much.. hope there’ll be more.. haha..

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