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How amazing can Arashi get.. its not possible anymore.. Just when they surprised u with sth, they surprised u again!!! haha..It’s amazing Arashi no Shukudai-kun is there… i really really miss that baka show.. miss it to death.. Also cannot wait for another Oodoroki no Arashi.. Also Matsujun’s drama Smile is there too.. Glad that its recognised too as it does deal with reality. Something that people tend to avoid.

Source of Results: Galac


第1位 日曜劇場「JIN -仁-」(TBS) 74票
第2位 嵐の宿題くん(日本テレビ) 44票
第3位 驚きの嵐!世紀の大実験!! 学者も予測不可能SP&奇跡呼ぶ実験的生ライブ!!(日本テレビ) 30票
第3位 MR.BRAIN(TBS) 30票
第5位 金曜ドラマ「スマイル」(TBS) 29票
第6位 アメトーーク!(テレビ朝日) 24票
第6位 スペシャルドラマ「坂の上の雲」(NHK) 24票
第8位 ドラマスペシャル「白洲次郎」(NHK) 21票
第9位 大河ドラマ「龍馬伝」(NHK) 18票
第9位 タモリ倶楽部(テレビ朝日) 18票

The results – (Best 10)
1. Sunday TBS Drama: JIN (TBS)
2. Arashi no Shukudai-kun (NTV)
3. Odoroki no Arashi! Experiments of the Century: Impossible for Scholars to Predict Special and Miracle Experiments Live Special (NTV)

3. Mr. Brain (TBS)
5. Friday drama: Smile (TBS)
6. Ame Talk (TV Asahi)
6. Special Drama: Saka no Ue no Kumo (NHK)
8. Drama Special: Shirasu Jiro (NHK)
9. Taiga Drama: Ryoma den (NHK)
9. Tamori Club (TV Asahi)

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haha i love their little dance on Arashi no Shukudai-kun!!! haha sooo cute!

Take a look at this!

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hahah found this video on youtube! Super cute!! haha Ohno really just says “Umai” all the time!

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Omg i so so so so love this episode of Shukudai-kun. Very very funny and its a total Aiba episode! The guest was Ito Yuna.. She’s super pretty and she’s actually hawaiian. Well no, she’s japanese-korean but born and raised in Hawaii.

Also love Aiba-chan tryin his best to speak english! haha like “pine-appu”!! haaha.. I’m lovin how much they’re all bullying Sho-chan! haha

Dont u love Aiba’s hula dance!

Gifs Credit: eggchan@lj

Screencaps Credit: tenjostyle@lj





















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This is reali super funny. This episode of Arashi no Shukudai-kun was running on live. Nino decided to hynotise Sho into doin a backflip, as Sho juz cant do one at all so i guess it wld be funny if he were to do one. haha.. Sho den pretended not to wake up, so Nino changed it a little bit by making him into another person. haha.. But in the end he still had to do a backflip. haha.. Watch towards the back. I loved it when he went down on his knees saying ” KOWAIIIIIIIIIII”… haha.. oh Sho-chan!

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Haha this episode is reali a Sakurai Sho episode… haha.. it got me laughing like mad.. haha.. Sho-chan was in a spaced mode.. haha… making silly comments.. haha always asking to go home by Nino.. letting Matsu Jun get mad at him.. haha.. oh Sho-chan wat else.. haha… even Ohno pushin Sho to go home.. haha..

Den my fav was the trampoline word guess.. haha.. Sho-chan is plain silly.. haha.. lots of gifs to c below.. haha..

Screencaps credit: tenjostyle@vox

Gifs credit: palmandgo@lj

Some power attack. haha

This is actually the man on the EXIT sign. haha

Michael Jackson. hahahahahhahahahahha

Fireworks… haha.. so adorable.

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Haha this has got me laughing like mad.. i love this episode. It’s Aiba’s segment called “Ai Land” where they play silly games sent in by the viewers. The scenes shown with the guests have been cut as they weren’t veri interesting, haha. So den they also try out some new games sent in.

I took some snapshots.

Gifs credit: ghol88@lj

This next game is where they were as school kids and emptying all their bags, and the next person wld have to pick them up and put into their sch bags. haha. As u can see frm the last 2 screencaps, Sho is asking “Is this reali fun?” haha

This next game is abt having a newspaper holding your legs and trying to get the opponent’s hat.

Haha.. dunt u juz love Sakurai’s walk.

Haha this has got to be one of the best games ever. haha. Putting a long pole across ur shoulders and goin through the barriers. haha.. Sakurai act has got to be the most classic one ever. haha.

This is Aiba’s try first.

Den it was Matsujun’s turn.

And finally Sho’s turn. haha.. watch the silliness.

Den this is prob one of the most CRAZY game ever. haha. Rollar Skates TUG OF WAR.. i noe… WAT THE.. haha.. this has gotten my sides cracked from laughin too much. haha.

First Try

2nd Try

Third Try

awww group hug.. haha

4th Try

slowly but surely… haha

5th Try

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