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This is really amazing.. i must say Arashi is amazing!! Take a look at the article below.

Website credit: Japan_Now

Japanese idol group Arashi held a three hour live special yesterday to celebrate their 10th anniversary. The special, which began at 7pm, was titled ‘Odoroki no Arashi! The Century’s Biggest Experiments! Impossible Feats SP and Miracle Experiments Live Broadcast!’ (from NTV). According to numbers from video research, the average ratings from the Kanto region was at 23.5%, peaking at a record of 29.8%. Airing at the same time was the Japan Series baseball game between the Yomiuri Giants and the Nippon Ham Fighters, which had average ratings of 16.4% on Fuji TV.

The three-hour live broadcast wrapped up Arashi CHALLENGE★week (from October 25th to November 1st), in which Arashi took over NTV studios for more than 50 hours of broadcast to mark their 10th anniversary. They specially prepared a flying stage and introduced 3D effects to their performance by using enhanced glasses.

In the Japan Series, Nippon Ham pitcher Darvish made his return to the mound after battling injuries. In addition, the drama ‘JIN’ airing on TBS at 9pm, maintained the same ratings from the previous week at 17.2%

Source: Yahoo! News | Translated by: sparkles_n15 @ asianfanatics.net

source: asianfanatic

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I really love all the Childminders episode. I wonder if they’re ever goin to do it again since now they have changed the format of the show.

For this episode, Nino and Matsujun went to take care of a toddler boy. I dunt rem wat was the boy’s celebrity mum called BUT she’s a wreslter i tink. haha. Both of them had a hard hard time wif this child COZ he juz kept crying non-stop. ahhhhh children nei…

U noe wat, after watching this episode, i reali tink that Nino wld make a great dad. He reali wld.

Lots of screencaps by the super cool jadenmd@livejournal
























































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Omg i so so so so love this episode of Shukudai-kun. Very very funny and its a total Aiba episode! The guest was Ito Yuna.. She’s super pretty and she’s actually hawaiian. Well no, she’s japanese-korean but born and raised in Hawaii.

Also love Aiba-chan tryin his best to speak english! haha like “pine-appu”!! haaha.. I’m lovin how much they’re all bullying Sho-chan! haha

Dont u love Aiba’s hula dance!

Gifs Credit: eggchan@lj

Screencaps Credit: tenjostyle@lj





















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This VS arashi was a blast!!!!! Their junior Tegoshi Yuya from NEWS came on the program. And there was a new game too!!!

Lots of pics.

Pics credit: tudorqueeny@livejournal

Gifs credit: brandedwhite@livejournal


Matsujun getting mad at Ohno for calling his outfit cute. hahaha


Poor Leader!! haha



The attack of the DOS!!!




Dunt reali noe wat this guest’s name was but he was so excited to c Arashi in flesh, so he started touchin them. hahaha


A new game called : Jumping Shooter. An honestly exhausting game! haha




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Poor Aiba-chan coughing away, den Nino pulling Aiba up! Sweet!!


Look how handsome our goalkeeper is! haha







brandedwhite_31      brandedwhite_32


Ohno has been failing at this game for the past few episodes.. haha… so when he managed to pass, he wld do this “Cross his arms”.. hahaa… i dunt noe watever for.. But Sho+Aiba+Nino found it so funny that they started imitating him too!! haha

brandedwhite_22     brandedwhite_23_1



Notice the little arm cross at the end, and also the other 3 down there crossing their arms. ahah


Hahaha.. Oh-chan has finally conquered his failure! ahha



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This is juz getting so so so funny… haha.. usually Ohno nevers messes up.. but lately maybe 2 or three times, he keeps failing at this game “Rolling Coin Tower”.. haha.. It’s so funny to watch. And everybody, including Sakurai was expecting Sakurai to fail.. haha… Leader is juz adorable.. haha… In one screencap, u can see the members all lookin at him at disbelief.. haha

Screencaps credit: ghol88@lj






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This is really super cute.. This episode of himitsu no arashi chan was showing “fat” ppl. Den they got a shirt from the world’s fattest man, which he is in the Guiness World Record. Here u’ll c Nino, Aiba & Ohno in one shirt together.. haha DEN after that, Matsujun also joins in.. haha thats cute…

Screencaps credit: genuyn@lj










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This is reali super funny. This episode of Arashi no Shukudai-kun was running on live. Nino decided to hynotise Sho into doin a backflip, as Sho juz cant do one at all so i guess it wld be funny if he were to do one. haha.. Sho den pretended not to wake up, so Nino changed it a little bit by making him into another person. haha.. But in the end he still had to do a backflip. haha.. Watch towards the back. I loved it when he went down on his knees saying ” KOWAIIIIIIIIIII”… haha.. oh Sho-chan!

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i juz had to include these two videos before sleeping.. haha.. sho-chan.. haha honestly how silly can u get… haha… u are reali the cutest thing on earth.. haha..

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This episode is pretty funny.. haha… i didnt noe that Kudo Shizuka is Kimura Takuya’s wife… wahhhh… lucky lady.. haha

Anyway this video is soooo funny.. They play a festival game where u use a “gun” to shoot down ur prize.. haha.. Koichi is like a little boy when he went “YEA YEA YEA” at Tsuyoshi.. haha.. listen for Koichi’s “gun” shot.. haha.. damn adorable..  Den after that he made a 2nd empty shot haha.. which Tsuyoshi claims it sounded like a fart. haha

Den this second is juz cute.. haha Tsuyoshi pickin on Koichi’s little mistake.. haha.. Koichi was suppose to say “Maria-san” BUT he said “Mario-san” instead. haha

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oooooooo Arashi was juz sooooo funny.. haha.. i reali reali laughed my ass off.. oh Oh-chan y are u so so so so silly.. haha.. Ohno-man.. haha..

Here’s three subbed videos frm youtube..

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Kyyyaaaaaa….. i saw bits of the preview of Hanetobi which i tink will be showing on Sept 24th (wed) AND ARASHI IS ON IT!!! Yipeeee… haha… I see many many funny things that are going to happen. Haha.. esp Ohno doin his signature “Freestyle pose”.. haha..

Took some screencaps..

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Haha this episode is reali a Sakurai Sho episode… haha.. it got me laughing like mad.. haha.. Sho-chan was in a spaced mode.. haha… making silly comments.. haha always asking to go home by Nino.. letting Matsu Jun get mad at him.. haha.. oh Sho-chan wat else.. haha… even Ohno pushin Sho to go home.. haha..

Den my fav was the trampoline word guess.. haha.. Sho-chan is plain silly.. haha.. lots of gifs to c below.. haha..

Screencaps credit: tenjostyle@vox

Gifs credit: palmandgo@lj

Some power attack. haha

This is actually the man on the EXIT sign. haha

Michael Jackson. hahahahahhahahahahha

Fireworks… haha.. so adorable.

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ahhhhhh i loooveeee this episode soooo much… haha.. Himitsu no Arashi-chan has included a new segment in their program called “Child minder Arashi-chan”… Wat is it they do… well They become like babysitters for famous celebrity’s child. They even took an exam to prove that they are able to take care of children.

This episode has Sakurai Sho and Ohno Satoshi being Childminders. They babysat for a little girl called Koharu. I muz say that little girl is freakin cute. haha.. She’e like a little actress. haha.. Anyway Sho & Ohno try to cheer Koharu up coz she’s cryin and callin for her mother. They try all kinds of ways to cheer her up. haha.. freakin cute..

I muz say when Koharu-chan was slpin in Sho’s arms, boy that was juz the cutest thing on Earth, haha esp when tryin to put her down.. Ohno too, fell asleep together. haha..

I lllooooveeee this segment super much.. hope there’ll be more.. haha..

Gif credit: sapah_fu@lj

Screenshot credit: http://tenjostyle.livejournal.com

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haha… watching VS Arashi these couple of episodes has been freaking hilarious. Haha.. i mean reali funny.. firstly, as usual Sakurai Sho is juz reali bad at sports… so den when its time to play games, when he volunteers, he gets “ehhhhhhh…” from the audience.. haha… It’s sooo funny… And basically Arashi members get nervous when he wants to play these games. haha

Managed to find these few videos online. These are some silly Sakurai Sho moments on VS Arashi.

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Haha this has got me laughing like mad.. i love this episode. It’s Aiba’s segment called “Ai Land” where they play silly games sent in by the viewers. The scenes shown with the guests have been cut as they weren’t veri interesting, haha. So den they also try out some new games sent in.

I took some snapshots.

Gifs credit: ghol88@lj

This next game is where they were as school kids and emptying all their bags, and the next person wld have to pick them up and put into their sch bags. haha. As u can see frm the last 2 screencaps, Sho is asking “Is this reali fun?” haha

This next game is abt having a newspaper holding your legs and trying to get the opponent’s hat.

Haha.. dunt u juz love Sakurai’s walk.

Haha this has got to be one of the best games ever. haha. Putting a long pole across ur shoulders and goin through the barriers. haha.. Sakurai act has got to be the most classic one ever. haha.

This is Aiba’s try first.

Den it was Matsujun’s turn.

And finally Sho’s turn. haha.. watch the silliness.

Den this is prob one of the most CRAZY game ever. haha. Rollar Skates TUG OF WAR.. i noe… WAT THE.. haha.. this has gotten my sides cracked from laughin too much. haha.

First Try

2nd Try

Third Try

awww group hug.. haha

4th Try

slowly but surely… haha

5th Try

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For those who don’t noe wat Domoto Kyoudai is, its a variety show hosted by Kinki Kids. Guests come on the show and get interviewed “Domoto One Question, One Answer”. Sometimes it gets so silly.. haha… love it… i tink Koichi is getting funnier and funnier each time.. haha.. Takamizawa san too.. haha

Anyway this episode was a new girl Techno grp that went on the show… Koichi had lots of funny moments.. haha.. being called dumb, playing with “Love Chopsticks” and realising how much Tsuyoshi does love him. haha..

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kkkyyyaaaa…. Finally after so long, Tackey & Tsubasa has released a new single… I LOVE THE SONG.. its called Koi Uta.. meaning Love Song..

And here they are on Hey Hey Hey performing the song..

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I really really love this episode alot.. haha.. It’s called the Year End House Cleaning episode, where they complete against each other on who does the household chores the best. BUT, of coz its not normal cleaning, haha.. It’s funny cleaning, like for the Sewing title, it’s not putting a thread in the needle BUT a big long stick fittin into a doughnut.. haha.. all kinds of lame things..

Anyway i was trying out this multi screenshot thing media classic player… AND its SUPER COOL.. haha.. i nv knew that until i juz played around with it.. haha.. Here’s 2 nice nice and funny multi screenshot. I cldnt decide which was better.. oh well.. haha..

Oh ya, Sho chan is as usual juz bad at this.. haha

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This has got to be the funniest prank i’ve ever seen. Haha.. Arashi appeared on their senior’s (V6) program, Gakkou e Ikkou Max. It’s about having male crossdressers do pranks on them. Seriously when i first saw the boys too, i was like EEHHHHHH???? They’re BOYS… USO DE SHOOOOOO…. Really look like girls..

Screencaps credit waku_waku@lj

Nino said ” Ahh i died.” haha

They’re boys.. i cannot believe it..

It says, one reading the newspapers, the other eating snacks. haha

Aiba says : “Want to eat?”

Haha Aiba said “Have i gotten fat?”

Sho says “The news i do is at night.”

The boy says “Its at night??”

Sho laughing when the boy said “I watch u on Asazuba”. It’s actually the name of the morning news. Sho does News Zero at night. haha

haha Aiba asked whether their breasts are real.

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I have laughed at all the other episodes of Mago Mago Arashi, but seriously, this got me rewinding and laughing and laughing ALOT.. haha.. surprisingly it was not Sakurai Sho that usually gets me laughing me but OHNO.. haha.. yes Ohno Satoshi.. Ohno is juz sooo adorable in this episode.. haha..

This episode is abt Sho and Ohno goin to be grandchildren of a Dairy Farm grandparents. So den Ohno follows the grandfather, doin work in the farm like feeding the cows, milking the cows and carrying haystacks as food for the cows. And wat does Sho chan do wif the grandma, ermmm pretty much relaxing most of the time. haha.. i tink this episode was one of the funniest reactions i’ve seen of Ohno, that i went to take all these screenshot myself. haha..

Isn’t Ohno juz adorable here.. haha

Ahhh.. of coz, my Sho chan.. haha…

haha.. here the kawaii Ohno so tired that he takes a nap.

This is when Sho tells him that he and grandma went bowling. haha

Cldnt resist a Sho pic. haha

This was the lamest, haha, Sho told Ohno that he finished his work and will be heading back to the house first. haha Ohno hasnt finished, so den the reaction. haha. But Sho tells him that they’re heading back to make dinner first.

As Ohno went to check on them, he finds them relaxing and not makin dinner yet. haha

So den, after finishing all his work, Ohno is hungry and checks whether dinner is ready yet. HAHA. There he finds Sho drinking. haha

Haha.. Sho at first claims he ws drinking Barley Tea, den said it was Barley liquor den finally said beer and went down on his knees saying sorry. haha.

Haha, Sho den said “o tsukare” which means good work.. haha.. in which Ohno replied “URUSE” which means yes SHUT UP. haha..

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I was reading wikipedia and found out that Arashi had been on this variety program called Tokyo Friend Park 2… haha.. It’s this fun-filled variety show where the guests come on and play all kinds of games in order to win prizes…

Arashi was on it recently at the end of March. It was juz so funny, haha… Ohno aka Riidda (Leader) juz made any possible move hilarious.. haha… Of coz Sho chan was juz as kawaii.. haha…

This is prob my fav TFP2 appearance… They juz bonded so well and made the audience excited. haha.. i tink i watched it like ten hundred times. haha..

Screencaps Credit : http://arashiperfection.vox.com/

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Lately i’ve been crazy over this variety show that Arashi hosts… It’s a variety show where guests who come on the show gives homework to the audience. It cld be any question like “Different ways to eat nattou”, “Different kinds of shelters”, “Interesting exercises”… So den Arashi will compile the homework and present them to the guest. It’s super interesting as well as super funny.. haha.. everytime u can expect to laugh out LOUDLY.. haha..

In case ppl dunt noe who Arashi are, they are Sakurai Sho, Aiba Masaki, Matsumoto Jun, Ninomiya Kazunari and Ohno Satoshi.

Ohno cracks me up in this show.. everytime he gets to taste food, he will always say Mecha Umai.. haha which means very yummy.. hahaha. even when the food didnt taste so gd to the rest.. haha..

Sho chan juz makes the segment “Tell me arashi” so silly.. haha.. Sho chan.. kawaii.. haha..

Credits to http://techni-teddy.livejournal.com/,http://yuckie-chan.livejournal.com/and others for screenshots.

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