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Decided to let Mumsy sleep in more, so Hansy took me to her school. Very near the house she’s livin in. Abt 5 minutes walk onli. Met Rina-chan for a short while as she was goin to meet her frenz for lunch and den fly off to Melbourne for a holiday.

Hansy’s sch is pretty big, also went into the school bookshop where Hansy bought me her school’s japanese textbk. Den walked around the campus and also into the student village, Hansy tried callin her frenz livin in the student village but it seemed that most of them had left for holidays.

There is even a “chinese garden” in Murdoch Uni. haha

There is even a daycare center in the school where lecturers can put their kids there. Cool nei.

Den off to the student village where Hansy had first stayed last yr and met Sepi who was her best housemate. haha.

Den from the student village we walked to Kardinya Park which is no veri far to get groceries. Den Hansy told me she used to walk this path with Sepi and they used to sing Utda Hikaru’s Flavor of Life and Sepi wld keep taking pictures along the way. haha.

Went to eat Chicken Treats as i was a little hungry, den headed to K Mart and Coles. It was nice u noe, hanging out with Hansy alone as we do in Singapore when we’re goin to Kinokuniya. ahha..

After making lunch at home, we juz had to watch a little arashi. haha.. as usual…

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IT WAS FREEZINGGGGGGGGG… haha.. the weather was so cold. Well cold for me that is. 17 degrees. Big diff frm Singapore where everyday is HOT HOT HOT.

So den we decided to go grocery shopping coz Mumsy wanted to cook Thai food for Hansy. So we went nearby by bus to Kardinya Park where they have K mart (which i kept calling Walmart for some reason), Coles (which is a supermarket and also the Asian supermarket.. ermmm not reali supermarket but maybe i shld say Mama shop.

We went to have lunch first at Yoko’s Japanese food.. wahhh realiiiii oishiiiiiiiiiii desu yo…

Den went to the Asian supermarket, and den outside Coles there was like a mini cafe in which Mumsy had a cappuccino, and me and Hansy shared a passionfruit smoothie. IT WAS juz delicious. The taste is sooo gd.. nearly melted while drinking. We also had a cheese cake enuff to make u go weak in the knees.

Went to K mart which really really reminded me so much of Walmart in Oklahoma City. The structure was almost exactly the same. Hansy bought a heater (if not we’ll freeze) and a electric blanket.

Cute nei. haha. I haven seen one in a long time so ya well. haha

Den off to Coles for grocery shopping. Hansy also invited Rina-chan and Tetsu for dinner. So den mumsy was making dinner, suddenly we hear the dog howl. Den Hansy and her housemate Charlene went out to c the dog. The dob was juz not moving. He seemed to be breathing a little but den suddenly when they tried holding the dog’s head, it was juz limp.. EEEEHHHHHHHH????? Seriously i tot my heart was goin to drop, i have nv seen a dead dog…They were both calling the vet and asking for help. Calling frenz to drive them to Murdoch Uni to see the vet. Den Rina and Tetsu both came, so Rina went with Hansy and Charlene to the sch vet and leaving poor Tetsu with us. haha.. while mum was cooking, i tot that maybe we watch sth to pass the time, wat did i make him watch, Tokyo Friend Park 2 wif Arashi in it. HAHA… we were watching halfway when they came back, and yes the dog had died… seriously OMG man.. we didnt noe the reason as an autopsy cost like 300bucks.

So mumsy gathered all of us including Alina who had juz got home from work and eat together. Tom Yum soup, fried basil chicken and french beans. Mumsy’s cookin is stil yummy. haha.

Den Hansy, me, Rina-chan and Tetsu went into Hansy’s room to continue watching Arashi. HAHA.. and also we watched the Oodoriki SP (Arashi). It was pretty late by the time we were done. 12.30am or sth. Arashi juz makes ppl into addicts. haha. Rina and Tetsu are both reali nice ppl. Extreme fun to be with.

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