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kkkyyyaaaa…. Finally after so long, Tackey & Tsubasa has released a new single… I LOVE THE SONG.. its called Koi Uta.. meaning Love Song..

And here they are on Hey Hey Hey performing the song..

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This was juz a super cute entry that i read by Tackey… and super funny actions of Aiba chan and Ohno.. haha

Translation Credit: http://takki.us/

Takizawa Rengou Vol. 344

14 May

Iya~ Enbujou came to an end and I took a deep breath. Reverberations still remain, but now there’s Takitsuba’s new single!! 「Koi uta」
Feels good I’ll be working on promotions for the release soon Now I’m in the dressing room for Ogosho recording, and Arashi members came to visit me one after another. Furthermore, each one came in orderly I could see everyone after a long time Enbujou ended, I went to Guam, got tanned, and my skin has peeled off. Aiba-chan looked at my tanned body and said in a word.

(The sun) licked you

This was said by funny Aiba-chan with his subtle expression

And Oh-chan was.

silently peeling my skin

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Got to say i love all their Wii CMs… this one too. Juz plain kawaii.. haha.. of coz, addicted to doing the multi-screenshot thingy.. haha

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