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Haha… u will understand my headline a little later… Finally got to meet Tasha again.. me and Jensy were actually late.. we were supposed to meet at one pm at Somerset mrt.. but we kinda dragged in Ang Mo Kio, so we got there abt 1.15pm.. AND Tashie, oh Tashie.. she over slept.. HAHA.. i cannot believe it.. so she reached abt almost 2pm.. oh well.. hahaha as usual..
Headed over to Cineleisure for our usual SUSHI BUFFET.. haha.. we were like
3rd in queue.. AND u juz cannot believe how long we stood there… i tink for like almost an hr.. we were like starving monsters and getting cranky coz of the wait.. luckily the couple in front of us left, so we were 2nd in queue.. haha.. den when we looked behind us.. OH MY LORD.. the queue was like reali freaking long.. OMG SIA…

Even when ppl left. the staff took so long to juz clear the table and also took sooo long to ask ppl in.. wat the hell.. also there was a table that pretty much annoyed us, they weren’t even eating, they were using their laptop in there.. wat the hell.. HELLLLOOOOO its a SUSHI BUFFET.. COME ON… there are like tons of ppl waiting outside.. Jensy kept givin the STARES.. haha.. funny sia..

When we got in, i tink it was the first that we were like so starving, that we took watever on the belt and started eating, den after a while we ended up laughing coz we weren’t even talking to each other but stuffing ourselves.. haha..

Tashie also told us her story abt getting into a car accident. Me and Jensy were like, yah yah yah another bluff story or joke.. BUT as she was telling the story, it was TRUE.. she had a broken nose.. oh Tashie, luckily ur alright..

Anyway, it was abt 4plus den we decided to go catch a movie. So den we went to watch The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. I had actually watched the first part with them too, so it was fun that we went to watch the 2nd part together..

I reali love the movie, in fact we all did.. haha.. It also helped that Prince Caspian was juz sooooo handsome.. haha.. *swoon*swoon*…. i guess i like all these kind of fantasy story.

Movie ended around 7.30pm.. Bertsy said he’ll meet us for dinner… But after a few pics, Tasha had to leave to meet her other frenz, so Me and Jensy were left wif Bertsy. Bertsy did a nice thing by buying us dessert.. haha.. Anyway, i tink Bertsy got reali bored wif us, coz we had nth planned at all. So decided to find Tasha near Heeren. Bumped into Zhonghui too.. quite a while since i last saw him, although i remember bumping into him in Wisma b4 too.. haha.. in fact Ah hui was right next to Tasha’s table, how coincidental..

After chatting a while wif Tashie and her frenz, we all left, they took a cab while me and Jensy took the MRT back.

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Ping Pong wahhhhh…. She came to msg me asking me and Jensy out… its been quite a long long time since hung… The last time we hung out was last year when Phuong Phuong was abt to go back to Vietnam.. And since we tried getting Sexy out BUT he didnt reply to any of us.. oh well.. maybe number changed…

Anyway, we met at Plaza Singapura, me and Jensy were like “Ping Pong muz miss Phuong Phuong.. haha.. Phuong fav’s hangout place..”

HAhahaa… anyway we were on an economical budget, we went to the food court where we didnt have a nice meal at all.. haha…

After that, went down to Starbucks for a drink…

We juz sat and talked for the longest time.. haha and Ping Pong super cute yahhh… haha.. wearing her new green top… haha.. We cldnt stop laughing at her… And of coz Jensy cld not resist poking her butt.. haha… same reaction as always.. haiz Ping Pong.. haha… sooooo kawaiii desu yo… haha..

We were trying to look for a place to take pictures.. went to the toilet.. haha.. den there was like ALOT of ppl den we got shy so den, we went to another toilet.. and went to a small cubicle which was juz impossible to even take a pic.. haha.. we cldnt care anymore and took at the sink area.. haha…

Anyway as usual Jensy took alot of funny Ping Pong shots… haha..


haha… Sorry Ping Pong.. haha Frog Ping Pong..

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