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I have officially graduated from MDIS – OCU (Oklahoma City University)!!!!

Happy Graduation to the class BMCD1 0508A!

We had to meet at 10am at Ritz Carlton Hotel.. that is where our graduation was being held at.. So den we and Jensy took a earlier bus out to grab something to eat 1st, if not there wldn’t be enough time for lunch at all later on..

We and Jensy had breakfast at Marina Square’s MacDonald… couldnt tink wat to eat.. Bumped into Lava and Joanna after sittin there a while.. after that we left 1st coz we needed to withdraw $$.. haha… we were juz walking and walking.. a little lost sia.. and after that we tried figurin our way to Ritz Carlton.. OH MY GOD.. we were like lost!!! Juz could not find out way at all!!!!!!!! We were juz walking and walking.. IN THE HOT MORNING SUN TOOOOOOO!!!!! haizzzz……

I guess we made it there alive!!!! We were burning away and seemed to have walked into a jungle on our way there… haha.. Anyway Lava and Joanna were there already.. and laughin at us.. saying wah go earlier den us but at slower den us.. haizz… we were lost u noe…. haha

I was probably dressed quite casually… Nice blouse and shorts… haha.. which were passed my knees.. and i was wearing sandals wif a little heels while everybody were wearing like court shoes.. oh well…

Anyway, we got into the ballroom to our seats… and once again me and Jensy were separated by PING PONG!!! haha.. always come in between me and Jen.. haha… but of coz it was fun that Ping Pong was sitting in between us coz that means “POKE BUTT!!!” haha…

Oh ya Ping Pong u have a new “current interest” AHHHH…. hahaha… I noe, u noe, we noe! haha..

Basically we weren’t reali listening to the guy that was briefing us on wat to do.. haha… we were busy playin wif Ping Pong… haha..

After that we had a short break to do robing.. and den prepare for graduation… Haizz…so fast… We were standing outside the ballroom waiting to go in… and haiz.. lucky me… the guy sittin next to me.. oh man… bad body odour sia!!! GEEEZZZ… even when we were standing in the queue, Jensy and Ping Pong were like “EEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!”…. hahahaa….

Finally we got to march in and took our seats… Phuong Phuong was seated like 2 rows in front of us.. aiyo so sad… haha.. but nvm coz Ping Pong could be attacked… haha…

Anyway we saw some of our former Professors like Karlie Harmon, Leo Werneke and Dr Roberta Olsen.. Seriously i think we were listening half the time.. haha… juz was getting sleepy every moment.. i tink there was a point of time when Ping Pong actually fell ASLP!!! haha..

Anyway there’s was one part when we were like all.. “WAT THE HELL!”.. there was this girl who took her Masters in Mass Com.. and had a perfect GPA score of 4.0/4.0!!! WAT THE HELL SIA!!!!

It was time, we walked up to the stage to receive our certs. Was so nervous that i was reali lookin at anything but my feet to make sure i was not fallin down or sth…

Well after sitting down and all… there was a choir performance by who knows who they are.. oh my god.. i tot i was goin to die!!! Boring like mad sia… so bloody mono tone… and den after when they got to the 2nd song, I believe i can fly.. ahha.. ppl frm the back.. started addin extra vocals in like “Woo!” haha.. funny sia…

And den after that it was the closin and picture time!!! haha… Took more pics and my family and Jensy’s family outside… Thanks to Jensy’s mum who gave a a super nice rose bouquet!

Said goodbyes to all.. esp Phuong Phuong whom i wonder when i will ever ever see again.. She went back to Vietnam to work…

I dropped off at J8, coz had to meet up wif my Girl Guides buddies to go to XiaoPing’s 21st bday!!!

Jensy, Mumsy & Leisy

Will upload the rest when i get them Phuong Phuong!

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I have kinda graduated i guess… we had like this graduation at OCU together wif all the other OCU students who were graduating. Its not exactly our official graduation but i guess they juz wanted us to feel the “atmosphere”.. erm ok sure..

Anyway we woke up gettin dressed nicer.. haha.. eps Ping Pong. No words cld describe it!! HAHAHA.. ur outfit.. wooo oooo…. NUMBER 1!!! Haha.. she was wearing this black poka dot dress wif her cute little witch sch! haha… super special man!!! HAHAHA..

Anyway as were got into the bus waiting to be sent to sch, we were like waiting for two veri special “guests” that were LATE!!! OMG sia please lah!!!

Waiting and waiting until finally Murali went to check it out and said that they were not goin coz sick and wat have u!!!!! NUTS!!! That became quite a gossip for us!! haha.. FUN!

Ok so we reached sch and got into our Harry potter outfits! haha no lah, its our graduation outfit which looked exactly like a Harry Potter outfit! EXPECTO PATRUNOM!!!!! Lame.. ok me & jensy’s grad hats were like huge for our heads… my god it juz kept slippin away man!!! We puts lots of pins in it to make sure it stayed on our heads.. Ya well great that the wind outside was so bloody strong that it juz blew us all away.. ok not exactly but enough to ruin our HEADS! aiyo… had a hard time adjusting the hat again!!! CRAP!

Ok we were sitted in.. wow way cool.. it was in the basketball court by the way.. It was juz transformed man!!! Anyway there were like a lot of speeches.. my god.. i was havin a SLP ATTACK!! My eyes juz kept closin!! Cldnt take it sia!!! I kept calling Jensy but HAHA Jensy was havin the same problem too.. Kaoz sleepy sia… tot i was goin to have my butt stuck to the chair as i was sittin there so long man!!!

Anyway Jensy pointed at Sexy.. ermmm ok wat the hell was he doing.. he kept playing wif the that thick thread thingy which is on our hat.. u noe to how that if u’ve grad that u flip the thick thread to the other side.. yah that thing.. i dunt noe wats its called.. Anyway he was like a cat or sth.. kept swinging it.. I tot he was goin to grab it in his mouth or sth.. ok i guess that is one lame way to keep urself awake.. OHHH i noe its called a tassel!! oh ya sia!

Den there were some alumni.. one was Miss USA frm OCU and another a singer-songwriter.. my god.. i was goin to cry when that guy sang one song to another.. i tot it wld end but it didnt!!!! My ears hurt sia!

FINALLY!! It was goin to be our turn to receive our cert.. They called our names and we went onto the stage and collected our fake cert.. my hat was juz falling off every step i walked… AARRrUUggghhhhh!!! Spare me GOD spare me!!!!!!!!!!!

Well den.. that was it.. haha.. we got back on the bus and home we were heading to. Of coz when we got back, picture time.. we were dresses so nicely sia.. haha we wanted to take a pic of the 4 of us.. so brilliant Jensy put the camera on the fire place and set a timer.. not too bad sia! Jensy! Oh jensy u!!! haha..Ping Pong eye big big ahhh!!! hahaha…

We also decided to go to Walmart to stock up. No more food left for us!!!! But since we got back quite early the hotel bus wld onli be free at 4 or 5pm. And we had also asked for housekeeping but the housekeeper wasnt there yet so that was a sign for us to head on to Sexy’s house to DESTROY!!!! Oh well nth new.. haha..

Jensy, high five man, great conqueror!!! Haha.. He was totally ruined…

Wal-mart has become our 2nd home.. haha.. we noe the place right out of our hands sia! haha… Before goin in to wal-mart we also walked further down abit.. me and Jensy always wanted to take a look in case there were some gd bargains! HA. anyway we went into Payless Shoe Source.. lots of shoes BUT no size small enough for my pathetic feets! The sizes were all veri big.. sadly but ya Ang Mo feets r much bigger..

Den we went to Ross… some reali cheap clothes but like mostly for aunties sia.. i cldnt find anything and also i gve up after a while coz i’m the type that gives up after seeing too many stacks of clothes… but Jensy.. oh my.. went on super strong man!!!

Ok after that we went to wal-mart to pick out our grocceries.. and den headed home to make dinner! Tml wld be the day i sleep till 3pm!!! Do not disturb!!

OH YA.. forgot to mention.. i was so tired that i prob went to slp at 11pm or 12am.. while jensy as usual was playing her Audition Sea.. haha.. i was slping but i heard a knock on the door. Jensy was like kinda shocked and scared, i mean who knocks ur door at like 2am!!! I was still abit drowsy so i was still laying in bed.. so Jensy went down to c who was at the door.. IT WAS SITI!!!!!!!

Haha wat a shock sia!!! Totally a shock.. Siti had came by to say gd bye to us as she was leavin 1st ting in the morning to LA and den back to Singapore. She came upstairs to our bed and we chatted for quite a long while, yapping all the gossip and so on. haha.. i tink Siti left at nearly 3am.. We wld surely miss Siti.. man.. Siti has a special place in our hearts.. that girl is juz da bomb!!!! Love her sia!!! It was juz reali nice of Siti to drop by even though it was during the wee hrs.. hahaha…

Wif Dr Richard Johnson

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