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I was listening to this song probably abt one mth or so ago.. its so addictive and kinda reali joyful to listen to.. haha.. guess thats wat V6 r all abt nei..

This one is from their concert. Ken’s voice is juz too damn adorable.

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I am reali beginning to love alot of V6’s songs.. they’re juz so catchy and lively.. This is one heck of a cute PV.. haha.. kinda gives off the jazz plus swing feeling.. feels like everybody is doin jazz style nei.. Like Kinki Kids wif Secret Code too..

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I absolutely love and love this song… It’s release in V6’s latest single “Light in Your Heart/Swing”… But sadly they didnt release a PV for this.. but i love it.. its reali soothing and yet kinda makes u wanna snap ur fingers.

Found this on youtube, amazing man this fanmade video.. U’ll c who sings which part..

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