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Ahhhhhh this is juzzzzz toooooo cute for words… Toma & Yamapi are reali best frenz!

U can read the fan report here at the awesome teacup79’s livejournal!

Ahhhh i wish i cld c a video of this!!

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Ahhhhh this is one of the cutest update by Yamapi in a while! More Tomapi love love!!!!

This translation is done by the fantastic teacup79@lj.

U can read her translation here.

Yamapi’s Jweb

Thank you everyone for 2008!

Well~This morning, around 8
I received a mail from Toma.

It said that he will post about the events of the concert [that he attended as guest] in his Jweb, so he’s sending me a copy first.

He also wrote some pretty mushy stuff. Yeah, definitely mushy. (Laugh)

But [after receiving his mail], I was in a good mood from the day’s start.

Although I don’t know when, or in what manner, I think that I’ll be very happy if we could sing together!

Come to think of it, I’ll be singing today. I’ll be going to the Tokyo Dome party later.

After the party ends, I will go eat noodles.

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Credit: teacup79@lj

Yamapi’s Jweb:

Yesterday, I went out to eat with Toma.
Toma wrote in his series that oshinko (pickled vegetables) is very good, and that he wants to eat it again.

I can take you to eat stuff like oshinko anytime! (Laugh)
But it’s very hard to type Toma in kanji.
I always have to type Hokuto (北斗) and Shinken (真剑), and then delete 北 and 剑.
From today onwards, I will type Touma (トーマ)
Please permit me to do so!

Toma’s Jweb:

I went to eat with Yamashita.

The oshinko at the restaurant was insanely delicious.

So, Ikuta-san is sort of unable to resist and wants to meet oshinko-chan again…

Please let me meet with Oshinko-chan again soon!

As for today, I will eat the Korean seaweed sitting before me.

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This has got to be the cutest thing i’ve ever read… TomaPi best friends nei…

Picture credit Helen@Tomapi Rant

Translation credit teacup79@lj

0409 – Special 1

11 years x 365 days = 4015 days.
The eleven years after the two met. [In these 11 years], they have spent about 4000 days together. The secret behind Yamapi and Toma’s unbreakable bond will be uncovered today.

We’ll tell you, the secret behind the 4000 days we’ve spent together.

His perpetual perfection is compatible with my personality by Yamashita Tomohisa

When he watches my dramas, he always mails me after-thoughts. Awhile ago, when Toma advertised Kurosaki in his own Johnny’s web, my manager sent me his entry, and I was very happy. Toma is definitely a strong person for taking an interest in everything that I consider to be important. When it comes to Toma’s acting appearances, the stage play Azumi was truly very cool! From my point of view, Toma treats the people to whom he’s already given his heart very well. He’s not the type of wonderful person who takes care of everyone. But when we were once in a group together, Toma always remembered dance moves beautifully, so when I said “teach me teach me,” he would teach me everything with the feeling of “what am I going to do about you.” In my memory of our 11 years, we’ve fought innumerable times, but for our relationship to be this amazing, it’s not only because we’ve spent a long time together, but probably also because our personalities are compatible.

Because he starts and finishes so I can trust him by Ikuta Toma

Because we’ve been together for so long, we don’t even realize our one year age difference. When we discovered this in our Juniors days, we also felt that we were already together. We were in the same group, we went to the same high school, etc. Because we’re always together, we’ve had times where we became ridiculously angry over small things, but even if we fight, we still have to meet the following day, so our relationship will naturally recover. In the middle school and high school days, I often hear Yamashita say “I don’t want to go to school–” So when Yamashita went to college, I thought “Oh, wow,” and was pretty surprised. When he decided not to graduate, I harbored feelings of “continue trying hard” and sent him “congratulations for keeping back a year” messages. (Laugh) Because I’ve never attended college, I can’t say anything amazing, but I think to work hard is already a very magnificent feat. No matter what happens, Yamashita always pushes himself to the limit to accomplish his goal, and he would never give up halfway through. To be able to finish things well, to show results, this is the type of man that I trust when I work with him.

P: I’ve decided. I’m going to live by myself.
Toma: (Laugh) I’ve already heard you say that 3 times.


P: Honey and clover is on Tuesdays right?
Toma: Yeah, but it’s already finished airing. (Laugh)
P: I know. But I regret missing the last episode.


Toma: The celebratory dinner for Prodai was really exciting right? HC’s was really exciting, and everyone was still partying at 5 am in the morning.
P: It was exciting! Come to think of it, when does the Hanakimi SP air? (Suddenly)


P: Lately, don’t you have a manager younger than yourself?
Toma: I’m a little sad…I feel like I’m getting old.


P: If Toma had come to News’ Tokyo Dome Concert, I would’ve wanted to do something with you, like sing Yokubou no Rain together.

Toma: Yokubou no Rain, huh.

P: We sang it a lot together when we were juniors. But it appears that Toma was filming for Hanakimi so you couldn’t come.

Toma: I really wanted to go.

P: And I really wanted to sing.

P: Although the 2 of us haven’t gone to the beach together, we have watched UFOs together.

Toma: Ah, what is it again…

P: When Toma went to [some place] to play, I was also going in that direction, and Toma called:
Hello hello? There was a UFO just now
What? Fried noodles?
And then you explained No, not that. There really was a UFO just now!
Although I said “I definitely don’t believe it,” but because Toma said
“Right now I’m at [such and such place]”
So I said “Really? I’m walking in that direction.” And after I got there, I looked up and saw a UFO! I immediately called Toma and asked,
“This is a UFO?” And Toma said “Yeah yeah yeah.”
That was definitely a UFO! To be able to give out lights like that, and to move so strangely.

Toma: Occasionally we’ll be at different yet same places. That was in high school…

P: ….Why did you call me?

Toma: Why? Maybe because I already knew that you were at [such and such place]


P: (While looking at 2001’s ST11) Wow! I still have doraemon on my pockets!!! What does that mean

Toma: We were still kids– (Laugh)
P: (While looking at 2003’s ST8) Say Toma, does this kind of vision have feeling? (When both eyes have 0.05) Contacts?

Toma: Yeah, I wore them.
P: (While looking at 1999’s ST15) “If I can have sushi for a late night snack, I’ll be really lucky!!” I can’t believe I said that, I don’t remember at all.


P: Toma, what kind of lunch is best?

Toma: Anything’s fine. It’s upt o you.

Then lunch time arrived and they start eating…

P: Ah, I failed. I’m not so good at this dish.

Toma: Because I made a hamburger, so I definitely couldn’t fail!
P: So that’s true after all! I thought Toma would definitely make a hamburger. Sigh~ Rice, I will eat you!

Toma: If there’s only little fish, then it’s not really sushi!
P: ……But, I don’t really like it.

Toma: Actually, I’m not into it either. (Laugh)


P: Don’t you think this cat is really fat?

Toma: Yeah! It’s really fat…(Laugh)

The two of you were sempai-kouhai in high school. Can you please recall the days when “you were together every day” in the Junior era while reading these old issues of ST? Can you start from the student days?

Toma: We often played together on our way home. Although he was in a lower grade, Yamashita was good friends with my friends. Yamashita was a freshman, me a sophomore, and MatsuJun in his 3rd year, so our group was very strong. We even had a welcoming party for this new student.
Yamashita: I had a really large welcoming party! My friend’s brother was also a senior.

Toma: When we all convened, there were a lot of people.
Yamashita: Around 20 people? All of us would go karoaking or something.

Toma: We would go fool around in sempai’s homes. Even sempais wouldn’t torture Yamashita too much.
Yamashita: I was in a pretty good position.

Toma: It’s always been like that! I’m the one who gets teased.
Yamashita: When I’m next to Toma, I’m safe. But honestly, everyone respected the sempais.

Toma: Come to think of it, have I ever lent you my PE uniform?
Yamshita: Yep! When I forget I would borrow Toma’s.

Toma: When I look at the window at the courtyard, I would see Yamashita wearing a shirt that says “Ikuta.”
Yamashita: Because the size was the same, so it didn’t feel uncomfortable.

Toma: If you covered the name, no one would notice. We also ate lunch together in the cafeteria. Our seats were pretty much set. We ate at the largest table near the entrance. I only ate curry, with seven flavors, which was popular the time.
Yamashita: The first person who ate that way was me. Although everyone considered me stupid at first, it slowly became popular. Everyone’s probably forgotten, but I was the first one!

Toma: It was the first time I’ve seen someone eat that way.
Yamashita: Because the cafeteria curry wasn’t flavored enough.

Toma: it was a little sweet.
Yamashita: And we would always buy potatoes. What else did the cafeteria sell?

Toma: [This one dish that I don’t know the name of…lol]
Yamshita: It was soft. (Laugh)

Toma: Yep!
Yamashita: But, it was very yummy. If you don’t go early, it’ll sell out.

Toma: I would stand in line for a long time, and sometimes kouhais would call and say “please buy two”
Yamashita: We would go to each other’s hosues. The two of us still live at home, so we often speak of “we must move out!”

Toma: Once, I found Yamashita’s swimming cap in Yamashita’s closet! (Hysterical laughter)
Yamashita: I completely don’t remember. It’s often like this! Well, it was probably because we went swimming. I went to Toma’s house and I ate fish bowl three times!

Toma: Really? (Laugh)
Yamashita: Yep, it was yummy. ❤ Because Toma’s parents are from Hokkaido, so someone probably gave them that.

Toma: Even so, I don’t want to feed you that 3 times! (Laugh) Because I like it a lot myself. Also, when we’re together, somehow it’ll feel like”Let’s go bathe,” so I’ve taken baths with Yamashita many times.
Yamashita: Like when we go on tours and stuff.

Toma: In the small hotel bathtubs, one person will be in front, the other person behind, and while waiting for the other person to finish showering, we would say “hurry up! it’s freezing!”
Yamashita: And then, after we half finish washing, we’d switch spots. It was very popular! Why do little kids like to shower together? Retrospectively, it’s a pretty crazy habit.

Toma: But, I think guys can understand. Yamshita’s pretty shy, so he’d always hide in the front. (Laugh)
Yamashita: But when News went on tour, everyone went to the bathing room. I don’t feel embarassed anymore. It’s only during my youth that I feel shy.

Toma: Coem to think of it, I’ve always went to the onsen with Yamashita’s grandmother.
Yamashita: Yep!

T: Why do I go on trips with Yamashita’s entire family?
Y: It was when TakkiTsuba debuted.

T: Yamashita called and said, “We’re goign to the onsen, wanna come?” When I asked with whom, he said ” with my family.”
Y: Huhuhuhu

T: I definitely said, “Um, I don’t think I should go”
Y: My attitude was, “There’s no problem! Stop worrying. Come along, please!”

T: We would put out futons in the same room and lay side by ide.
Y: Yeah, I remember. We went to the onsen together a lot, even though sometimes it was for work.

T: Once, I went with Yamashita to take photos in Hokkaido. I lived at Grandma’s place, so when they took me to the airport, we saw my grandma and cousin.
Y: Yeah! We took a picture togehter too! I remember! But, because we’ve been together for so long, even if we do something weird, it’s still nothing surprising. But when the two of us talk, sometimes I will suddenly start playing with my cell phone or listen to music.

T: When we rode the bus home together and stuff, we’re together, but Yamashita will listen to his MD. Back then, I thought “Wtf?”
Y: When I was confronted with ” What are you doing?” I would ask ” What are you talking about? But I guess it’s a pretty weird situation. But because it’s Toma, I don’t feel like I need to face him carefully.

Toma: I was really empathetic back then. But Yamashita was the type that was like” No problem, no problem,” so we would often argue. Although it’s like that now too, it’s not as bad.
Y: We were a group once, and at that time, Toma’s moves were really amazing. And then during actual performances, I would say ” And then? And then?” Also, I wasn’t good at MC, so Toma would say “say some more!”, work hard. I said we should be like Tegumassu and do something together, and film a drama.

Toma: Yeah, we haven’t acted together.
Y: If our characters had a good relationship, we would make it heart-felt. “Kurosaki” type characters probably aren’t fitting.
Toma: When I was watching Kurosaki, I thought I liked Yamashita as a dark character. How should I say, I don’t think have that sort of angsty spirit. Nobuta’s Akira was kind of idiotic, but actually, he also had a tragic side.
Y: I definitely like Hanakimi’s energetic feel. I like Toma’s actions. It’s pretty special. But, Toma showed your true self in HC.
T: [Nakatsu is] Fiery, huh.

Y: It’s pretty clear. Although there’s a feeling of Kyabikyabi, but there’s also a feeling of gacu gacu. Like that.
T: I also think that Yamashita can turn a pretty set into something interesting and full of energy. Like Nobuta and Kurosagi.
Y: Because I think a lot about it everyday.
T: Normally, we don’t really talk about the details of filming. In comparison, we talk about things further away, like what are we going to be like in ten years? Etc. That’s sort of thing we talk about when we meet. I want to be surrounded by good friends and do work that I have confidence in and taste good wine.
Y: Compared to before, we haven’t really changed much. It’s only that we don’t bathe together anymore? (Laugh)

T: Yeah
Y: From today onwards too. Our relationship will not change. Only our surroundings will change.
T: Although I think to not change is very hard. Compared to before, the surroundings have really changed a lot. Ultimately, change might be seen more often than not. But, Yamashita’s not like that. I believe it!
Y: Me too! Please take care of me in the future too!

To Yamashita:
Although it’s a little…to say it now (Laugh)
I REALLY like the Yamashita’s that’s filming a drama.
So I want us to act together once as people who haven’t known each other for a long time. What do you think?

To Toma:
When we’re thirty or forty, let’s be neighbors!
I really want my friends to convene and live nearby.
I want the distance to be so close we can borrow soysauce and stuff.
But if it’s around forty, we’ll probably arlready be married huh?

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I’ve been delaying to watch this all the time.. I kinda watched till about episode 5 den got distracted by other things like Tackey, Kinki Kids and Arashi. haha.. Den now finally i have completed it and watched all 11 episodes of it.

Yamashita Tomohisa plays a guy named Kurosaki who is a swindler. He became a swindler for revenge as his family was destroyed by swindlers. He is known as Kurosagi, a swindler who swindles swindlers and returns money back to ppl who have been swindled. He is swayed when he meets a law student Yoshikawa Tsurara (Horikita Maki).

I enjoyed this drama quite abit at first coz of Yamapi’s different costume and attitude change. haha.. love that… But i guess i cldnt quite keep up wif it coz it was kinda the same u noe, swindling ppl in every episode. BUT i still like the show coz Yamapi, i tink he really rock the role that he played. And also he’s super cute too. haha.

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This was one cute post that i had to post abt Yamapi talking abt TOMA.. haha..

Credit to http://yamapirawks.livejournal.com




I have photo shoots and interviews this morning

And I’m currently going to attend the performance at Music Station

Toma called me today. He called to say he already watched the “Kurosagi” move preview.

I’m very happy

Thank you

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Credit to http://community.livejournal.com/yamapi_jweb/19939.html


15 November 2007
8:00 PM


Yesterday I ate yakiniku with Toma and chatted until midnight! [Note: Yakiniku = grilled meat or barbecue]
The yukke was best   [Note: Yukke = raw beef, it also has raw egg yolk and seasoning ^O^, I think its a Korean dish, but its popular in Japan too ne~]

I’m really very happy!

Discovered that Toma has been my friend for half my life now, really raised my spirits ne!
We have mutual understanding of each other’s life, so our feelings are naturally really good (laughs).

Now I have to go to the radio show

Awww….. how cute is this.. haha…

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