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Hansy leavin me again!


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Hansy is leavin me in 2 days! haiz… she’s goin back to Perth.. Lonely arashi days again!

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Oh Leisy! Yes me… i’m feelin old, old, old.

And how did i spend my bday.

Since Hansy came back yesterday, she made me clear our room.

Well, we reali did throw away lots and lots of stuff. Lots of dust too. hahaha..

We were clearing from 1pm to 2am.. yes 2AM!!!!!! I was aching all over. Luckily i took leave from work.

Happy bday Leisy!

PS. Did i mention that Hansy bought me a DS!!! haha

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Hansy is coming back!


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Hansy is coming back in less den 7 HOURS!!!!

I finally cleared her bed, change our bedsheets, cleared the cupboard and all. I tot i was goin to die…

haha.. Goin to spam her with Arashi videos! haha

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Hansy had taught me how to make tonkatsu in Perth.. so den i reali felt like eating it yesterday that i made it.. damn damn yummy sia.. haha

Tonkatsu is deep fried pork using bread crumbs.

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Bling Belt..

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Hansy had actually bought this at the E Sheds the other day… and she gave it to me.. awww hansy pansy wansy…

It’s a hook on belt, where words start flashing out.. pretty cool eh.. haha.. i saw it once at Heeren and they were selling it for $70 over bucks.. Hansy bought it for $30 Aussie… thanks hansy.. though i dunt noe if i’m goin to use it or not.. haha..

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Haiz… the day to go back to my boring life is Singapore. haiz.. without my sister too. Our flight was at 3.30pm, so we reached at airport at abt almost 2pm to check in.. my lord the queue was like super long.. we stood there till like almost 3pm. Crazy. Of coz by den, me and Hansy’s eyes were starting to well up. haiz. And when we were abt to go into the gate, me and Hansy already had tears.. It’s always hard to separate from ur crazy sister..

On board, i was watching a show called “Thank God Ur Here”.. its an Australian program where ppl well mostly funny ppl are thrown into a situation and have to act out the scene. Kinda like an “Whose line is it anyway” style. It was damn funny. I watched all three episodes of it. haha. Den also watched “Enchanted”, i tot it was quite cute i guess… BUT i didnt get to watch the ending AS the plane was landing… wat the… oh well i’ll ask Jensy abt the ending.

Touchdown and stepped out of the airport and BURN… HOT LIKE HELLLLLLL… i’m melting…. sooooooo hot.. haiz… miss that cold air in Perth.

Oh, took this pic from the plane, beautiful sunset..

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Today juz went to Harbour Town for a quickie with Nic. Its a place where its pretty much called a factory outlet, things are cheaper, but since it was having a sale as all the other places, it was pretty much on equal par as other places.
Went back home and made dinner for all as it was our last nite there. haiz…. time, where has all the time gone.

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