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WOOOO!!! I just love these senior+junior kinda thing.. haha.. seeing Nagase + TOMA in a drama together.. cannot wait for that..Just another month to go before it airs!!! Hope it’ll be a nice show to watch.

Source: Tokyograph

Wed, May 19, 2010 (7:10pm EDT)
TOKIO’s Tomoya Nagase (31) is once again teaming up with screenwriter Kankuro Kudo (39) for a new drama series this summer. This will be their third one together, after “Ikebukuro West Gate Park” (2000) and “Tiger & Dragon” (2005).

Titled “Unubore Deka” (“Conceited Detective”), the show is an original comedy about an unusual detective (Nagase) who has a habit of falling in love with every female suspect, and his conceit leads him to believe that they are also in love with him. When he finds evidence of their crimes, he confronts them with an arrest warrant and a marriage proposal at the same time, giving them a choice between the two. Although his actual name will apparently not be mentioned during the show, he is known to everyone as “Unubore” for his conceit.

TBS says that they are lining up big-name actresses to play the guest role of the suspect for each episode. The network also hinted that there’s even a case where the guest will be a male actor.

The regular supporting cast features Toma Ikuta (25) as an actor who is Unubore’s friend, Mika Nakashima (27) as Unubore’s ex-girlfriend, and Toshiyuki Nishida (62) as Unubore’s father. The detective frequents a bar where he and a group of acquaintances are known as the “Unubore 5,” consisting of Nagase, Ikuta, Jun Kaname (29), Ken Yahagi (38), and Mitsugoro Bando (54).

“Unubore Deka” will air on Friday nights at 10:00pm, starting in July.

Source: Sankei Sports

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14814200 37185_

I’m soooo happy for Toma!!! It’s reali great that good things are coming more and more for him. This was also a drama that starred Kinki Kids a long time ago! Probably 10 over years.

Source: Tokyograph

Ikuta leads adaptation of Dazai’s “No Longer Human”
Wed, May 13, 2009 (1:12am EDT)
Popular young actor Toma Ikuta (24) will star in a new movie directed by Genjiro Arato, the producer responsible for the award-winning “Zigeunerweisen” in 1980. The film is “Ningen Shikkaku,” based on the Osamu Dazai novel of the same name. Also known in English as “No Longer Human,” the book is generally considered to be Dazai’s greatest masterpiece.

Ikuta has recently had major roles in several television series, but this role will actually be his first time appearing in a movie. Published in 1948, the semi-autobiographical “Ningen Shikkaku” was Dazai’s last completed work before he successfully committed suicide. Despite selling millions of copies, the story has never been adapted to screen. However, this year is the 100th anniversary of Dazai’s birth, prompting the decision to create a movie.

Filming starts in July, with a release projected for spring 2010.

Source: Sankei Sports

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Source: Tokyograph
Sun, March 22, 2009 (5:17am EDT)
Readers of TVnavi magazine have cast their votes for 2008’s Drama of the Year, and on Saturday it was announced that the winner is the TBS suspense series “Maou” that starred Satoshi Ohno and Toma Ikuta. Ohno also was named Best Actor for his role in that series.

Aoi Miyazaki was voted Best Actress for “Atsuhime.” Best Supporting Actor and Actress went to Eita and Juri Ueno, who both appeared in Fuji TV’s “Last Friends.” In the Best Newcomer category, Ryosuke Yamada (“One-Pound Gospel,” “Scrap Teacher”) and Manami Higa (“Code Blue”) received the most votes.

Source: Sankei Sports

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Souce: Tokyograph

Readers of TVnavi magazine have cast their votes for 2008’s Drama of the Year, and on Saturday it was announced that the winner is the TBS suspense series “Maou” that starred Satoshi Ohno and Toma Ikuta. Ohno also was named Best Actor for his role in that series.

Aoi Miyazaki was voted Best Actress for “Atsuhime.” Best Supporting Actor and Actress went to Eita and Juri Ueno, who both appeared in Fuji TV’s “Last Friends.” In the Best Newcomer category, Ryosuke Yamada (“One-Pound Gospel,” “Scrap Teacher”) and Manami Higa (“Code Blue”) received the most votes.

Source: Sankei Sports

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Ahhhhhh this is juzzzzz toooooo cute for words… Toma & Yamapi are reali best frenz!

U can read the fan report here at the awesome teacup79’s livejournal!

Ahhhh i wish i cld c a video of this!!

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tomapi4_impulstanz tomapi5_impulstanz tomapi8b_impulstanz

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Ahhhhh this is one of the cutest update by Yamapi in a while! More Tomapi love love!!!!

This translation is done by the fantastic teacup79@lj.

U can read her translation here.

Yamapi’s Jweb

Thank you everyone for 2008!

Well~This morning, around 8
I received a mail from Toma.

It said that he will post about the events of the concert [that he attended as guest] in his Jweb, so he’s sending me a copy first.

He also wrote some pretty mushy stuff. Yeah, definitely mushy. (Laugh)

But [after receiving his mail], I was in a good mood from the day’s start.

Although I don’t know when, or in what manner, I think that I’ll be very happy if we could sing together!

Come to think of it, I’ll be singing today. I’ll be going to the Tokyo Dome party later.

After the party ends, I will go eat noodles.

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Thank u Ayu ayu for “reminding” to go youtube and look at it.. haha..

OHHH MYYY LOOORDDDD… i see many many funny things.. haha.. playing “pool” games… haha i so so so so cannot wait to watch this special.. i tink it’ll be a 2hr SP.. huuuurrraaayyyy BUT i want more… HAHAHA… Hana Kimi reali rocks.. ahhhh Toma….

*Edit – HAPPPPPPYYYY BDAYYYYY TOMMMAAA.. shucks i’m late.. haha

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YATTTTAAAAA…. it will be showing on 12th October. Hurrrayyyyyy we dont hav to wait veri long for our Toma in my favourite of his roles Nakatsu.. haha..

Here’s the main website for Hana Kimi.

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I’ve been meaning to write abt this since when i was in Perth, BUT i kept forgetting.. haha.. well its old news… When Maou was havin a press conference, a lady in the cast mistook Ohno Satoshi to be in the other Johnnys grp “V6” instead of “Arashi”… haha… The look on Oh-chan’s face is priceless… haha.. Ikuta Toma also tried helping the situation by saying “No… he’s in Arashi..” haha.

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KKKYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAA….. i juz cannot wait… CANNOT WAIT… haha… the trailers are up for the new Japanese drama starring Ohno Satoshi and Ikuta Toma… super super super exciting man…

Ohno looks soooo EVIL.. haha…

Here’s the trailer.

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I CANNOT BELIEVE ITTTTTT.. haha… Ikuta Toma and Arashi’s Ohno Satoshi getting to work together in a drama.. so the drama is kinda a sadists kind BUT who cares man.. haha.. There’s Toma and Ohno in it.. and it’s also Ohno’s first starring role… U HARDLY wait wait in fact u NEVER get to see him acting in dramas, except for that short like 5 secs role in Yoiko no Mikata.. haha.. Super excited to catch this new drama..

Haven’t seen them in black hair for quite a while.. looks dark.. haha.. seems like both of them had a new haircut..

Here’s a pic.

Article from http://community.livejournal.com/ikuta_toma/192943.html?view=1093807#t1093807

Arashi’s Ohno will be appearing for the first time in a drama series & first lead role… TBS channel’s “MAOU” (Devil)

It has been revealed on the 8th that the popular group, Arashi’s leader, Ohno Satoshi (27) will be appearing for the first time in a drama series with his first lead role in TBS channel’s “Maou” (Friday, 10pm) starting in July. It’s a double lead role with Johnny’s Jr. Ikuta Toma. This work is a remake of the popular suspense drama that was aired last year in Korea. Ohno will show us a new side of himself by taking on the challenge of a lawyer who is plotting revenge on the person who killed his blood relatives.

As Arashi’s leader, Ohno is active in concerts and variety shows, and will now be ready and waiting to tack on this drama series debut.

“Maou” is a suspense drama aired on Korea’s KBS last year. This act of revenge where a man, whose family was killed without mercy, takes a gamble with his entire life caught the attention of many, to the extent that a gathering was opened for thousands of core fans called the “Maou Tribe”, bringing forth a social phenomenon within Korea. This time that popular work will be remade, with Ohno taking on the challenge of the role of a lawyer who is a vengeful demon with an angelic mask.

Speaking of Ohno, we know of his brilliant sense for stage play. He stepped onto his first stage performance for the Shounentai’s “PLAYZONE” in 2001, then widened his scope by moving from tough roles filled with ad libs to performances of an assassin, with his talents guaranteed to produce quality work. Started in 2003, the stage play “Puu series” that he starred in has also gained high praise.

Producer Takahashi Masanao explains the reasons for this casting: “He’s known for showing his gentle and slightly spaced out character in variety shows but, there should be many who have noticed the mysterious, unique charm hidden deep inside. To have him play the role of a laywer who has the face of a cruel, vengeful demon = devil under the face he shows to others will, without a doubt, make it far more frightening.”

For the sake of this role, Ohno has cut his hair and dyed it black. He says with great spirit, “As it’s my first drama series I’d like to have fun acting in it but, because it’s such a special setting, it looks like I may turn stoic in my daily life too (laughs). I’ve never taken revenge before, nor have I considered it. It’s a tough role but, I will do my best to live up to everyone’s expectations.”

On the other hand, Ikuta who has stepped into the limelight with a great leap with the popular drama “Hanazakari no kimitachi e ~IKEMEN PARADISE~” last year will play the double lead role of the detective who is pursuing the mysterious series of murders. He has performed with Ohno in stage plays in the past but, it’s their first collaboration in a drama. He says with high spirits, “I’d like to do a drama that will be thrilling, new, something that will have great depth for everyone.”

The bottom simply brings up other reputed Korean drama remakes.

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Credit: teacup79@lj

Yamapi’s Jweb:

Yesterday, I went out to eat with Toma.
Toma wrote in his series that oshinko (pickled vegetables) is very good, and that he wants to eat it again.

I can take you to eat stuff like oshinko anytime! (Laugh)
But it’s very hard to type Toma in kanji.
I always have to type Hokuto (北斗) and Shinken (真剑), and then delete 北 and 剑.
From today onwards, I will type Touma (トーマ)
Please permit me to do so!

Toma’s Jweb:

I went to eat with Yamashita.

The oshinko at the restaurant was insanely delicious.

So, Ikuta-san is sort of unable to resist and wants to meet oshinko-chan again…

Please let me meet with Oshinko-chan again soon!

As for today, I will eat the Korean seaweed sitting before me.

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This has got to be the cutest thing i’ve ever read… TomaPi best friends nei…

Picture credit Helen@Tomapi Rant

Translation credit teacup79@lj

0409 – Special 1

11 years x 365 days = 4015 days.
The eleven years after the two met. [In these 11 years], they have spent about 4000 days together. The secret behind Yamapi and Toma’s unbreakable bond will be uncovered today.

We’ll tell you, the secret behind the 4000 days we’ve spent together.

His perpetual perfection is compatible with my personality by Yamashita Tomohisa

When he watches my dramas, he always mails me after-thoughts. Awhile ago, when Toma advertised Kurosaki in his own Johnny’s web, my manager sent me his entry, and I was very happy. Toma is definitely a strong person for taking an interest in everything that I consider to be important. When it comes to Toma’s acting appearances, the stage play Azumi was truly very cool! From my point of view, Toma treats the people to whom he’s already given his heart very well. He’s not the type of wonderful person who takes care of everyone. But when we were once in a group together, Toma always remembered dance moves beautifully, so when I said “teach me teach me,” he would teach me everything with the feeling of “what am I going to do about you.” In my memory of our 11 years, we’ve fought innumerable times, but for our relationship to be this amazing, it’s not only because we’ve spent a long time together, but probably also because our personalities are compatible.

Because he starts and finishes so I can trust him by Ikuta Toma

Because we’ve been together for so long, we don’t even realize our one year age difference. When we discovered this in our Juniors days, we also felt that we were already together. We were in the same group, we went to the same high school, etc. Because we’re always together, we’ve had times where we became ridiculously angry over small things, but even if we fight, we still have to meet the following day, so our relationship will naturally recover. In the middle school and high school days, I often hear Yamashita say “I don’t want to go to school–” So when Yamashita went to college, I thought “Oh, wow,” and was pretty surprised. When he decided not to graduate, I harbored feelings of “continue trying hard” and sent him “congratulations for keeping back a year” messages. (Laugh) Because I’ve never attended college, I can’t say anything amazing, but I think to work hard is already a very magnificent feat. No matter what happens, Yamashita always pushes himself to the limit to accomplish his goal, and he would never give up halfway through. To be able to finish things well, to show results, this is the type of man that I trust when I work with him.

P: I’ve decided. I’m going to live by myself.
Toma: (Laugh) I’ve already heard you say that 3 times.


P: Honey and clover is on Tuesdays right?
Toma: Yeah, but it’s already finished airing. (Laugh)
P: I know. But I regret missing the last episode.


Toma: The celebratory dinner for Prodai was really exciting right? HC’s was really exciting, and everyone was still partying at 5 am in the morning.
P: It was exciting! Come to think of it, when does the Hanakimi SP air? (Suddenly)


P: Lately, don’t you have a manager younger than yourself?
Toma: I’m a little sad…I feel like I’m getting old.


P: If Toma had come to News’ Tokyo Dome Concert, I would’ve wanted to do something with you, like sing Yokubou no Rain together.

Toma: Yokubou no Rain, huh.

P: We sang it a lot together when we were juniors. But it appears that Toma was filming for Hanakimi so you couldn’t come.

Toma: I really wanted to go.

P: And I really wanted to sing.

P: Although the 2 of us haven’t gone to the beach together, we have watched UFOs together.

Toma: Ah, what is it again…

P: When Toma went to [some place] to play, I was also going in that direction, and Toma called:
Hello hello? There was a UFO just now
What? Fried noodles?
And then you explained No, not that. There really was a UFO just now!
Although I said “I definitely don’t believe it,” but because Toma said
“Right now I’m at [such and such place]”
So I said “Really? I’m walking in that direction.” And after I got there, I looked up and saw a UFO! I immediately called Toma and asked,
“This is a UFO?” And Toma said “Yeah yeah yeah.”
That was definitely a UFO! To be able to give out lights like that, and to move so strangely.

Toma: Occasionally we’ll be at different yet same places. That was in high school…

P: ….Why did you call me?

Toma: Why? Maybe because I already knew that you were at [such and such place]


P: (While looking at 2001’s ST11) Wow! I still have doraemon on my pockets!!! What does that mean

Toma: We were still kids– (Laugh)
P: (While looking at 2003’s ST8) Say Toma, does this kind of vision have feeling? (When both eyes have 0.05) Contacts?

Toma: Yeah, I wore them.
P: (While looking at 1999’s ST15) “If I can have sushi for a late night snack, I’ll be really lucky!!” I can’t believe I said that, I don’t remember at all.


P: Toma, what kind of lunch is best?

Toma: Anything’s fine. It’s upt o you.

Then lunch time arrived and they start eating…

P: Ah, I failed. I’m not so good at this dish.

Toma: Because I made a hamburger, so I definitely couldn’t fail!
P: So that’s true after all! I thought Toma would definitely make a hamburger. Sigh~ Rice, I will eat you!

Toma: If there’s only little fish, then it’s not really sushi!
P: ……But, I don’t really like it.

Toma: Actually, I’m not into it either. (Laugh)


P: Don’t you think this cat is really fat?

Toma: Yeah! It’s really fat…(Laugh)

The two of you were sempai-kouhai in high school. Can you please recall the days when “you were together every day” in the Junior era while reading these old issues of ST? Can you start from the student days?

Toma: We often played together on our way home. Although he was in a lower grade, Yamashita was good friends with my friends. Yamashita was a freshman, me a sophomore, and MatsuJun in his 3rd year, so our group was very strong. We even had a welcoming party for this new student.
Yamashita: I had a really large welcoming party! My friend’s brother was also a senior.

Toma: When we all convened, there were a lot of people.
Yamashita: Around 20 people? All of us would go karoaking or something.

Toma: We would go fool around in sempai’s homes. Even sempais wouldn’t torture Yamashita too much.
Yamashita: I was in a pretty good position.

Toma: It’s always been like that! I’m the one who gets teased.
Yamashita: When I’m next to Toma, I’m safe. But honestly, everyone respected the sempais.

Toma: Come to think of it, have I ever lent you my PE uniform?
Yamshita: Yep! When I forget I would borrow Toma’s.

Toma: When I look at the window at the courtyard, I would see Yamashita wearing a shirt that says “Ikuta.”
Yamashita: Because the size was the same, so it didn’t feel uncomfortable.

Toma: If you covered the name, no one would notice. We also ate lunch together in the cafeteria. Our seats were pretty much set. We ate at the largest table near the entrance. I only ate curry, with seven flavors, which was popular the time.
Yamashita: The first person who ate that way was me. Although everyone considered me stupid at first, it slowly became popular. Everyone’s probably forgotten, but I was the first one!

Toma: It was the first time I’ve seen someone eat that way.
Yamashita: Because the cafeteria curry wasn’t flavored enough.

Toma: it was a little sweet.
Yamashita: And we would always buy potatoes. What else did the cafeteria sell?

Toma: [This one dish that I don’t know the name of…lol]
Yamshita: It was soft. (Laugh)

Toma: Yep!
Yamashita: But, it was very yummy. If you don’t go early, it’ll sell out.

Toma: I would stand in line for a long time, and sometimes kouhais would call and say “please buy two”
Yamashita: We would go to each other’s hosues. The two of us still live at home, so we often speak of “we must move out!”

Toma: Once, I found Yamashita’s swimming cap in Yamashita’s closet! (Hysterical laughter)
Yamashita: I completely don’t remember. It’s often like this! Well, it was probably because we went swimming. I went to Toma’s house and I ate fish bowl three times!

Toma: Really? (Laugh)
Yamashita: Yep, it was yummy. ❤ Because Toma’s parents are from Hokkaido, so someone probably gave them that.

Toma: Even so, I don’t want to feed you that 3 times! (Laugh) Because I like it a lot myself. Also, when we’re together, somehow it’ll feel like”Let’s go bathe,” so I’ve taken baths with Yamashita many times.
Yamashita: Like when we go on tours and stuff.

Toma: In the small hotel bathtubs, one person will be in front, the other person behind, and while waiting for the other person to finish showering, we would say “hurry up! it’s freezing!”
Yamashita: And then, after we half finish washing, we’d switch spots. It was very popular! Why do little kids like to shower together? Retrospectively, it’s a pretty crazy habit.

Toma: But, I think guys can understand. Yamshita’s pretty shy, so he’d always hide in the front. (Laugh)
Yamashita: But when News went on tour, everyone went to the bathing room. I don’t feel embarassed anymore. It’s only during my youth that I feel shy.

Toma: Coem to think of it, I’ve always went to the onsen with Yamashita’s grandmother.
Yamashita: Yep!

T: Why do I go on trips with Yamashita’s entire family?
Y: It was when TakkiTsuba debuted.

T: Yamashita called and said, “We’re goign to the onsen, wanna come?” When I asked with whom, he said ” with my family.”
Y: Huhuhuhu

T: I definitely said, “Um, I don’t think I should go”
Y: My attitude was, “There’s no problem! Stop worrying. Come along, please!”

T: We would put out futons in the same room and lay side by ide.
Y: Yeah, I remember. We went to the onsen together a lot, even though sometimes it was for work.

T: Once, I went with Yamashita to take photos in Hokkaido. I lived at Grandma’s place, so when they took me to the airport, we saw my grandma and cousin.
Y: Yeah! We took a picture togehter too! I remember! But, because we’ve been together for so long, even if we do something weird, it’s still nothing surprising. But when the two of us talk, sometimes I will suddenly start playing with my cell phone or listen to music.

T: When we rode the bus home together and stuff, we’re together, but Yamashita will listen to his MD. Back then, I thought “Wtf?”
Y: When I was confronted with ” What are you doing?” I would ask ” What are you talking about? But I guess it’s a pretty weird situation. But because it’s Toma, I don’t feel like I need to face him carefully.

Toma: I was really empathetic back then. But Yamashita was the type that was like” No problem, no problem,” so we would often argue. Although it’s like that now too, it’s not as bad.
Y: We were a group once, and at that time, Toma’s moves were really amazing. And then during actual performances, I would say ” And then? And then?” Also, I wasn’t good at MC, so Toma would say “say some more!”, work hard. I said we should be like Tegumassu and do something together, and film a drama.

Toma: Yeah, we haven’t acted together.
Y: If our characters had a good relationship, we would make it heart-felt. “Kurosaki” type characters probably aren’t fitting.
Toma: When I was watching Kurosaki, I thought I liked Yamashita as a dark character. How should I say, I don’t think have that sort of angsty spirit. Nobuta’s Akira was kind of idiotic, but actually, he also had a tragic side.
Y: I definitely like Hanakimi’s energetic feel. I like Toma’s actions. It’s pretty special. But, Toma showed your true self in HC.
T: [Nakatsu is] Fiery, huh.

Y: It’s pretty clear. Although there’s a feeling of Kyabikyabi, but there’s also a feeling of gacu gacu. Like that.
T: I also think that Yamashita can turn a pretty set into something interesting and full of energy. Like Nobuta and Kurosagi.
Y: Because I think a lot about it everyday.
T: Normally, we don’t really talk about the details of filming. In comparison, we talk about things further away, like what are we going to be like in ten years? Etc. That’s sort of thing we talk about when we meet. I want to be surrounded by good friends and do work that I have confidence in and taste good wine.
Y: Compared to before, we haven’t really changed much. It’s only that we don’t bathe together anymore? (Laugh)

T: Yeah
Y: From today onwards too. Our relationship will not change. Only our surroundings will change.
T: Although I think to not change is very hard. Compared to before, the surroundings have really changed a lot. Ultimately, change might be seen more often than not. But, Yamashita’s not like that. I believe it!
Y: Me too! Please take care of me in the future too!

To Yamashita:
Although it’s a little…to say it now (Laugh)
I REALLY like the Yamashita’s that’s filming a drama.
So I want us to act together once as people who haven’t known each other for a long time. What do you think?

To Toma:
When we’re thirty or forty, let’s be neighbors!
I really want my friends to convene and live nearby.
I want the distance to be so close we can borrow soysauce and stuff.
But if it’s around forty, we’ll probably arlready be married huh?

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I had to put this up coz the part abt how Toma calls Ohno Satoshi is juzzzz super cute.. haha..

Credit :http://zephyris87.livejournal.com/32586.html?view=182858#t182858

★volume 80

long time no see!

ah, ah, im really sorry. about the goto updates, ive been a little languorous/unenergetic/lethargic.

recently, in order to get/obtain monster, it has made me so busy that…
ah, aiya aiya, lets pretend i didnt say anything.

not long ago, i went to watch Oh-chan’s butai/stage performance, then after that i went to eat with Atsu-ani which i havent done in a long time… ive lived everyday very happily. really.

but of course the atmosphere at the filming scenes of HanaKimi was also really high. and in the beautiful rain of sakura flowers, we were constantly making a loud clamor/commotion.

ah, i really feel like going flower viewing…

well then! this is it!

Ciao hearts x2

-Oh-chan: Ohno Satoshi
-Atsu-ani (Satou Atsuhiro): together with yamapi, toma, they’re part of an unofficial group within Johnny’s Entertainment called “No Border”. oh and he’s in the same butai as ohno

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Hahaha all i can say is that Toma ur such a cute dweeb.. haha..

Credit to : http://zephyris87.livejournal.com/23443.html

★volume 69

yesterday, after the (H&C’s) celebration party, (my) energy was totally used up, (so didnt have any energy to write the goto), sorry oh.

today (im) still filming Hana Kimi oh. resisting my feelings of happiness for being able to once again act as Nakatsu which i havent done in a long time.

recently ive always been wearing shorts, in my heart i think that (acting as Nakatsu) i can finally wear long pants. however i forgot that Nakatsu rolls up the ends of his jeans! and wears short sleeve shirts!

ma, the weather is already slowly warming up.

thats right…

hmm well then thats all!

Ciao hearts x2

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OHHH i watched that KFC CM Toma was in… all i can say…. awwww Toma u are juz super kawaiii… haha…

Credit to : http://zephyris87.livejournal.com/21893.html

★volume 68

haha~its started its started! the filming for Hanazakari!

the moment the shooting begin i was still a little shy, but when i thought about being able to return (to film Hana Kimi again), really very happy, in short, its totally a new type of feeling.
although there was uneasiness, but when it came to the actual/real time filming, Nakatsu’s feel/character very naturally came out!
hm, in order to be able to film the production that everyone has been anticipating/looking forward to, i will work very very hard.

thats right, today is the interview for seventeen, the contents are a conversation with Yamashita.
now im beside Yamashita, whats shocking is that he’s concentrating on the magazine in his hand. what exactly is it that he is so attracted to ne…

please look forward to the release of the magazine.

and from today onwards, will broadcast the KFC CM that i am in.

black sesame fried chicken!

really is very delicious, when i was filming it was mouth after mouth, eat and eat again.
so i hope everyone would also go try it too!

Ciao hearts x2

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Toma talking abt the end of Honey & Clover AND A NEW BEGINNING…



19.03.08 ikuta toma’s jweb translations

★volume 67

yesterday’s last episode of H&C have you watched it yet ah?

through this production,

if it enables everyone after today in their own future to find something, which furthermore becomes into his or her inspiration in life, i will feel extremely honored.

which is like what Takemoto kun was able to feel in the end…

[everything has a meaning/significance for its existence, an insignificant thing does not exist]

so long as one remains alive, there will be setbacks, pain/suffering. there will even be a moment, where you’ll feel as if you dont have a reason/significance to exist. but please believe, that in this world, there will definitely be someone thats quietly working hard for you, quietly supporting you unceasingly.
even if, you dont know who it is.

the phrase ‘lost in love’, although it can interpreted as disappearing/fading from being in love,
but (the fact that) someone that you once loved will forever never disappear, isnt it? by Romaya senpai

… in short, to everyone that was involved in this production i express my gratitude/ thank you.

to every person that has been watching i express my gratitude.

extremely grateful to everyone!!


finally finally…

Hanazakari no Kimitashi e (花ざかりの君たちへ)
ikemen paradaisu (イケメン♂パラダイス)

is coming back!!

have let everyone waited too long! baby!

today, with Mizuki, have started the filming.

for more in-dept details/ specific contents please read on tomorrow.

Ciao hearts x2

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Oh Toma chan.. haha…
Tue, March 18, 2008 (4:33pm EDT)
Last summer’s “Hanazakari no Kimitachi e” drama series is returning for a one-episode special. Starring Maki Horikita, Shun Oguri, and Toma Ikuta, the show was very popular, especially among female viewers. It averaged 17.3% ratings, with the final episode reaching 21.0%.According to Fuji TV, the special will take place half a year after the series’ end. With Osaka Gakuen getting ready for an upcoming Valentine’s Day event, Sano (Oguri) and Nakatsu (Ikuta) reflect on the final week of their last summer vacation, which falls into the timeline of the original series between episodes 7 and 8. The special also includes a graduation scene and addresses the relationship between Mizuki (Horikita) and Sano.

Filming begins on Wednesday, but no broadcast date has been specified yet.

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This is juz one cute cute post again by Toma.. haha.. talking abt his pal Yamapi..

Credit to http://teacup79.livejournal.com/8247.html


There’s good weather again today.
It feels really nice.


There’s somewhere that I must go! Something that I can’t miss!

Yamashita Tomohisa’s first movie — Kurosagi!

I’m watching it ahead of everyone else today.

Wow, Yamashita is so cool!
The main character, Kurosaki’s, sadness and suppressed anger matches very well with Yamashita’s image.

I feel like I can eat a good meal today!

In any case, I hope you will follow my actions! Yamashita’s Kurosaki is definitely worth watching on the big screens.

It goes in theaters on March 8th.

It seems that I’m over-advertising. (Laugh)

Oh yeah. It’s a little embarassing, but please take care of H&C as well!


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This was one cute post that i had to post abt Yamapi talking abt TOMA.. haha..

Credit to http://yamapirawks.livejournal.com




I have photo shoots and interviews this morning

And I’m currently going to attend the performance at Music Station

Toma called me today. He called to say he already watched the “Kurosagi” move preview.

I’m very happy

Thank you

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Haiz.. Hansy Hansy Hansy y didnt u do everything yesterday… Got kinda dragged out by Hansy as she kept saying that we wont get to hang out much next time.. oh well.. haha..

Followed Hansy to GAP centrepoint where she returned her uniform… den again bought some last min cosmetics and stuff.. den walked over to HMV coz i had a gift voucher to use.. hahah YEAH!!! I got Takizawa Hideaki concert DVD!!! ahhhh YEAH!!! haha… happy… wanted to get Kinki Kids’s Domoto Koichi’s concert BUT looking at the price, i pretty much almost fainted.. $70++.. haiz.. nvm settled for my Tackey DVD… ahha yeah…

And den as usual, to our hangout KINOKUNIYA!!! haha… boring ppl.. yes i noe.. walked one round around Kino and was depressed that i cldnt get anything… BUT DEN as we were walking out, I SAW IT!!!! haha… MY HANA KIMI PHOTOBOOK!!!!!!! I’ve been waiting for mths for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yeah!!!! My Ikuta Toma.. haha…

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AHHHHH!!!! hahahaha… i finally watched the 1st episode of Honey & Clover!!! Starring my Ikuta Toma!!!! haha.. so funny.. kinda different frm Hana Kimi… But equally love Toma in here.. haha… check out the screenshots..

Credit http://reelrhythm.livejournal.com/5494.html for pics..

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8/25 volume 71

During lunch break, I ate soba with Oscar and Kayashima. We also drank Suba. Kayashima was very interested in the menu I ordered. He said next time he’ll order the same. Kayashima is cute!
It was a surprising group but we had fun.
Today I also ended surprisingly early, so I was wondering around. I watched the sunset at the park as I listened to the the music box CD that Mizuki lent me. It was very refreshing.

Then, I received some suggestions from my husband about the conference yesterday.

” ‘It might be love between Shun-kun and I.’ When Ikuta Toma jokes like this…how much do you really like me?!” Like this.

Ma, about this topic, let me talk about it on the radio next time.

Today I’ll focus on Ikemen Paradise. Ahaha.

So, good-bye!

Ciao. e175.gif

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AHHHHHH!!!! Today is the official day when Honey & Clover comes out!!!!

It’s Ikuta Toma’s new Japanese drama!!!!! Cannot wait to watch it!!!!!

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Please stop asking me if i know Ikuta Toma or have any of his contact details.. I tink its quite obvious frm my posts that i am a FAN and not have any relation to him… Seriously, stop asking me COZ i HAVE NO IDEA ABT HIS CONTACT DETAILS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Yup Hansy has come back!!! Came back around 9pm on Thursday… went back… unpacked and den soon after Jensy came over too… Always nice to have ur neighbour around.. haha..

Anyway, Hansy was telling us stories abt “DI”.. haha.. funny and weird ones…

After that me and Jensy spent like the whole nite researching on which Japanese schools offer full time courses and also the cost of it..

And of coz, i being so excited abt my Toma, showed her the funny parts in Hana Kimi… haha.. I tink Jensy left my house at abt 3.30am.. yes.. AM.. morning.. yes..

sorry tenchi! haha.. our tummies were growling ever since 2am.. haha.. that was super funny!!!! hahaha…

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Credit to http://community.livejournal.com/yamapi_jweb/19939.html


15 November 2007
8:00 PM


Yesterday I ate yakiniku with Toma and chatted until midnight! [Note: Yakiniku = grilled meat or barbecue]
The yukke was best   [Note: Yukke = raw beef, it also has raw egg yolk and seasoning ^O^, I think its a Korean dish, but its popular in Japan too ne~]

I’m really very happy!

Discovered that Toma has been my friend for half my life now, really raised my spirits ne!
We have mutual understanding of each other’s life, so our feelings are naturally really good (laughs).

Now I have to go to the radio show

Awww….. how cute is this.. haha…

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Tomagoto Hyper! volume 7

This was posted up a long long time ago.. BUT… when i read it i juz cld not help but burst out laughing… i tink abt 1 year ago that this was posted up.

Ikuta Toma

Yesterday we had the first full rehearsal!

Iyaa I’m full of sweat, sweat, soup.

Somehow I’m doing fairly hard things.
My sweat might fly into the audience. If my sweat flew over please don’t make a disgusted face.
Please think of a dolphin show, when the dolphin does a big jump and water splashes onto the platform. It’s said to be cold no?
Please think of the water of a spring mountain in a mouse kingdom. It’s said to be soaked no?
Someone whose girlfriend who’s going to study abroad, the day before her flight from Japan they had an argument. When he was at home by himself there was a letter.
Upon reading it’s the longing of the girlfriend for him. The man is very sorry and ran to the airport as he said “That guy!” On the way there was rain.

Please think of this.
Men who drip water are good no?

Alright! Today I’ll also work hard for rehearsal.
The live show is almost here

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Got this off this blog.. love it man…

Credit to http://yamapink.livejournal.com/?skip=20

1. On one of Potato magazine interview, Pi said that during high school.. Toma used to nosebleed a lot

2. Koichi, Atsuhiro, and Koyama-sensei (AZUMI writer) went together to watch AZUMI on stage.

3. Yamapi : 8 April 2005 –> “Today is my last day before I reach hatachi, and I spent it by watching Toma’s performing, I can’t believe I cried”

4. Yamapi : me and Toma have known each others for 8-9 years, and Atsu-ani corrected it to 9 years… (edited : now yamapi said “we know each other

5. Toma ever said on his jweb, that he has a girl that he likes so much, that every time he sees the girl and talk with her, he couldn’t look into her eyes.. (probably is Matsu Takako-san  she was like Toma’s ideal type of girl)

6. He once said he hated a TV show in Japan which program was show off girls who opened up their skirt and show people their panties… his comment was : ZAKENNA! (in an angry tone) I dun like this show, it’s the same like sexual harassment.

7. Yamapi said every times he eats Nabe, it reminds him of Toma’s face. Becuz Toma’s the first person who taught him to eat Nabe

8. Yamapi went twice to Toma’s hometown, Hokkaido. Toma even introduced him to his grandparents.

9. He’s a huge fan of Backstreet Boys, in fact BSB is one of his main reasons to join the jimusho and pursue his career in the entertainment world. He once begged the Music Stations staff to let him in to the studio and watched BSB doing a rehearsal. He said he was very excited to see them live

10. Toma went to Backstreet Boys concert twice, he said it was like the first time he experienced himself being a fan and watch his idols concert twice. Now, he knows his fans feelings every time they see him on stage.

11. He even met his fans on BSB concert and they said “we were trying to get the AZUMI tickets” and Toma said “I hope you’ll get it” some fans spotted Toma went to that concert with his younger brother ryosei.

12. He even wanted to talk to one of Endless SHOCK foreign dancer, becuz he found that the dancer was very good on doing Backstreet Boys dance, but he went shy becuz he thinks his English isn’t very good.

13. He felt bad for didn’t come to Takizawa’s concert because his tight schedule of AZUMI rehearsal

14. He ever ride a taxi, and the driver recognized him and said “Your face looks familiar, do you appear on TV?” and Toma said “Yes I am”. And the taxi driver also said “I’ve ever given a ride to someone who’s an artist too… first I dunno him, becuz when I asked him the same question,.. he answered that he isn’t an artist.. but after I told my daughter about it… he said the person was Domoto Koichi san”

15. 28 November 2005 —> Toma wrote his jweb entry and said that “I’m wondering, if there’s someone who reads my entries wearing a sleeveless shirt in a place that is still warm., if you’re the person… please message me okay!” (becuz it’s winter at that time maybe he felt very cold)~~~~~~ And I went : TOMAAAAAAA IT WAS MEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!

16. There was a typhoon, during his one day parade around Shinagawa Police Station (also to promote Dekabeya and celebrating one of the Police event there). Toma wearing a police uniform, sitting on a car waving to everyone… tho there’s typhoon.. it didn’t stopped Toma fans to came and supported him there..  in fact there were quite a lot of toma fans.. according to the screaming I heard from the video file LOL

17. Toma went to Arashi concert, around 24-29 August 2005 (forgot the exact date). There was a fancam of it I found in leader. Toma went with his kouhai maybe some JJ express boys and Taiyou.. (I’m not sure). He was sitting on the 2nd story of Yokohama Arena, on the right side of the stage. During concert, Aiba called him and asked him to go to the stage, he took Toma running around the stage with him, and then there was a talk. After Toma back to his seat, Aiba said like this “Toma, when was the last time we did stage play togetherz????? (Stand by me)” and Toma screamed from his seat (without a mic, no kidding) “It was 8 YEARS AGO!!!!!) heard that all of arashi fans there were very supportive… they silent for a while to let Toma screamed out his answers to Aiba chan ^^

18. On one of Kame’s interview, Toma went to KAT-TUN’s room and caught in picture while he was playing around with Bakanishi and Maru. During the interview one of the questions directed to Kame was : If only he has more spare time, what will he do?? And kame said that he wanted to go to Southern Islands. Toma cut his words and said “That’s such a typical idol’s answer” and then kame said “Well then, I want to turn back time, and go watch AZUMI. And then Toma said “Good answer!” hahahaha

19. Kame also said “ If only I have more spare time, I would go out with people I know. But I seldom went out with Johnnys boys.. so I didn’t really think abt it too much, but why I always think about Toma???. If only I could go and fix the times which I have a lot of spare time but I didn’t went out with toma…I wanna fix those times”

20. Toma ever got a prank call! The stupid thing was… Toma kept talking about 10 minutes with the person who did the prank call, without knowing who he was. First he thought it was Subaru, but guess who is it???!!! It was Taki! Takki said he got bored, and decided to have some fun (hahaha so this is the way you have fun huh??)

21. A week before the prank call, Tsubasa went out with Toma to the beach. They took the train and went body surfing. Few days after that, Tsubasa revealed on his jweb, that his friend cried on the beach. That friend was Toma.

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* Shun calls Toma “My Tokyo wife”.. hahaa… Toma calls him “Husband”

Got sth else frm this website http://yamapink.livejournal.com/

Shun has a radio program called “All Night Nippon”..

He said some cute things abt Toma..
* Toma comes to Shuns house and stays with him every 3 day.
* Toma wakes up Shun saying “Shun kun, Shun kun”.
* Toma helps Shun’s manager to carry cardboard containers when Shun is still sleeping
* Shun feels Toma is like his wife.
* Toma made Shun register for Johnny’s web and read Tomagoto Neo.


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