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Damn Ikea Closet

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We didnt reali go anywhere today coz the closet from Ikea was to be delievered today in the afternoon. It came a little earlier and damn… its heavy.. my lord.. and Hansy juz got all excited abt fixing it, flauting her muscles.. haiz…

This has got to be one of the most frustrating times in our lives.. REALI mean it. At first we were doin it all jollyful den as the instructions were not clear, we did have to take it apart quite a few time..

We started on it at 4pm… until Alina came home at abt 7pm we were still doin it. Alina came and helped us. Too kind of a soul. haha.

By abt 9pm we cldnt take it, had to eat sth. Alina took us out for chinese food nearby. And den we started on it again. I tink it was almost 11pm by the time we were done with it. I hated it so much, my energy was completely drained…. haiz… nv DIY a BIG closet again. NEVER EVER..

But the finished feeling is great, we kept touching the closet. haha. Kept lookin at it. haiz, didnt noe we went to Perth to have to help to fix Hansy’s closet. haiz. haha.

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Nic took us to Hilliarys Boat Harbour. It was beautiful there. The view is juz amazing. We ate Fish and chips and always wanted to puke again coz there was juz too much fries given. Hansy also bought a drink for us, it’s brand is called BOOST.. YUMMMMMMMYYYY… it’s a smoothie+yogurt drink… SUPER SUPER oishi.. the taste is juz so amazingly strong unlike in Singapore where’s its quite diluted or juz too expensive.

After that also headed down to Ikea to look for a closet for Hansy. I tell u, when i walked in, i tot i was right back in Singapore’s Ikea.. the structure and layout is exactly the same, even the cafe. wow.

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