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Hahaha all i can say is that Toma ur such a cute dweeb.. haha..

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★volume 69

yesterday, after the (H&C’s) celebration party, (my) energy was totally used up, (so didnt have any energy to write the goto), sorry oh.

today (im) still filming Hana Kimi oh. resisting my feelings of happiness for being able to once again act as Nakatsu which i havent done in a long time.

recently ive always been wearing shorts, in my heart i think that (acting as Nakatsu) i can finally wear long pants. however i forgot that Nakatsu rolls up the ends of his jeans! and wears short sleeve shirts!

ma, the weather is already slowly warming up.

thats right…

hmm well then thats all!

Ciao hearts x2


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Toma talking abt the end of Honey & Clover AND A NEW BEGINNING…



19.03.08 ikuta toma’s jweb translations

★volume 67

yesterday’s last episode of H&C have you watched it yet ah?

through this production,

if it enables everyone after today in their own future to find something, which furthermore becomes into his or her inspiration in life, i will feel extremely honored.

which is like what Takemoto kun was able to feel in the end…

[everything has a meaning/significance for its existence, an insignificant thing does not exist]

so long as one remains alive, there will be setbacks, pain/suffering. there will even be a moment, where you’ll feel as if you dont have a reason/significance to exist. but please believe, that in this world, there will definitely be someone thats quietly working hard for you, quietly supporting you unceasingly.
even if, you dont know who it is.

the phrase ‘lost in love’, although it can interpreted as disappearing/fading from being in love,
but (the fact that) someone that you once loved will forever never disappear, isnt it? by Romaya senpai

… in short, to everyone that was involved in this production i express my gratitude/ thank you.

to every person that has been watching i express my gratitude.

extremely grateful to everyone!!


finally finally…

Hanazakari no Kimitashi e (花ざかりの君たちへ)
ikemen paradaisu (イケメン♂パラダイス)

is coming back!!

have let everyone waited too long! baby!

today, with Mizuki, have started the filming.

for more in-dept details/ specific contents please read on tomorrow.

Ciao hearts x2

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This is juz one cute cute post again by Toma.. haha.. talking abt his pal Yamapi..

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There’s good weather again today.
It feels really nice.


There’s somewhere that I must go! Something that I can’t miss!

Yamashita Tomohisa’s first movie — Kurosagi!

I’m watching it ahead of everyone else today.

Wow, Yamashita is so cool!
The main character, Kurosaki’s, sadness and suppressed anger matches very well with Yamashita’s image.

I feel like I can eat a good meal today!

In any case, I hope you will follow my actions! Yamashita’s Kurosaki is definitely worth watching on the big screens.

It goes in theaters on March 8th.

It seems that I’m over-advertising. (Laugh)

Oh yeah. It’s a little embarassing, but please take care of H&C as well!


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AHHHHH!!!! hahahaha… i finally watched the 1st episode of Honey & Clover!!! Starring my Ikuta Toma!!!! haha.. so funny.. kinda different frm Hana Kimi… But equally love Toma in here.. haha… check out the screenshots..

Credit http://reelrhythm.livejournal.com/5494.html for pics..

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AHHHHHH!!!! Today is the official day when Honey & Clover comes out!!!!

It’s Ikuta Toma’s new Japanese drama!!!!! Cannot wait to watch it!!!!!

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