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Finally again its time for our annual Girl Guides meet. Usually we wld meet in late Nov or early Dec, kinda like to celebrate Ms Khoo’s bday. This year was almost complete again BUT Hansy was still in Perth so she couldnt come and hang out.

A good location this year, Ang Mo Kio. ahhaa.. near home. We got to eat sushi! Yum Yum… It was kinda squeezy as me, Rongshan aka Shansy, Yiting & Juan were all seated on one bench. hahaha…

It’s always sooo much fun hanging out wif everybody again. Ping as usual was so lively, crackin lame jokes. haha..

Sat at the sushi place for quite a while before hanging out in Macdonalds to chill.

Ahhhh i really miss them. We were juz chatting abt the old times. Those were the gd days nei.. haha. Guess we’ll have to wait for next yr’s hangout again!










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Ping Pong wahhhhh…. She came to msg me asking me and Jensy out… its been quite a long long time since hung… The last time we hung out was last year when Phuong Phuong was abt to go back to Vietnam.. And since we tried getting Sexy out BUT he didnt reply to any of us.. oh well.. maybe number changed…

Anyway, we met at Plaza Singapura, me and Jensy were like “Ping Pong muz miss Phuong Phuong.. haha.. Phuong fav’s hangout place..”

HAhahaa… anyway we were on an economical budget, we went to the food court where we didnt have a nice meal at all.. haha…

After that, went down to Starbucks for a drink…

We juz sat and talked for the longest time.. haha and Ping Pong super cute yahhh… haha.. wearing her new green top… haha.. We cldnt stop laughing at her… And of coz Jensy cld not resist poking her butt.. haha… same reaction as always.. haiz Ping Pong.. haha… sooooo kawaiii desu yo… haha..

We were trying to look for a place to take pictures.. went to the toilet.. haha.. den there was like ALOT of ppl den we got shy so den, we went to another toilet.. and went to a small cubicle which was juz impossible to even take a pic.. haha.. we cldnt care anymore and took at the sink area.. haha…

Anyway as usual Jensy took alot of funny Ping Pong shots… haha..


haha… Sorry Ping Pong.. haha Frog Ping Pong..

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