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Oh Leisy! Yes me… i’m feelin old, old, old.

And how did i spend my bday.

Since Hansy came back yesterday, she made me clear our room.

Well, we reali did throw away lots and lots of stuff. Lots of dust too. hahaha..

We were clearing from 1pm to 2am.. yes 2AM!!!!!! I was aching all over. Luckily i took leave from work.

Happy bday Leisy!

PS. Did i mention that Hansy bought me a DS!!! haha

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Aiyo i cant believe it… Yanli aka Yanki is 21 years old already. Time flies nei… haha..

So anyway, met up wif Davin aka Vin, Kartik aka Son and Jasmond aka Jas to go together to her bday. Vin asked us to take a cab in coz it was juz tooo wulu to get in..

Got there at Loyang, where it was her Auntie’s house. First saw Ms Tan Poh Choo, Yanki’s form teacher in Secondary sch. She kinda still looks the same. Surprisingly, out of all of us, she cld remember my name. She also nv taught me b4, haha but she did teach my sister. oh well. haha..

Den we all juz hung around and ate, we did see some Holy kids.. ok i mean as in my sch name Holy Innocents High. haha.. we usually say Holy, or is that guy from Holy. That kind of thing. haha. Mostly were frm her class, we the 4 of us were pretty much the onli student councillor bunch.

I remember havin lots and lots of fun, somehow i reali miss the energy. haha. Jas and Kartik were the same, seriously.. after so long, they still can get the bond of arguing with each other. haha.. Vin was being super funny. haha.. Suddenly giving Kartik an english name. haha.. This is the best part. At first he was saying “Kartik… Khatib Mrt Station…” ahha… den It became “Kartik… Khatib.. Juz b4 Yishun, after Yio Chu Kang… son of Balakrishnan.” HAHAHAHHAHAHAH… seriously that got me rolling… i was laughing so hard that my cheeks hurt reali reali bad… i wonder how long has it been since i laughed until my cheeks hurt.. Imagine i used to hang out wif them almost everyday in secondary sch. ahha.. imagine the balls of laughter we shared everyday. Reali reali miss that alot.. Den Vin was goin on and on abt using words like ” Mathematically, technically, logically” haha all the cally endings.. haha…

Kartik and Jas said i changed, i guess older as well as not as noisy or wild as b4.. i guess it is true. i tink i kinda tamed down, as well as gotten even more quieter.. sad but haiz. haha..

Anyway, hope to meet all the councillors soon coz i reali had a blast. haha..

Vin, Lei, Yanki, Kartik (Son) & Jas

Yanki’s sec sch classmates + councillors

Yanki & Lei

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