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I went to watch with Jensy on sunday!!! I was just dying to watch the movie soooo much after watching the drama! I love ittttttttttttt soooo much!!! I love how Ueno Juri potrays her character Nodame and as well as a very hot Tamaki Hiroshi as Chiaki Shinichi! I’ll talk about the drama next time! ahah..

OHHH i just cannot wait AND I MEAN CANNOT WAIT for the 2nd part of the movie to come out.. i’m already dying here… If its being released in Japan on April 17 2010 WHICH MEANS it’ll be a few more mths b4 it comes out here in Singapore.. moooooooooooo yadddaaaaa yo!!!!

Here’s a trailer for the 1st movie and 2nd movie!

2nd Movie trailer

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Oh my lord! Sakurai Sho is goin to New York for the New York Comic Con on February 6th 2009!!!! Lucky lucky to those who are living there.

Source: New York Comic Con 2009

Yatterman: Fans have been waiting for Takashi Miike to create a giant robot movie for years, and finally it’s here! Starring Japanese superstar Sho Sakurai, Yatterman is the story of two teenagers who run a super, high-tech toy shop which serves as a cover for their crime-busting exploits as Yatterman, a pair of masked super heroes who pilot the sentient dog robot, Yatterwan. Takashi Miike and Sho Sakurai will be at NYCC to speak about Yatterman at 4 PM on Friday in the IGN Theater. Both will then appear at the world premiere of Yatterman at an exclusive theater in NYC! The world premiere of Yatterman is presented by Nikkatsu, the New York Asian Film Festival, and New York Comic Con. For details as to where and when, head over to the Nikkatsu Booth (1315).

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oooo kinda forgot to mention that i went to watch The Dark Knight, coz my mumsy was pulling me to watch it.. haha.. oh well okok…

The front part already got me covering my eyes.. so much shooting and all.. shucks.. but i can say that there was not a dull moment in the movie.. Heath Ledger as the Joker reali got me freaked out.. i was reali so scared of his character.

The onli thing is that its reali kinda violent for me.. i guess i’m the peaceful kind u noe.. haha.. there was like so much killing.. I still dunt noe y Rachel had to die. haiz..

U noe, when u tink the movie is goin to end.. BAMMM.. the story continues.. it’s like.. EHHHHH when is it ending..

The part that touched me the most was when the ships were at sea, den they had to decide which ship to blow up, one with convicts and one with civilians. The convicts ship reali touched me when the black guy took the controller and threw it out into the sea. Humans are reali amazing sometimes.

I guess for those who have not watched it yet.. u shld.. haha.. its amazing.. but for losers like me, rem to cover ur eyes when u tink sth is goin to happen. haha.. Which i did of coz.

Oh ya, newspaper said that Edison Chen was in it.. i seriously dunt rem at all.. oh well.. was he? haha..

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I’ve been delaying to watch this all the time.. I kinda watched till about episode 5 den got distracted by other things like Tackey, Kinki Kids and Arashi. haha.. Den now finally i have completed it and watched all 11 episodes of it.

Yamashita Tomohisa plays a guy named Kurosaki who is a swindler. He became a swindler for revenge as his family was destroyed by swindlers. He is known as Kurosagi, a swindler who swindles swindlers and returns money back to ppl who have been swindled. He is swayed when he meets a law student Yoshikawa Tsurara (Horikita Maki).

I enjoyed this drama quite abit at first coz of Yamapi’s different costume and attitude change. haha.. love that… But i guess i cldnt quite keep up wif it coz it was kinda the same u noe, swindling ppl in every episode. BUT i still like the show coz Yamapi, i tink he really rock the role that he played. And also he’s super cute too. haha.

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