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Me and my Mumsy went to Vietnam for like 4 days. At 1st i tot it wld be alot like Bangkok BUT honestly kinda very different!! It’s our 1st time in Ho Chih Min City. There’s no subway or trains that bring u around the city. Oh i went to Ho Chih Min City. And the 1st thing that i noticed was MOTORBIKES!! OMG!!! I have reali nv seen so so so many motorbikes in my life… it was like all over the town.. In fact on the roads, i cld say that motorbikes to cars were 70:30… honestly SO MANY!!! And also the constant horning of their horns.. NON-STOP!!!!On the roads, even though the car or motorbike is goin in the right direction, there would be motorbikes comin from another direction too!!! Scary!!! haha!!!

I can say that i ate ALOT!!! Until my tummy was goin to burst everyday!!!! But i tink we didnt reali get to explore very much. But lots of things are cheap there. Like pyjamas, slippers. I bought this cute slippers that had like a japanese feel to it. haha.. It was rectangle. haha.

Mumsy had reali nice friends! Chi Haiyen went with us to Vietnam and brought us around. And also mumsy’s friend Chi Le Van is now back in Ho Chih Min City took us around on her motorbike. She also introduced her 2 sisters, Ha and Trang. Reali nice ppl. Very very nice. I always sat on Ha’s motorbike! haha

Hopefully, i’ll get to go again next time to fully explore again!!!






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