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OH MY LORD! I spent my friday night, sat and sunday watching this taiwanese drama. I dunt regret coz seriously, i enjoyed myself! hahaha… i was watching it like mad! Totally chiong it man! I was quite surprised how nice is turned out to be. It wasnt like draggy or sianz or irriatating like some or most Korean dramas.

It was juz filled wif so much feelings and emotions u noe. I felt angry at the angry parts and sad at the sad parts which means cry! Yea! But the ending! Aiyo so romantic man. haha… i juz hated tat they had to add the rain in all the romantic parts, kinda dampered the feelings for me. Although it was still romantic.

The last part reali romance sia.. XiangQin was goin to give up on Zhishu (in the rain), but den there he professed his love for her! ahhh!! haha… den he announced in front of his family that he wants to marry her….ahhhhhh….so romantic sia!!! Joe cheng..ahhhh…. super duper cool and shuai man!!!! My latest interest! haha… The scene where he held her to slp!! oooohhhhh!!!! so sweet!!!!! I cannot wait to watch part 2!! CANT WAIT!

The guy that played Ah Jin, which is also that Fei Lun Hai boyband and also played someone in Hana Kimi, wats his name…. ermmm…ok wait i’m thinking.. OHHH Wang Dong Chen! He is damn er xin man! I cannot stand him!!! REALI GROSS ME OUT! He grossed me out in this show as well as in Hana Kimi!!!! EEEEEEEWWWWW!!!!!!! An action guy who pretty tinks he’s gd-looking or watever is filled in his head.. i fastforwarded most of his alone parts.. cant be bothered to find out or watch wat his scene is abt! ER XIN GUY!

Ahhh cute cute cute! the hospital scene!


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