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Ahhh back finally after a month away frm Singapore..
Came back on Sunday (20thmay)…
Ok i’m sorry i didnt blog at all while i was overseas but i will try to update as much as i can!!!
Will post up pics too.. OMG took like ten million pics over there.. haha..

Oh my journey back was exhausting coz.. my flight was at 7.40am frm Taipei back to Singapore… so my frenz, Ping (Ping Pong), Jennifer (Tenchi) and Alvin (Sexy walk) didnt get ANY SLEEP AT ALL. Onli Alvin did but onli for like less den an hour.
We were packing like mad.. and had to leave the hotel by
3.30AM!!! yes thats rite how mad is it!! haha.. took a cab down to a bus stop and den waited for the Freego Bus to come send us to the Airport at 4.30am..

WAHHH at that time already damn shag.. coz nv slp at all… finally got on the bus and slept all the way to the airport.. WAHHH pukey pukey feeling again!!! oh dear oh dear me!! haha.. reached the airport at abt almost 6am and headed straight for the toilet!!

Tried to puke but cldnt..haha but i heard Jensy puke! haha.. i think i was too hungry and shag! ahha.. All empty my poor tummy…

Finally we went to queue up to check in, where a lady prob around 40 or 50 tried to CUT our queue! Nabei!!! She cldnt cut us so cut the poor guy behind us.. den pretend pretend to have a conversation wif us… nabei cut her head off sia!!!

Den as we reached halfway off the queue, suddenly we saw her husband like all the way in front of the counter already!!!! WAT THE HELL!!!!! den he waved her over and she hurriedly scuttled over to the front!! WAHHHH CUT QUEUE KING & QUEEN!!! My frens and i had our mouth WIDE OPEN AND CLD ALMOST TOUCH THE GROUND WIF IT!!!! Power sia!!!

haha.. oh well.. it was finally our turn and my frens were like weigh ur luggage 1st.. haha.. coz mine was like super heavy.. the max weight u can check in is 32kg well mine was 38KG!! HOLY CRAP!! haha.. i bought too many comics!! haha.. we den had to go to one side and remove 5kg off my bag and transfer it to my other bad which onli weighed 12kg!!! haha…

My poor frens, seriously i think i wld have died without them!!! I love u guys!! Reali do!!! haha… They were helping me stuff my other luggage wif manga and putting lighter things into my luggage.. haha..I blame my manga!!!
Oh ya i bought 91 NEW MANGA!!! yes 91!!!!!!!!!!!! MADDNESS SIA LEISY!!!!!!!

ok back to the story..
Jensy & Ping Pong managed to get my main luggage to 29kg and the other small luggage to 20kg.. haha..
After that went to get some breakfast and den rushed to catch the plane..

Was so tired that i slept ALL THE WAY!!! cldnt move an inch..it was until they woke me up to push up my chair, 30min to landing.. wah slept for 3and half hour.. dead beat!!

Finally REACHED SINGAPORE!!! wahhhh nice to be back but i juz cldnt stand the weather… When i stepped out into the carpark.. i tot i was goin to die and melt away…HOT LIKE MAD!!! WAHHH HOT SIA!!!!
REALI cldnt take the weather….HOT!!!!!!!!!!! like hotter den hot spring!! haha..

I had chicken rice for lunch!! Oh how i missed the tender chicken and CHILI SAUCE!! Ahhhhh.. haha..
den reached home at 2pm.. slept all the way till 8.30pm.. den slept from 1am to 2pm the next day.. and den 3pm till 8pm again.. wahhh damn tired sia.. haha…

ok next few blogs will be abt Oklahoma and Taipei so get ready!!
here’s a pic of my 91 new MANGA!! haha..

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Myraid Gardens

Wat a crappy day.. It was raining away and my umbrella had broke.. so den no umbrella… damn… oh well… Headed to this Myraid Gardens where they were releasing ladybugs.. yeh!! How cool.. haven seen a ladybug in like years…

Anyway got in and they gave us a small container of many mini ladybugs.. we were supposed to release them into the garden.. Sadly most of them didnt quite survived and were trampled upon.. saddness…

Freaky Jensy!!!!

This is one ladybug on Jensy’s hand.. Soon after it flew away.. heard frm Murali that if one flys, it means gd luck is coming… which means.. YEAH.. no more black clouds Tenchi!!! haha

Oh ya… thanks to Laurence for teaching us to use Macro focus.. hahah.. c the nice nice zoomed in pics! ahahha..

After tat, we went outside and saw a cute Murali imitating the parrot.. hahah.. kawaii!!

Anyway as we were walking out, saw a ladybug on Sexy, so helped him get rid of it… but was snapped away by Phuong.. seriously.. i kinda felt pissed off.. It’s ok if its being said a few times, coz we’re all frenz and all.. but if it were to go further, i tink no way and also puke puke.. coz it’s hard to imagine a fren like that… oh well… i hav no interest…

Went to the Spaghatti Restaurant for lunch… pretty nice.. shared wif Jensy.. coz of the large portion.

Super cute Murali…

Phuong Phuong so cute…

Anyway went back, had some time.. so den roamed around wif Kai, Murali and Jensy… Kinda went to places which we didnt go b4.. so that was nice… Anyway Murali was being damn funny.. haha.. asking Kai qns.. abt… haha.. yes… i noe, u noe.. we noe… hahaha…

Went back to class… den den soon after again headed back…

But we get to go shopping.. YEAH… haha.. dropped us off at Belle Isle.. so den me and Jensy went into Old Navy… got a couple of slippers… and a t-shirt… and den went next door to Ross.. where Jensy was juz lookin for bargains.. haha… spent too long that pretty much all our time was spent there.. haha.. oh well…

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Ahhh yes… the day for environmental science is finally here. Haha.. dunt mean this in a nice way.. oh well.. u noe, science.. wonder when I last read sth scientific. Haha. Ok we went into a class, and then a guy stepped in. Oh dear.. haha.. he reali looked like a mad scientist. Dr John Nail.

When he started talking, oh my god, I knew I wld have trouble staying up. Haha.. I didn’t reali get wat he was muttering abt. And den the onli thing that we kept noticing was that he always wipe he “chalk covered” hands on his pants and also he wld always hold a chalk in his hand and start shaking it in his hand. Yes obscene if u noe wat I mean. I tink u muz be there to c it. Haha.. oh well.. but I tink he noticed our boredom u noe, he was like I noe I noe, so he actually went through reali quickly through each chap, and made it as simplified as possible. He tried to make a few jokes here and there… and it was funny.. haha.. He was trying to entertain us..

Best thing was that he gave us longer lunches as well as he even let us off earlier. Haha!!! Nice!

Anyway Alyssa wasn’t in, left a note on our door using TOILET PAPER..oops paper we brought to sch to use… haha… she said she wld be hanging out wif Delfy..

Ohhhh ya… suddenly Ping Pong came to us and was like.. “I lost my wallet..”…. we were like ya rite, so kidding lah Ping Pong.. AHHAHA… ok guess she wasnt kidding.. we looked around the whole house, emptied her bag, our bags too.. went to look around at the breakfast table.. BUT no wallet!!! Den Ping Pong called the school police and they checked.. Silly Ping Pong had left it in the sch computer lab.. AIYO.. scare us half to death sia… damn lucky that someone had found it and not taken it but gave it to the sch police…

Anyway i went to slp earlier, while Jensy was still using the computer.. and den halfway through the nite, i heard rain and thunders… but was too tired to get up and look.. oh well… I tink Jensy was juz getting to slp.. so she had heard all of it..

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OH SUNDAY!!!!!!!!! OH!!!!!!!!! FINALLY U HAVE ARRIVED!!!!!!!!!!!! MY DAY OF REST!!!! YES!!! Ok i was intending to slp till 3pm.. haha… but unfortunately i woke up for lunch at abt 12pm i tink… or was it 1pm…Haha.. haiz.. oh well, Ping Pong, Phuong Phuong, Sexy and Murali decided not to waste the day and go visit some horse farm. Heard that the horses were like huge or sth. I guess me and Jensy could not be bothered ahah so ya we stayed at home to SLEEP!!!

Anyway Siti left quite early in the morning for LA. So den, Alyssa is over our place for juz a couple of days. I think me and Jensy managed to slp in quite a bit more. Haha.. We woke up I tink around 11am plus and den had lunch and juz sat in front of the TV. Oh well, lazy bums we are.. BUT that’s how u spend Sundays ya!!!!

Anyway after lunch, me and jensy were glued to the TV for the longest time. We were watchin Miami Ink.. wah so cool sia this show.. its a reality program abt a tatoo parlour and they tatoo ppl. The designs r juz so cool! At 1st we were like wah.. got another episode.. den wahhh got another.. and den wah.. another.. OMG SIA!!! Me and jensy were like aching to go slp. But it was so interesting that we juz kept watching and watching.. probably watched like 6 or 7 episodes.. in which we also included ice-cream and snacks! haha.. The tattoo they do is reali amazing, each artist specialize in diff areas. Some ppl dunt show it, but there was a lady who got a tattoo. She had to stop many times, because it had hurt so much.

After a while, Adeline and Laurence dropped by. They told us that they were having a cook-out his Laurence’s place. Coz we had onli 1 wk left, so they wanted to try to finish up as much food as they cld. OH ya, we were praised for having a nice, neat and clean house! Haha…

Well den, Jensy decided to go to slp, while I continued watching the show. Den Jensy got abit tired so she went to slp, so did Alyssa when she came back. Oh i forgot to mention tat Aly wld be staying wif us till Tues coz thats when her flight leaves, so she’ll be bunking in wif us… It was ok as there were onli 4 girls so juz nice Aly cld have the sofa bed. Oh i rem us goin to Aly house bringing all her stuff over.. omg her room was like a war zone.. It was juz in a complete mess. I was like holy crap man.. everything and anything was juz everywhere. Toothpaste and toothbrush were on the floor. the kitchen was in a disaster man. Leftover stil on the table. AIYO i tot i was goin to die… It was a MESS!!!!!!

Soon after, Ping Pong and Phuong came back and I told them abt the cook-out. Ok den we juz grab our stuff and headed over to Laurence’s house.

WAT A MESS SIA!!!! Oh my god sia reali. Haha.. I cannot believe how messy their house was. We headed over to Laurence’s house and boy another war zone sia.. wat a mess.. No wonder when ppl came over to our house, they were like wah so clean man, so neat and so on. We were like reali? Isnt this normal? I ADMIT NOW OUR ROOM REALI IS THE CLEANEST!!! Anyway the 3 of us tried to cook and all. Let’s juz say, I noe, u noe, we noe, right Ping Pong? Haha..

Well, we did have a feast. Nice ABC soup ya Ping Pong.. haha… ya that was reali nice.

Anyway, we also played some games after dinner. We played murderer, hunter and bear and also some drinking water game where we cld not say another person’s name.

After dinner we played some games like “Murderer”, “Hunter and Bear’.. and we also played this drinking game in which i cant rem how to play at all now. Oh wel.. juz rem Kai gettin targetted.. oh poor thing! haha.. oh well after tat it was like almost 11pm so we headed back to shower and slp coz sch was the next day! YIKES!

Table of Feast.. Yummy ABC soup!

Leisy & Jensy

Ping Pong & Alyssa

Juz imagine how many ppl there were.. haha..wat a mess..

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I have kinda graduated i guess… we had like this graduation at OCU together wif all the other OCU students who were graduating. Its not exactly our official graduation but i guess they juz wanted us to feel the “atmosphere”.. erm ok sure..

Anyway we woke up gettin dressed nicer.. haha.. eps Ping Pong. No words cld describe it!! HAHAHA.. ur outfit.. wooo oooo…. NUMBER 1!!! Haha.. she was wearing this black poka dot dress wif her cute little witch sch! haha… super special man!!! HAHAHA..

Anyway as were got into the bus waiting to be sent to sch, we were like waiting for two veri special “guests” that were LATE!!! OMG sia please lah!!!

Waiting and waiting until finally Murali went to check it out and said that they were not goin coz sick and wat have u!!!!! NUTS!!! That became quite a gossip for us!! haha.. FUN!

Ok so we reached sch and got into our Harry potter outfits! haha no lah, its our graduation outfit which looked exactly like a Harry Potter outfit! EXPECTO PATRUNOM!!!!! Lame.. ok me & jensy’s grad hats were like huge for our heads… my god it juz kept slippin away man!!! We puts lots of pins in it to make sure it stayed on our heads.. Ya well great that the wind outside was so bloody strong that it juz blew us all away.. ok not exactly but enough to ruin our HEADS! aiyo… had a hard time adjusting the hat again!!! CRAP!

Ok we were sitted in.. wow way cool.. it was in the basketball court by the way.. It was juz transformed man!!! Anyway there were like a lot of speeches.. my god.. i was havin a SLP ATTACK!! My eyes juz kept closin!! Cldnt take it sia!!! I kept calling Jensy but HAHA Jensy was havin the same problem too.. Kaoz sleepy sia… tot i was goin to have my butt stuck to the chair as i was sittin there so long man!!!

Anyway Jensy pointed at Sexy.. ermmm ok wat the hell was he doing.. he kept playing wif the that thick thread thingy which is on our hat.. u noe to how that if u’ve grad that u flip the thick thread to the other side.. yah that thing.. i dunt noe wats its called.. Anyway he was like a cat or sth.. kept swinging it.. I tot he was goin to grab it in his mouth or sth.. ok i guess that is one lame way to keep urself awake.. OHHH i noe its called a tassel!! oh ya sia!

Den there were some alumni.. one was Miss USA frm OCU and another a singer-songwriter.. my god.. i was goin to cry when that guy sang one song to another.. i tot it wld end but it didnt!!!! My ears hurt sia!

FINALLY!! It was goin to be our turn to receive our cert.. They called our names and we went onto the stage and collected our fake cert.. my hat was juz falling off every step i walked… AARRrUUggghhhhh!!! Spare me GOD spare me!!!!!!!!!!!

Well den.. that was it.. haha.. we got back on the bus and home we were heading to. Of coz when we got back, picture time.. we were dresses so nicely sia.. haha we wanted to take a pic of the 4 of us.. so brilliant Jensy put the camera on the fire place and set a timer.. not too bad sia! Jensy! Oh jensy u!!! haha..Ping Pong eye big big ahhh!!! hahaha…

We also decided to go to Walmart to stock up. No more food left for us!!!! But since we got back quite early the hotel bus wld onli be free at 4 or 5pm. And we had also asked for housekeeping but the housekeeper wasnt there yet so that was a sign for us to head on to Sexy’s house to DESTROY!!!! Oh well nth new.. haha..

Jensy, high five man, great conqueror!!! Haha.. He was totally ruined…

Wal-mart has become our 2nd home.. haha.. we noe the place right out of our hands sia! haha… Before goin in to wal-mart we also walked further down abit.. me and Jensy always wanted to take a look in case there were some gd bargains! HA. anyway we went into Payless Shoe Source.. lots of shoes BUT no size small enough for my pathetic feets! The sizes were all veri big.. sadly but ya Ang Mo feets r much bigger..

Den we went to Ross… some reali cheap clothes but like mostly for aunties sia.. i cldnt find anything and also i gve up after a while coz i’m the type that gives up after seeing too many stacks of clothes… but Jensy.. oh my.. went on super strong man!!!

Ok after that we went to wal-mart to pick out our grocceries.. and den headed home to make dinner! Tml wld be the day i sleep till 3pm!!! Do not disturb!!

OH YA.. forgot to mention.. i was so tired that i prob went to slp at 11pm or 12am.. while jensy as usual was playing her Audition Sea.. haha.. i was slping but i heard a knock on the door. Jensy was like kinda shocked and scared, i mean who knocks ur door at like 2am!!! I was still abit drowsy so i was still laying in bed.. so Jensy went down to c who was at the door.. IT WAS SITI!!!!!!!

Haha wat a shock sia!!! Totally a shock.. Siti had came by to say gd bye to us as she was leavin 1st ting in the morning to LA and den back to Singapore. She came upstairs to our bed and we chatted for quite a long while, yapping all the gossip and so on. haha.. i tink Siti left at nearly 3am.. We wld surely miss Siti.. man.. Siti has a special place in our hearts.. that girl is juz da bomb!!!! Love her sia!!! It was juz reali nice of Siti to drop by even though it was during the wee hrs.. hahaha…

Wif Dr Richard Johnson

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Show Down!

Basically the official grading and filming wld start at 11am.. so frm 9am – 11am we wld haf some time to practice s few rounds..

Ok.. the 1st Segment is abt Fashion & U wif Adeline.. her guests were Jensy and Marc.. and den the 2nd segment is abt Healthly Livin and U wif Gene and his guests were Emmulin & Jessica.. cough cough… den 3rd Segment is Travel and U wif ME, ahha yours truly with guests Ping Pong and Laurence and Last segment is Sports and U wif Priscilla and her guests were Sexy Alvin & Wenjun…

Anyway in the morning Jensy had helped me put lots of eyeliner and mascara.. wow woke up extra early! haha.. also helped Ping Pong put abit…

Den at sch, we tried to c whether our make up was enough for the camera.. den also helped the guys put on some blusher… in which i overdid wif Sexy and gene.. haha.. oops.. oops.. not my fault ya.. haha.. sexy baboon! haha…

Anyway everyting went pretty well during the actual filming.. luckily i cleared some mistakes that i did durin the practice round.. this was reali teamwork among our class.. well done!! haha… boy was it reali fun sia.. except for cough cough cough my ass off.. not me.. but i noe, u noe, we noe! haha..

My classmates aka crew members…

Crew – Segment 1 “Fashion & You!”

Crew – Segment 2 “Healthy Living & You!”

Crew – Segment 3 “Travel & You!”

Crew – Segment 4 “Sports and You!”

The directors

The hosts..

After that, went to a classroom to wait for sth.. cant rem.. so den went on a photo taking spree again.. haha..

Jensy & Me

This is wat Jenn called my eyes.. “Spider Eyes” haha..

Den Denise told us to attend this honors thingy.. like the A student who got like a medal or sth.. Siti den told us it was not compulsory so we didn’t go… went for a long long lunch at Pho2000… haha oh well… boring sia.. haha…

Before we headed towards there, Sexy had a great idea so we took the “wu lian pai” haha.. frm zero to five! Veri nice! haha

After lunch, headed back to sch and went to the school bookshop.. i was still lookin for things to buy.. haha.. oh well.. took abit too long that we were late for the bus yikes! haha.. oh well.. had the privilege of sitting on Siti’s lap.. haha.. while Jensy had to settle for a seat next to Shah.. wahhh.. And lucky Sexy sat next t Janice.. haha.. den funny Jensy kept givin me and Siti a look.. haha.. i noe, u noe, we noe! haha…

Den after we reached back the inn not too long, we hurried out again to Penn Square Mall.. I didnt buy anything.. haiz.. sad sia.. dunno y.. i tink i’m picky.. haiz leisy leisy leisy.. But i did managed to buy the Coach pouch for Qianying so yeah well done! haha.. and also got it cheaper too! yeah!

Came back on the bus and made dinner for ourselves and also this time to include Murali and Sexy.. haha.. glad we have men to finish our food up. haha.. Over the news, it was broadcasting abt whether Paris Hilton wld go to jail or not.. wahhh talk so bloody long sia.. the whole news abt it.. its not a gossip show but a NEWS CHANNEL!!! Siao ah!!! Non stop sia..

Anyway showered after that and used the laptop abit.. haha.. den Sexy came over to c wat we were wearing for tml’s graduation.. and great pics were snapped in the process.. haha.. so sexy ah sexy!! haha..

haha.. Jensy took this from upstairs.. wahhh like spiderman sia.. haha.. ur nv safe in our house Sexy! haha

Sexy Sit!

haha realising that jensy was taking snaps of him, he hurried in to hide.. BUT Jensy was waiting for him!! haha SNAP SNAP!!! haha…

After that watched Criss Angel in Oprah where he tried to escape from a straight jacket!! U ROCK SIA CRISS!!! He reali rocks.. haha.. ok den off to bed for tml’s graduation!!

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Did some last few rotations… it wasnt so bad.. den of coz Ping Pong ah.. haha.. so cheeky.. haha.. let out a certain “air”… so cute ahhh Ping Pong!! haha.. Wenjun was shocked.. haha.. but this was my 2nd time experiencing it.. haha..So cute Ping Pong u!!!! hahaha..

Again went to Pho2000 for lunch, yummy yummy!!! But we had to wait reali damn long for our food coz we “didnt order”.. oh well.. Jensy was like in a bad mood already..

Anyway did a few more rotations and den we were given our actual roles for tml.. We wld do 3 roles tml.. and den practice them tonight.. I was Talent 3 (Host), Assistant Director and VTR..

Had a dinner break where Karlie order Domino’s Pizza.. quite nice.. haha.. loved the Hawaiian pizza.. and den there was also a dessert which was Oreo Pizza.. wah wat the hell rite.. haha..Damn sweet.. aiyo.. die sia.. Karlie also gave us our Mass Com OCU t-shirts.. the XS were still damn big.. aiyo.. oh well..

Ok den started practising for tml’s actual grading.. we rehearse our roles in 4 segments… And again time juz flew by.. haha..

We waited for the bus for quite a few… and this beautiful atmosphere was juz around us. The skies had started to turn color coz the sun was setting.. this is seriously the most beautiful view i hav ever seen in a super long time.. Juz tried to take in as much as i cld.. it reali was juz amazing.. haha.. U cant reali c this in Singapore reali!

How cute is this.. haha..

Anyway headed back, went for a short meeting wif Ping Pong and Laurence and den went back.. Decided to try some eye make up as Karlie said that we wld look better wif some make up on for the camera.. oh the wonderful Jensy!!! haha… She helped to experiment on me 1st… In which i reali think she did a fantastic job!! It looked reali nice on camera! Love it Jensy!!!

Veri nice ya!!!

Me and Ping Pong!!

Kay po Sexy.. haha.. looking down to c us.. haha..

Anway that was fun.. kinda made my eyes all BIG… haha.. den when i gave my fierce stare.. haha.. it was scary!!! haha… oh well nice nite.. anyway tml shld be a gd day.. haha..

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