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Ahhh back finally after a month away frm Singapore..
Came back on Sunday (20thmay)…
Ok i’m sorry i didnt blog at all while i was overseas but i will try to update as much as i can!!!
Will post up pics too.. OMG took like ten million pics over there.. haha..

Oh my journey back was exhausting coz.. my flight was at 7.40am frm Taipei back to Singapore… so my frenz, Ping (Ping Pong), Jennifer (Tenchi) and Alvin (Sexy walk) didnt get ANY SLEEP AT ALL. Onli Alvin did but onli for like less den an hour.
We were packing like mad.. and had to leave the hotel by
3.30AM!!! yes thats rite how mad is it!! haha.. took a cab down to a bus stop and den waited for the Freego Bus to come send us to the Airport at 4.30am..

WAHHH at that time already damn shag.. coz nv slp at all… finally got on the bus and slept all the way to the airport.. WAHHH pukey pukey feeling again!!! oh dear oh dear me!! haha.. reached the airport at abt almost 6am and headed straight for the toilet!!

Tried to puke but cldnt..haha but i heard Jensy puke! haha.. i think i was too hungry and shag! ahha.. All empty my poor tummy…

Finally we went to queue up to check in, where a lady prob around 40 or 50 tried to CUT our queue! Nabei!!! She cldnt cut us so cut the poor guy behind us.. den pretend pretend to have a conversation wif us… nabei cut her head off sia!!!

Den as we reached halfway off the queue, suddenly we saw her husband like all the way in front of the counter already!!!! WAT THE HELL!!!!! den he waved her over and she hurriedly scuttled over to the front!! WAHHHH CUT QUEUE KING & QUEEN!!! My frens and i had our mouth WIDE OPEN AND CLD ALMOST TOUCH THE GROUND WIF IT!!!! Power sia!!!

haha.. oh well.. it was finally our turn and my frens were like weigh ur luggage 1st.. haha.. coz mine was like super heavy.. the max weight u can check in is 32kg well mine was 38KG!! HOLY CRAP!! haha.. i bought too many comics!! haha.. we den had to go to one side and remove 5kg off my bag and transfer it to my other bad which onli weighed 12kg!!! haha…

My poor frens, seriously i think i wld have died without them!!! I love u guys!! Reali do!!! haha… They were helping me stuff my other luggage wif manga and putting lighter things into my luggage.. haha..I blame my manga!!!
Oh ya i bought 91 NEW MANGA!!! yes 91!!!!!!!!!!!! MADDNESS SIA LEISY!!!!!!!

ok back to the story..
Jensy & Ping Pong managed to get my main luggage to 29kg and the other small luggage to 20kg.. haha..
After that went to get some breakfast and den rushed to catch the plane..

Was so tired that i slept ALL THE WAY!!! cldnt move an inch..it was until they woke me up to push up my chair, 30min to landing.. wah slept for 3and half hour.. dead beat!!

Finally REACHED SINGAPORE!!! wahhhh nice to be back but i juz cldnt stand the weather… When i stepped out into the carpark.. i tot i was goin to die and melt away…HOT LIKE MAD!!! WAHHH HOT SIA!!!!
REALI cldnt take the weather….HOT!!!!!!!!!!! like hotter den hot spring!! haha..

I had chicken rice for lunch!! Oh how i missed the tender chicken and CHILI SAUCE!! Ahhhhh.. haha..
den reached home at 2pm.. slept all the way till 8.30pm.. den slept from 1am to 2pm the next day.. and den 3pm till 8pm again.. wahhh damn tired sia.. haha…

ok next few blogs will be abt Oklahoma and Taipei so get ready!!
here’s a pic of my 91 new MANGA!! haha..

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Myraid Gardens

Wat a crappy day.. It was raining away and my umbrella had broke.. so den no umbrella… damn… oh well… Headed to this Myraid Gardens where they were releasing ladybugs.. yeh!! How cool.. haven seen a ladybug in like years…

Anyway got in and they gave us a small container of many mini ladybugs.. we were supposed to release them into the garden.. Sadly most of them didnt quite survived and were trampled upon.. saddness…

Freaky Jensy!!!!

This is one ladybug on Jensy’s hand.. Soon after it flew away.. heard frm Murali that if one flys, it means gd luck is coming… which means.. YEAH.. no more black clouds Tenchi!!! haha

Oh ya… thanks to Laurence for teaching us to use Macro focus.. hahah.. c the nice nice zoomed in pics! ahahha..

After tat, we went outside and saw a cute Murali imitating the parrot.. hahah.. kawaii!!

Anyway as we were walking out, saw a ladybug on Sexy, so helped him get rid of it… but was snapped away by Phuong.. seriously.. i kinda felt pissed off.. It’s ok if its being said a few times, coz we’re all frenz and all.. but if it were to go further, i tink no way and also puke puke.. coz it’s hard to imagine a fren like that… oh well… i hav no interest…

Went to the Spaghatti Restaurant for lunch… pretty nice.. shared wif Jensy.. coz of the large portion.

Super cute Murali…

Phuong Phuong so cute…

Anyway went back, had some time.. so den roamed around wif Kai, Murali and Jensy… Kinda went to places which we didnt go b4.. so that was nice… Anyway Murali was being damn funny.. haha.. asking Kai qns.. abt… haha.. yes… i noe, u noe.. we noe… hahaha…

Went back to class… den den soon after again headed back…

But we get to go shopping.. YEAH… haha.. dropped us off at Belle Isle.. so den me and Jensy went into Old Navy… got a couple of slippers… and a t-shirt… and den went next door to Ross.. where Jensy was juz lookin for bargains.. haha… spent too long that pretty much all our time was spent there.. haha.. oh well…

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Ahhh yes… the day for environmental science is finally here. Haha.. dunt mean this in a nice way.. oh well.. u noe, science.. wonder when I last read sth scientific. Haha. Ok we went into a class, and then a guy stepped in. Oh dear.. haha.. he reali looked like a mad scientist. Dr John Nail.

When he started talking, oh my god, I knew I wld have trouble staying up. Haha.. I didn’t reali get wat he was muttering abt. And den the onli thing that we kept noticing was that he always wipe he “chalk covered” hands on his pants and also he wld always hold a chalk in his hand and start shaking it in his hand. Yes obscene if u noe wat I mean. I tink u muz be there to c it. Haha.. oh well.. but I tink he noticed our boredom u noe, he was like I noe I noe, so he actually went through reali quickly through each chap, and made it as simplified as possible. He tried to make a few jokes here and there… and it was funny.. haha.. He was trying to entertain us..

Best thing was that he gave us longer lunches as well as he even let us off earlier. Haha!!! Nice!

Anyway Alyssa wasn’t in, left a note on our door using TOILET PAPER..oops paper we brought to sch to use… haha… she said she wld be hanging out wif Delfy..

Ohhhh ya… suddenly Ping Pong came to us and was like.. “I lost my wallet..”…. we were like ya rite, so kidding lah Ping Pong.. AHHAHA… ok guess she wasnt kidding.. we looked around the whole house, emptied her bag, our bags too.. went to look around at the breakfast table.. BUT no wallet!!! Den Ping Pong called the school police and they checked.. Silly Ping Pong had left it in the sch computer lab.. AIYO.. scare us half to death sia… damn lucky that someone had found it and not taken it but gave it to the sch police…

Anyway i went to slp earlier, while Jensy was still using the computer.. and den halfway through the nite, i heard rain and thunders… but was too tired to get up and look.. oh well… I tink Jensy was juz getting to slp.. so she had heard all of it..

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OH SUNDAY!!!!!!!!! OH!!!!!!!!! FINALLY U HAVE ARRIVED!!!!!!!!!!!! MY DAY OF REST!!!! YES!!! Ok i was intending to slp till 3pm.. haha… but unfortunately i woke up for lunch at abt 12pm i tink… or was it 1pm…Haha.. haiz.. oh well, Ping Pong, Phuong Phuong, Sexy and Murali decided not to waste the day and go visit some horse farm. Heard that the horses were like huge or sth. I guess me and Jensy could not be bothered ahah so ya we stayed at home to SLEEP!!!

Anyway Siti left quite early in the morning for LA. So den, Alyssa is over our place for juz a couple of days. I think me and Jensy managed to slp in quite a bit more. Haha.. We woke up I tink around 11am plus and den had lunch and juz sat in front of the TV. Oh well, lazy bums we are.. BUT that’s how u spend Sundays ya!!!!

Anyway after lunch, me and jensy were glued to the TV for the longest time. We were watchin Miami Ink.. wah so cool sia this show.. its a reality program abt a tatoo parlour and they tatoo ppl. The designs r juz so cool! At 1st we were like wah.. got another episode.. den wahhh got another.. and den wah.. another.. OMG SIA!!! Me and jensy were like aching to go slp. But it was so interesting that we juz kept watching and watching.. probably watched like 6 or 7 episodes.. in which we also included ice-cream and snacks! haha.. The tattoo they do is reali amazing, each artist specialize in diff areas. Some ppl dunt show it, but there was a lady who got a tattoo. She had to stop many times, because it had hurt so much.

After a while, Adeline and Laurence dropped by. They told us that they were having a cook-out his Laurence’s place. Coz we had onli 1 wk left, so they wanted to try to finish up as much food as they cld. OH ya, we were praised for having a nice, neat and clean house! Haha…

Well den, Jensy decided to go to slp, while I continued watching the show. Den Jensy got abit tired so she went to slp, so did Alyssa when she came back. Oh i forgot to mention tat Aly wld be staying wif us till Tues coz thats when her flight leaves, so she’ll be bunking in wif us… It was ok as there were onli 4 girls so juz nice Aly cld have the sofa bed. Oh i rem us goin to Aly house bringing all her stuff over.. omg her room was like a war zone.. It was juz in a complete mess. I was like holy crap man.. everything and anything was juz everywhere. Toothpaste and toothbrush were on the floor. the kitchen was in a disaster man. Leftover stil on the table. AIYO i tot i was goin to die… It was a MESS!!!!!!

Soon after, Ping Pong and Phuong came back and I told them abt the cook-out. Ok den we juz grab our stuff and headed over to Laurence’s house.

WAT A MESS SIA!!!! Oh my god sia reali. Haha.. I cannot believe how messy their house was. We headed over to Laurence’s house and boy another war zone sia.. wat a mess.. No wonder when ppl came over to our house, they were like wah so clean man, so neat and so on. We were like reali? Isnt this normal? I ADMIT NOW OUR ROOM REALI IS THE CLEANEST!!! Anyway the 3 of us tried to cook and all. Let’s juz say, I noe, u noe, we noe, right Ping Pong? Haha..

Well, we did have a feast. Nice ABC soup ya Ping Pong.. haha… ya that was reali nice.

Anyway, we also played some games after dinner. We played murderer, hunter and bear and also some drinking water game where we cld not say another person’s name.

After dinner we played some games like “Murderer”, “Hunter and Bear’.. and we also played this drinking game in which i cant rem how to play at all now. Oh wel.. juz rem Kai gettin targetted.. oh poor thing! haha.. oh well after tat it was like almost 11pm so we headed back to shower and slp coz sch was the next day! YIKES!

Table of Feast.. Yummy ABC soup!

Leisy & Jensy

Ping Pong & Alyssa

Juz imagine how many ppl there were.. haha..wat a mess..

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I have kinda graduated i guess… we had like this graduation at OCU together wif all the other OCU students who were graduating. Its not exactly our official graduation but i guess they juz wanted us to feel the “atmosphere”.. erm ok sure..

Anyway we woke up gettin dressed nicer.. haha.. eps Ping Pong. No words cld describe it!! HAHAHA.. ur outfit.. wooo oooo…. NUMBER 1!!! Haha.. she was wearing this black poka dot dress wif her cute little witch sch! haha… super special man!!! HAHAHA..

Anyway as were got into the bus waiting to be sent to sch, we were like waiting for two veri special “guests” that were LATE!!! OMG sia please lah!!!

Waiting and waiting until finally Murali went to check it out and said that they were not goin coz sick and wat have u!!!!! NUTS!!! That became quite a gossip for us!! haha.. FUN!

Ok so we reached sch and got into our Harry potter outfits! haha no lah, its our graduation outfit which looked exactly like a Harry Potter outfit! EXPECTO PATRUNOM!!!!! Lame.. ok me & jensy’s grad hats were like huge for our heads… my god it juz kept slippin away man!!! We puts lots of pins in it to make sure it stayed on our heads.. Ya well great that the wind outside was so bloody strong that it juz blew us all away.. ok not exactly but enough to ruin our HEADS! aiyo… had a hard time adjusting the hat again!!! CRAP!

Ok we were sitted in.. wow way cool.. it was in the basketball court by the way.. It was juz transformed man!!! Anyway there were like a lot of speeches.. my god.. i was havin a SLP ATTACK!! My eyes juz kept closin!! Cldnt take it sia!!! I kept calling Jensy but HAHA Jensy was havin the same problem too.. Kaoz sleepy sia… tot i was goin to have my butt stuck to the chair as i was sittin there so long man!!!

Anyway Jensy pointed at Sexy.. ermmm ok wat the hell was he doing.. he kept playing wif the that thick thread thingy which is on our hat.. u noe to how that if u’ve grad that u flip the thick thread to the other side.. yah that thing.. i dunt noe wats its called.. Anyway he was like a cat or sth.. kept swinging it.. I tot he was goin to grab it in his mouth or sth.. ok i guess that is one lame way to keep urself awake.. OHHH i noe its called a tassel!! oh ya sia!

Den there were some alumni.. one was Miss USA frm OCU and another a singer-songwriter.. my god.. i was goin to cry when that guy sang one song to another.. i tot it wld end but it didnt!!!! My ears hurt sia!

FINALLY!! It was goin to be our turn to receive our cert.. They called our names and we went onto the stage and collected our fake cert.. my hat was juz falling off every step i walked… AARRrUUggghhhhh!!! Spare me GOD spare me!!!!!!!!!!!

Well den.. that was it.. haha.. we got back on the bus and home we were heading to. Of coz when we got back, picture time.. we were dresses so nicely sia.. haha we wanted to take a pic of the 4 of us.. so brilliant Jensy put the camera on the fire place and set a timer.. not too bad sia! Jensy! Oh jensy u!!! haha..Ping Pong eye big big ahhh!!! hahaha…

We also decided to go to Walmart to stock up. No more food left for us!!!! But since we got back quite early the hotel bus wld onli be free at 4 or 5pm. And we had also asked for housekeeping but the housekeeper wasnt there yet so that was a sign for us to head on to Sexy’s house to DESTROY!!!! Oh well nth new.. haha..

Jensy, high five man, great conqueror!!! Haha.. He was totally ruined…

Wal-mart has become our 2nd home.. haha.. we noe the place right out of our hands sia! haha… Before goin in to wal-mart we also walked further down abit.. me and Jensy always wanted to take a look in case there were some gd bargains! HA. anyway we went into Payless Shoe Source.. lots of shoes BUT no size small enough for my pathetic feets! The sizes were all veri big.. sadly but ya Ang Mo feets r much bigger..

Den we went to Ross… some reali cheap clothes but like mostly for aunties sia.. i cldnt find anything and also i gve up after a while coz i’m the type that gives up after seeing too many stacks of clothes… but Jensy.. oh my.. went on super strong man!!!

Ok after that we went to wal-mart to pick out our grocceries.. and den headed home to make dinner! Tml wld be the day i sleep till 3pm!!! Do not disturb!!

OH YA.. forgot to mention.. i was so tired that i prob went to slp at 11pm or 12am.. while jensy as usual was playing her Audition Sea.. haha.. i was slping but i heard a knock on the door. Jensy was like kinda shocked and scared, i mean who knocks ur door at like 2am!!! I was still abit drowsy so i was still laying in bed.. so Jensy went down to c who was at the door.. IT WAS SITI!!!!!!!

Haha wat a shock sia!!! Totally a shock.. Siti had came by to say gd bye to us as she was leavin 1st ting in the morning to LA and den back to Singapore. She came upstairs to our bed and we chatted for quite a long while, yapping all the gossip and so on. haha.. i tink Siti left at nearly 3am.. We wld surely miss Siti.. man.. Siti has a special place in our hearts.. that girl is juz da bomb!!!! Love her sia!!! It was juz reali nice of Siti to drop by even though it was during the wee hrs.. hahaha…

Wif Dr Richard Johnson

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Show Down!

Basically the official grading and filming wld start at 11am.. so frm 9am – 11am we wld haf some time to practice s few rounds..

Ok.. the 1st Segment is abt Fashion & U wif Adeline.. her guests were Jensy and Marc.. and den the 2nd segment is abt Healthly Livin and U wif Gene and his guests were Emmulin & Jessica.. cough cough… den 3rd Segment is Travel and U wif ME, ahha yours truly with guests Ping Pong and Laurence and Last segment is Sports and U wif Priscilla and her guests were Sexy Alvin & Wenjun…

Anyway in the morning Jensy had helped me put lots of eyeliner and mascara.. wow woke up extra early! haha.. also helped Ping Pong put abit…

Den at sch, we tried to c whether our make up was enough for the camera.. den also helped the guys put on some blusher… in which i overdid wif Sexy and gene.. haha.. oops.. oops.. not my fault ya.. haha.. sexy baboon! haha…

Anyway everyting went pretty well during the actual filming.. luckily i cleared some mistakes that i did durin the practice round.. this was reali teamwork among our class.. well done!! haha… boy was it reali fun sia.. except for cough cough cough my ass off.. not me.. but i noe, u noe, we noe! haha..

My classmates aka crew members…

Crew – Segment 1 “Fashion & You!”

Crew – Segment 2 “Healthy Living & You!”

Crew – Segment 3 “Travel & You!”

Crew – Segment 4 “Sports and You!”

The directors

The hosts..

After that, went to a classroom to wait for sth.. cant rem.. so den went on a photo taking spree again.. haha..

Jensy & Me

This is wat Jenn called my eyes.. “Spider Eyes” haha..

Den Denise told us to attend this honors thingy.. like the A student who got like a medal or sth.. Siti den told us it was not compulsory so we didn’t go… went for a long long lunch at Pho2000… haha oh well… boring sia.. haha…

Before we headed towards there, Sexy had a great idea so we took the “wu lian pai” haha.. frm zero to five! Veri nice! haha

After lunch, headed back to sch and went to the school bookshop.. i was still lookin for things to buy.. haha.. oh well.. took abit too long that we were late for the bus yikes! haha.. oh well.. had the privilege of sitting on Siti’s lap.. haha.. while Jensy had to settle for a seat next to Shah.. wahhh.. And lucky Sexy sat next t Janice.. haha.. den funny Jensy kept givin me and Siti a look.. haha.. i noe, u noe, we noe! haha…

Den after we reached back the inn not too long, we hurried out again to Penn Square Mall.. I didnt buy anything.. haiz.. sad sia.. dunno y.. i tink i’m picky.. haiz leisy leisy leisy.. But i did managed to buy the Coach pouch for Qianying so yeah well done! haha.. and also got it cheaper too! yeah!

Came back on the bus and made dinner for ourselves and also this time to include Murali and Sexy.. haha.. glad we have men to finish our food up. haha.. Over the news, it was broadcasting abt whether Paris Hilton wld go to jail or not.. wahhh talk so bloody long sia.. the whole news abt it.. its not a gossip show but a NEWS CHANNEL!!! Siao ah!!! Non stop sia..

Anyway showered after that and used the laptop abit.. haha.. den Sexy came over to c wat we were wearing for tml’s graduation.. and great pics were snapped in the process.. haha.. so sexy ah sexy!! haha..

haha.. Jensy took this from upstairs.. wahhh like spiderman sia.. haha.. ur nv safe in our house Sexy! haha

Sexy Sit!

haha realising that jensy was taking snaps of him, he hurried in to hide.. BUT Jensy was waiting for him!! haha SNAP SNAP!!! haha…

After that watched Criss Angel in Oprah where he tried to escape from a straight jacket!! U ROCK SIA CRISS!!! He reali rocks.. haha.. ok den off to bed for tml’s graduation!!

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Did some last few rotations… it wasnt so bad.. den of coz Ping Pong ah.. haha.. so cheeky.. haha.. let out a certain “air”… so cute ahhh Ping Pong!! haha.. Wenjun was shocked.. haha.. but this was my 2nd time experiencing it.. haha..So cute Ping Pong u!!!! hahaha..

Again went to Pho2000 for lunch, yummy yummy!!! But we had to wait reali damn long for our food coz we “didnt order”.. oh well.. Jensy was like in a bad mood already..

Anyway did a few more rotations and den we were given our actual roles for tml.. We wld do 3 roles tml.. and den practice them tonight.. I was Talent 3 (Host), Assistant Director and VTR..

Had a dinner break where Karlie order Domino’s Pizza.. quite nice.. haha.. loved the Hawaiian pizza.. and den there was also a dessert which was Oreo Pizza.. wah wat the hell rite.. haha..Damn sweet.. aiyo.. die sia.. Karlie also gave us our Mass Com OCU t-shirts.. the XS were still damn big.. aiyo.. oh well..

Ok den started practising for tml’s actual grading.. we rehearse our roles in 4 segments… And again time juz flew by.. haha..

We waited for the bus for quite a few… and this beautiful atmosphere was juz around us. The skies had started to turn color coz the sun was setting.. this is seriously the most beautiful view i hav ever seen in a super long time.. Juz tried to take in as much as i cld.. it reali was juz amazing.. haha.. U cant reali c this in Singapore reali!

How cute is this.. haha..

Anyway headed back, went for a short meeting wif Ping Pong and Laurence and den went back.. Decided to try some eye make up as Karlie said that we wld look better wif some make up on for the camera.. oh the wonderful Jensy!!! haha… She helped to experiment on me 1st… In which i reali think she did a fantastic job!! It looked reali nice on camera! Love it Jensy!!!

Veri nice ya!!!

Me and Ping Pong!!

Kay po Sexy.. haha.. looking down to c us.. haha..

Anway that was fun.. kinda made my eyes all BIG… haha.. den when i gave my fierce stare.. haha.. it was scary!!! haha… oh well nice nite.. anyway tml shld be a gd day.. haha..

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ahhh yes another day at the school’s tv studio… This time it was gettin abit easier coz we kinda noe our roles already…

There was once when i was a talent… i was a Plastic Surgeon.. Kai was my patient and Jiahao was the host.. den it was juz so funny coz Kai was acting as a transvestite.. haha.. he was trying to change to be a woman.. HAHA.. funny sia.. den once he juz kept laughin so i pretended to console him coz we were on camera.. haha.. pretended that he was crying.. haha.. fun moment!!! The watch back was even better! haha..

Also remembered when Sexy was the Director.. oh lucky lucky.. haha.. he asked who was at Cam 3.. den we said JJ.. den he said Oh shit in the mike.. haha.. WAHHH so sexy ah sexy!! hahahaha…

Den again break for lunch reali fast yahh.. was kinda drizzling so sadly cldnt go eat our Vietnamese food.. so we decided to try to eat at school.. the cafeteria.. It was quite expensive sia.. USD5plus.. ok it was a buffet BUT still right.. haha..

Anyway it was a mixture of food like salad, pizza, rice and steak or sth… was quite happy at 1st.. den after tat when sat down to bite into my food.. *FACE TURNING PALE*.. wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh soooooooooooooooo salty!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!! oh my god.. reali like eating salt.. damn damn damn salty sia!!!!! Cannot take it sia.. its like watever i ate, it was ALL SALTY!!! AAARRRGHHHHHHH!!!!! waste $$ sia!!! It was not juz my taste bud, coz i’m usually sided more to the salt side den sweet.. haha.. But everybody was like ya reali salty!!! NaBei sia!!! Wanna make me die faster ah!!!!

Den after that had some time so went to the bookstore.. OCU had given us a 20% discount coupon.. but i juz cldnt find anything nice to buy or even if it was nice.. BUT expensive.. dunno y lah!!!

Anyway as we were walking out of the bookstore.. we saw Dr Ellen Wheeler.. our Art & our world Professor.. haha.. she looked reali nice.. she put on some weight but it looked much better on her.. haha.. anyway she was sayin that we were invited to Dr Olsen house next wk for dinner in which both of them wld be preparing for..

Ok.. den walked back to the studio and did the rotations..It seems i was always paired up wif Laurence when we did talent.. haha.. funny.. and soon again class ends.. reali fast everytime we’re in tis class..

Went back home and off to Quails Spring mall it is.. Its a smaller mall den Penn Square Mall frm wat i heard.. Me and Jensy went into Wet Seal.. dunno y we were there for so long sia.. over an hour.. haha.. we were diggin for gold..

Den we didnt hav much time left so quickly walked around the other shops b4 it was time to board the bus…I managed to buy a nice bling belt and some t-shirts for Hansy..

Den the bus took us to a famous doughnut place called Krispy Kreme.. when we went in, and almost immediately i came out.. I cldnt stand the smell.. dunno y but it was abit strong and i juz felt abit like woozy.. so faster stand outside.. den a while later Ping and Jenn came out sayin that they were not buyin coz they tried Alyssa’s one and its was damn SWEET!!! I hate sweet things.. my sugar buds have gone down by quite a bit these 2 years.. haha.. Dunt like sweet things as much as b4..

Went back and used the laptop abit.. my lappy.. haha.. den showered and slept like a log.. haha.. Nite Nite!!

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Ahhh another day at school.. well when we woke up.. haha.. Jensy had the most ineresting hair ever!! haha.. it was one chunk of or rather strands of hair juz pointin out.. had to take a pic! haha…

Funny funny~!

Ok den had a short class at school b4 headin to the Oklahoman, which is the main newspaper in Oklahoma.. and also to the news TV studio, Channel 5…

When we reached the Oklahoman.. we were given a badge to pin on our shirt.

So den again split up into grps.. in which the 5 of us plus Kai were in one with a old lady bringin us around the place.. It was reali interesting.. coz we got to see how ppl work at their desk.. and also we got to c how newspaper is bein manufactured.. we got to c the bi machines, the big paper roll! wahhh.. so cool.. den we also saw how the paper were bein printed.. reali a tough process reali..

The most excitin thing we saw.. haha.. was that on the walls of the office.. there were like old newspaper articles.. and Jensy saw “Leisy Temp Brew Beer”! OMG!! haha.. there was a beer called that a long long time ago!! haha.. interesting.. my name existed a long time ago.. chey.. i tot my nick was special! haha…

Stayed there till abt 11plus or sth den headed to the TV studio Channel 5..

We got to sit in a live news broadcast.. Interestin ya!! We were seated in the studio when the news anchor read the news and also the weather guy was around.. he was givin lots of news abt the weather coz the weather was kinda goin crazy in OKC with the thunderstorm and upcomin tornado.. YIKES!!!

I was sittin in the chair and when it went on LIVE.. my nose juz started itchin.. haizz.. bad nose.. its the usual sensitive nose thingy.. i wanted to sneeze but stuffed the tissue in my nose. haha…

After that we took some nice pics!

This is wif the news anchor, in which i forgot her name..

The weather man

Nice nice yahhh… The new presenters!!! haha

The news room..

The control room..

The make up room…

Grp pic!!!

After tat, we headed for lunch somewhere near school.. so we went to Long John Sliver coz we were sure it wld be cheaper.. haha.. budget budget!! rushed there and was 1st in line.. and den started munching away.. it was ok lah.. haha.. i missed my curry rice.. haha…

When we wanted to go back to the bus, IT WAS RAININ CATS & DOGS!!! ohh lucky lucky us.. haizzz…. no choice lah had to run.. so den RUUUNNNNNN!!!!!! all wet sia when we got on the bus..

Headed back to class and started the 1st rotation.. There were 18 rotations which we had to do..

1. Director
2. Assistant Director
3. Graphics Operator – Operates the name key
4. Technical Director (TD) – Operates the switchboard for camera/video
5. Audio – Operates the sound mixer
6. VTR Operator – Gets the recording going and also starts and end the commercial
7. Camera 1
8. Camera 2
9. Camera 3
10. Floor Manager
11. Talent 1
12. Talent 2
13. Talent 3 – Host
14. Critique 1 – Studio
15. Critique 2 – Studio
16. Critique 1 – Control Room
17. Critique 2 – Control Room
18. Off duty

Ok den Jensy lucky lucky started out as Director.. haha.. but this was juz a practice session b4 the actual grading.. i was Jensy’s floor manager.. haha we were speakin nonsense into the headset.. haha.. fun sia..

Anyway time flew by reali fast and so it was end of class! haha..

This was the night where we were invited to Professor Karlie Harmon’s house for dinner.. so den headed home for a quick re fresh den caught the bus at 6.40pm…

It was a nice house Karlie had.. reali nice.. and yes.. took note of wat Siti had said abt her husband. haha… but it was reali a nice cosy house.. the 1st thing that kinda made me uncomfortable is that Americans dunt take off their own shoes in their house.. so at 1st we were like abt to take off our shoes, but Karlie was like wear ur shoes in.. ermmm ok.. Seriously felt damn weird man.. haha.. and the floor was like carpeted.. how do they clean man.. how do they put their feet on the couch or wat.. aiyo aiyo.. confusion sia.. haha.. It felt strange.. oh well not my house ok den I saw that American Idol was showing!

AHHHHHH!!!! Run for the couch sia!!! Me and Ayu faster grab a seat and watch American Idol.. haha.. this was Bon Jovi nite.. wahhh.. so handsome sia.. haha.. but damn nice!! Melinda ROCKS!!!!!!

Ok den food was served.. There was rice casserole, salad, garlic bread and YUM brownie!! ohhh i love dessert! haha… anyway the food was surprisingly reali nice.. reali oishi sia! I felt like ohhh nice home cooked food!!! haha… reali yummy sia.. the salad also reali nice.. the brownie!! OHHHH EVEN NICER!!! ohhhhhhh…. i felt like i was floating into heaven.. chocolate!!! haha… After that we got to play with Karlie’s cat.. veri cute Fluff!!! like Garfield.. haha.. but veri cute… haha.. den again pic taking time..

The whole class and Karlie…

The usual hangout gang wif Karlie and Fluff…

After that, time again juz passed like that.. time to board the bus at 9pm.. went to pick other ppl frm other class at Target Super Center.. where they got to shop.. lucky lucky!

Reached back abt 9.30plus.. showered den talk cok abit before headin to slp.. haha.. gossip session sia.. haha..

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Finally tv production!!! Finally we cld do some hands on!!!! YEAH!!! Was feelin a little tired, coz slept late last nite due to the dye hair.. haha.. oh well.. sleepy sleepy.. yawn..

Anyway we got to the TV studio at OCU.. where of coz Karlie Harmon greeted us wif her assistant Chris.. Anyway she juz started yapping abt sth.. cant rem coz probably abit sleepy.. oh well.. but after a long yapping.. she divided us into 2 grps.. Me, Phuong, Ping & Sexy were in one grp wif some others while poor Tenchi was in another wif the funny funny & the petty one..

Jensy’s grp was wif Karlie outside which is in the studio while my grp were wif Chris inside the Control room.. we were taught how to control each machine and wat sort of commands we had to say.. wahh my memory isnt that great so yah cldnt rem alot.. Soon after.. time juz seemed to passed so fast in this class.. Time for lunch! Yeah!

Headed to Pho2000 again.. haha for yummy Vietnamese food.. reali enjoy sia.. and its alot and cheap! Order my yummy food again.. “Grilled Pork & Egg rolls w/ Vermicelli.”

Doesn’t this juz look oishi!!!!

Anyway went back to control room and practiced and den after that went out to the studio wif Karlie.. but it was juz for while coz there wasnt enough time.. so class is over and headed home..

Went home, and felt a little active.. which is quite rare for me reali.. haha.. decided to go play tennis wif Sexy and Ping Pong.. Which of coz was a reali bad idea coz the tennis court is actually combined wif the basketball court.. and there’s no fence.. so i ended up juz pretty much hittin it over and somewhere which is not in the court.. There were a few times when it ended up on the streets and once when i juz whacked in into the swimmin pool.. oops.. poor Sexy had to climb to get the ball.. i guess we got pissed off so decided to join Alyssa to play basketball.. haha.. funny sia Sexy.. all the Sexy movements, Sexy Jump, Sexy run around, Sexy Catch ball, Sexy run around the court.. so Sexy ah.. haha..

We got tired so juz decided to sit down at the court and talk cok.. haha.. gossip session sia.. i love them!! haha.. we talked abt the “headlines”.. haha.. it was still bright out when we were talking.. den after that, Wenjun joined us, den Siti da the babe came & last was Marc key boy! Talk alot of cok.. and Siti and Aly asked us to look out for Karlie’s husband.. haha..

Anyway went back to shower and stuff and den Jensy taught us the signals and commands to do for the studio.. and den we were watchin the news channel abit.. and there were talkin abit abt some thunderstorm that were comin.. OH NO.. haha.. den i kept hearin like sth outside the house.. den we opened the door.. STRONG WINDS.. wahhh.. it was the flag that was flappin so hard.. and also we saw the clouds in the sky juz movin so fast.. it was the wind juz pushin the clouds away so fast.. wahhh.. nv see b4 sia..

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Haha..seriously this trip Jensy has been even more unluckly den lucky.. seriously Jensy..haiz… poor Jensy reali… I have nv met anyone so unlucky b4 in my whole entire life.. In fact..Jensy is prob the onli one.. haha…and lucky us.. Jensy is so nice that her black clouds usually is kinda passed on to us juz a bit.. haha…

During the trip at OKC..Jensy was coughing reali bad…and she had no voice for a while.. When we reached Oklahoma City, on the 2nd day, Jensy was resting and slping at home the whole day.. reali feel bad for Jensy tenchi!Not onli that, the fast food here has pretty much made her throat even worse reali.. Oh jensy!!!

At nite, i wld her coughing like mad..like those reali ouchie and painful kind of cough.. those that is reali not veri gd to be having.. ok wat the hell am i talking abt..in other words…its a reali bad cough… OH JENSY TENCHI!!! Even medicine didnt help Jenn at all..she’s taken all kinds..from Panadol to Murali’s medicine tat was supposed to clear up fast…but poor jensy..i tink she’s immune to all…

And not onli that Jensy had a bad pic taken for her Student ID card.. that was reali funny.. mini dwarf ya! haha… AND Jensy’s hp..suddenly the autoroam juz went off!!! Juz like that..at 1st it was working juz fine.. but dunno y it juz suddenly lost signal and network..

Den starhub called her to ask abt her hp..they called our room number… den she told them wat had happened to her hp..den we switched sim cards into our hp..but my sim card was workin juz fine in her hp.. so ya it was Jensy’s sim card that had a problem.. Den the person..oh ya Jensy’s network is starhub.. so ya den she said she’ll get back to Jenn tml after she asked the technician. Den after that the next day, another person frm Starhub called Jenn and asked the exact same things and asked Jenn to switch sim cards wif my hp.. LIKE LAME ASS SIA… oh my god.. dunno y sia.. Jensy the black clouds.. haha… But it suddenly worked when we went to Dallas..suddenly she heard a beep on her hp den got MSG..WAT THE NAbei sia!!!! haha that was reali funny sia…

But den after we got back to Oklahoma City..after a wk or sth.. her autoroam left her again.. she asked Wenjun who is also a starhub user, but he had no prob wif his hp.. haha.. Its reali Jensy.. haha…

But its because of the black clouds thats y its Jensy rite.. haha.. oh jensy juz dunt be so generous by giving us some of ur black clouds.. haha…

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At 1st i didnt reali wan to go to bricktown coz i wanted to slp.. haha.. lazy leisy ya… But since i was awaken and usually have trouble falling back alsp so i guess decided to go.. Anyway i tink had lunch at home before headin out to catch the 12.30pm bus to Bricktown..

Bricktown is kinda like the town area in OKC.. clubs there, restaurant..

Ok hopped on the bus.. den got off at Bricktown, while some got off at the Art Museum.. HOLY!!! The moment i got off the bus.. WAHHHH i felt like a vampire!!!! STOP SHINING ON ME U EVIL SUN!!!! Hot sia!!! reali hot hot hot!!! It was like burnin man.. and my poor umbrella broke a few days ago.. so ya lucky lucky ya… haizzz..

Anyway we were kinda clueless as to where to walk so we juz anyhow walk.. We were in front of the Baseball Park so ya that shld be memorable to take a pic ya! haha..

In front of the Baseball Park

Anyway we saw this like kinda boat ride or sth.. that rides around Bricktown.. and i got excited.. It looked so cool.. abit like a Amusement Park ride in the water.. haha.. but so expensive sia.. i tink it was like USD$6.50.. which is abt S$10.. aiyo aiyo.. walk lah.. wat else cld we do.. haha.. budget budget!! haha… so we juz took a pic.. haha..

WAhh damn hot sia… reali hot hot hot like mad.. Its gettin hot in here.. so take off all ur clothes.. haha.. There were some nice art on the walls..

Den crossed the street and new backgrounds to take pics wif.. haha.. veri nice..

Behind this waterfall is actually a cinema.. wow wow.. haha.. wanted to go watch Spiderman 3.. BUT.. so expensive again!! haha.. so juz chill inside for a while coz outside.. it was BURN ATTACK.. hot sia hot sia.. i cannot take it anymore.. haha..

Reali nice flowers over at Bricktown…

Well walked abit more and found an another beautiful view.. haha.. it was the Marriott Residence Inn.. not the one that i live in but another one..

Leisy, Ping Pong & Jensy.. veri veri nice..

And we asked Sexy to hold our bags for us.. haha.. of coz clever Jensy snapped away!! haha.. nice one Tenchi!!

Sexy “Escape”.. haha… always kena bully.. haha..

Waterfall near Marriott…

Isn’t this view juz gorgeous…

Anyway i was gettin tired already coz the sun was juz on full blast!!! Cldnt take it anymore.. so me, Phuong Phuong & Sexy walked in front abit faster.. while of coz Jensy & Ping Pong took pics.. haha.. Finally saw a shop in front and juz decided to go in coz i was MELTING…

Anyway this was a Outdoor shop.. which means they sold fishing stuff, tents, canoe, camping things, outdoor clothes… yahh stuff like that.. okkk.. that didnt interest me but the air con interested me greatly.. finally cooled down sia!!! Hallelujah!!!! Bought a coke.. thirsty like mad.. Phuong Phuong also bought one.. haha.. And the thing is that u cld drink it and den pay later at the cashier.. wahhh gd ya! haha..

Anyway i was juz walkin alone for a while, while Ping & Jensy were again on a picture takin spree.. haha..

Anyway after that we walked out.. HOT!!!! haiyo.. y y y!!! We still cldnt find any malls or anything.. wat the hell sia.. HOW COME!! ARE U NOT A TOWN AREA!!!! Haiyo… we juz walked and walked on along Bricktown… I was reali dyin… reali gonna die frm a melt attack.. STOP MELTIN ME SUNNY U!!!!!

We walked and finally stopped at the Cox Convention Center where i juz cldnt take it.. and sat on some benches there… wahhh hot like mad.. and my poor poor feet.. haiz.. my feet… MY FEET!!! I wore like those kind of nice slippers.. the butterfly one, haha prob most of u guys will noe which it is.. anyway it was like two straps.. den when i took my feet out of my slipper.. I NEARLY FAINTED… my feet was like all tanned but onli that two strap area were WHITE!!! AAARRRGGGHHHH!!!! ohhh my life… ohhhh!!!! ohhhh noooooooo… haiyo… sad sia.. my life.. haha.. den i was juz sayin “look, my feet has a bikini line.” haizz….

Haizz…. after that we juz decided to continue walkin back to wait for the bus coz already sian and HOT!!!

Of coz while walking back.. we took stops and sat on the benches.. haha.. HOT LAH! Anyway while waitin for the bus, there was like an olden day kinda of horse wif a carriage.. wahhh.. like a fairy tale man..

This is outside the baseball park..

wahh.. anyway after that, hopped on back on the bus.. and went back at 4pm.. finally got away frm the blazing sun!!

Haha.. anyway since we were like almost out of food.. had to go to Walmart.. our happiest buy.. A BIG TUB OF ICE-CREAM!!! wahhhhh.. so cheap sia.. abt USD4 sth.. wahhhh… we surely eat like mad.. haha

Veri veri niceee….

Den me and Jenn also bought hair dye.. veri veri cheap sia.. abt USD2 sth i tink.. wahhh!!!Jen’s one was Medium Auburn while mine was like red Auburn.. we did each other’s hair in the livin room.. haha.. boy was that fun.. did Jensy’s hair1st den soon after Jensy did mine.. haha.. that was one heck of a fun experience.. shld have left my hair to dye a little longer so it wld hav been brighter! haha.. btw, great audience.. haha.. Phuong Phuong, Ping Pong and Sexy! haha…

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Finally this was the day we were waiting for!!! SHOPPING IN DALLAS!!! YEAH!!! coz we heard that stuff were super cheap and also that it wld be tax free.. yeahhhhh!!!

Anyway the bus left at 7.30am… early sia.. but it took like 3 1/2hrs to reach so no choice… wahhh but reali damn early man… cldnt take it.. damn sleepy.. but i hate slpin on buses so ya well… anyway on bus teased Ping Pong and Sexy sexy.. haha.. always great entertainment.. haha.. Along the way there were some veri nice views.. lots of cows and horses were seen along the way.. great green lands.. rock feature and beautiful sky..

Anyway along the way we saw sth that had a thick black smoke.. it kinda looked like a tornado.. but who knew wat it was at that time..

Pretty cool ya.. This kinda took alot of our time.. coz we kept lookin at it and taking pics of it. haha..

After a while, Me and Jenn kinda got drained so we pretty slept all the way.. when finally we reached.. I was holding my pee like mad so got down and chiong straight for the loo.. RUN AH!!!!

So den we decided to go eat lunch 1st den after that walk.. bought Popeye or sth.. den again continued our interrogation of Sexy.. haha.. asked him more qns coz this time Jennsy was beside me so double attack ya.. hahaha.. oh dear me.. haha.. den of coz i was forced to tell abt mine too.. in which i kept scolding nabei cheebye.. haha.. den also asked Murali.. but he’s nv had a gf.. haha.. so cute…

Den we walked to Levi’s 1st after lunch.. but i juz cldnt find any jeans that i liked or that fitted… siannzzz… so den we all split ways.. me and jenn, murali and alvin, ping and phuong.. some and jensy headed to Forever 21.. wahhh nice but den ahhh the prices so ex.. abt the same price as in Singapore.. depression sia.. den we juz continued walking.. walked into a shop.. bought a belt.. yeah bling bling belt. haha.. I juz didnt get reali anything.. There juz wasnt anything that interest me sadly.. haiz… walked into One Dollar shop, bought my Naruto calendar. haha.. yeah.. but it wasnt tax free…there was still tax sia.. NOT FAIR!!!! NABEI!!!!! It was abit lower than OKC of 8.37..%.. but still like not much of a diff… walked past and into many shops like G by Guess, Abercrombie & Flitch, Gap.. but didnt buy anything… aiyo…

The last shop we went into was a shoe shop.. finally i got a nice bling bling slipper.. haha.. so happy wif my buy..

But it was time so we had to go back to board the bus at abt 6pm or ws it 5.30pm.. yah around there..

So den headed home.. long journey home.. another 3 1/2hrs.. wahhh.. haha.. long sia.. den also at least got occupied by the view and the tv screen in which we cld watch “a show”.. haha i noe, u noe, we noe.. haha.. Thanks to jensy for a great show… haha..

But yah the view was amazing… we watched the sun set… and also the thick black smoke had not ceased.. later Alvin checked online, and it was that an oil refinery had actually been struck by bolts of lightning and caused a big fire which in turn caused the big spiral of black smoke. wahhh scary sia…

Went home to hurry eat.. coz we reached back abt 9pm.. i started to have gastric pain.. yah it was painful even when eating.. ouch.halfway eating went to lie on the counch den went back to the table to eat den on to the couch again.. anyway used the com abit and den plop to slp coz it wld be another day at sch tml… yawnn…

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Finally it was the last day of this module.. how fast did that go by.. actually not fast coz the exercising part reali went by so slowly..tick toooccckkk.. wahh slow sia.. BUT YES FINALLY!!! haha…

Oh ya i forgot to say that, the beginning of the week, Ping Pong had like some rash or sth.. Den she was told that she cld visit the sick bay here at OCU… haha den it was so funny sia.. Ping Pong always said like “Ok today i am goin to visit the Nursing Home..” EHHHH HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH… OMG!!! DIE OF LAUGHTER………AHHAHAHAHAHAHAH…. And den she didnt even noe she said it wrongly.. haha.. Nursing home ya Ping Pong.. SO CUTE!!!!

Anyway we kept teasing her abt it.. Ping Pong goin where today.. Nursing home ah.. haha..

Anyway today we had to wait a long time for the computer to be set up in class.. haiyo.. long sia.. haha… den of coz Miss Super i have a Japanese name watever who called herself a computer expert tried to fix it for like ten hours.. den after that IT ppl came in to help.. den ya da ya da.. Mr murali to the rescue.. but i guess it was reali sth wrong wif it so we switched class.. oh well.. wasting time sia..

Oh well den.. i forgot to mention that the Mass com department has like free hot chocolate, apple cider, coffee and tea u cld make during break.. wahhh we always chiong for the hot chocolate.. haha yum yum!!! haha.. and also our habit came loose.. “KAPO KAPO” sia!!! hahaha… Kapo back the nice hot chocolate.. hahahaaha..

But anyway class ended but we had to wait for the super nice Denise Short to give us our next wk schedule.. so we ended up picture taking!!

Leisy, Ms Binkley & Jensy.. Yes this the one.. she’s 50yrs old!! SHUT UP MAN! haha.

After that we signed for the Cherokee Trading Post where they wld show some stuff abt the Red Indians.. But as we went back.. it kinda started to rain so we decided not to go..

Anyway we had put our room up for housekeeping.. but the housekeeper had not shown yet so we said that we had to go somewhere else while the housekeeper came and clean our room.. since Alvin was alone in his room.. we being super nice girls decided to go over to his house to visit him and keep him company! haha.. nice rite!!!

Anyway, haha.. we have a thing.. it started wif Jensy juz jumping and bouncing on the bed.. haha.. esp on other ppl’s bed.. haha.. Sexy is fearful of this.. haha.. he cannot stand it if someone bounces and jumps and messes his bed.. hahahahahahahahah…. too bad sia.. once we found his weak spot den there’s no escaping.. haha esp frm Jensy.. Jensy wld juz bounce all over ur bed and pretty much destroyed it..

Well, when when Sexy opened the door for us.. Jensy, Ping Pong, Phuong and me, he practically ran striaght for his bed.. wahhh chiong sia.. haha.. he quickly sat on his side of the bed.. hahahah.. cartoon sia Sexy alvin.. haha… Sexy sit.. haha… This was where the nickname “Sexy Thigh” was 1st created.. hahahahahahaha…

Coz it was me and Jensy who attacked him.. Jensy attacked him from the bottom.. which means the leg there while i attacked frm the side.. hahahaha.. sounds lame.. but actually is quite fun u noe.. ahhahaha…

Den his space juz got taken up more and more by us, until his leg started crouching like “SEXY THIGH” hahahah.. when we saw it.. we juz kept laughing and laughing.. haha.. even had to take a pic in memory ya!

This is Alvin’s sexy thigh.. hahahah.. so sexy ah sexy.. ahhahaha

An of coz, at the corner, Ping Pong and Phuong were laughing and laughing.. guess they hardly c their Boss in such a difficult position.. hahahahahaha.. oops… funny sia.. Seems like his empire is falling.. hahaha…

Haha.. Jensy holding up Sexy thigh sexy legs.. hahahaha

So den after that, the others came back and den we decided to try the Mexican food that was veri near our inn.. called On The Border Mexican Grill & Cantina.

The entrance in…

The menu…

Anyway there were alot of ppl in the restaurant.. alot of ppl.. den after we ordered our food, they kept servin us nachos.. omg.. it was sooo yummy that i kept eating and eating.. AND DEN THEY KEPT REFILLING THEM TOO!!! Omg.. no need to eat my dinner already lah like that.. ahhahaha…

After that our food came.. me and Jensy shared one set.. boy was it alot… reali alot sia.. the beef was damn yummy!!!!

Den after that, damn full sia.. den so cute.. we saw a hare outside the restaurant.. haha.. Jensy kept goin to take pics of it..

So cute ya… it even ran in our inn.. where we saw it frequent.. haha

Den at night, we decided to go for a ran.. ok not me.. Ping, Alvin & Jensy decided to go running… while me and Phuong Phuong decided to juz walk around our inn… So den, me, Ping and Phuong started walking around the inn 1st.. kinda to warm up.. its quite a big area.. and the weather was reali nice.. nice and cool.. haha… we walked for abt 3 or 4 rounds den Jensy and Sexy came to run… So den it was juz me and Phuong walking around the estate while the other 3 ran..

So den me and Phuong walked reali many rounds.. i tink abt 17 rounds.. haha.. we juz went on and on dunno y sia.. ahahha.. Den after that, Jensy and Alvin stopped to walk wif us.. Ping and Phuong had said that Alvin was like Mr Mysterious.. hahaha.. there were alot of things they didnt reali noe abt him or qns that they had asked him and he had always avoided or that they were afraid to ask him…So Leisy being a brave soul decided to help these poor souls.. hahaha..

Started attacking him wif qns.. haha.. mostly abt his love life.. hahah.. oh well.. curiosity ya.. So juz started bombarding him.. asked him how many gf he had, den wat kind of girls he liked, den whether he liked malaysian girls or not.. hahaha.. funny ya.. haha.. meant for someone else.. haha.. den i cldnt think of any qns so turned around and ask Ping & Phuong.. haha.. in which they were trying to so be discreet.. haha oops.. anyway he kinda skirted some parts, but he did ans some.. haha.. there wld be much more chances next time to ask him.. haha… after all it was juz the 1st wk that had passed ya.. hahaha…

Went back to slack and shower when Sexy came in.. saying that we cld leave OKC earlier for Taipei.. YEAH!!! haha.. den we cld travel together.. yeah sia.. at 1st me and Jenn were reali damn nervous abt travelling alone wif each other… coz scared dunno how to get on the flight or get lost in the airport or sth coz LA airport is damn huge.. got like 8 terminals or sth… But yeah lucky that Alvin, Ping, Jenn & me wld be goin together.. haha..

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Finally the 3rd and final day of my exercising life.. haha.. YEAH!! Twist!!!

1stly in the morning we wld have lessons in class which is frm 9am-12.30pm.. ok den today we had a free lunch!! WOOPEE!! Save $$ time!! haha.. It was organised by the Mass Com department at OCU… It was an outdoor buffet.. they served hot dogs, macaronis, salad i tink, pizza.. yeah the unhealthy junk food of coz.. haha.. and lots of choices of soft drinks.. oh well.. haha..the 4 of us.. Ping, Phuong, Jensy and me sat wif Siti, Alyssa they all.. Funny sia.. laughed alot and talk a lot of cok..

But the most irritating thing of all was…. THE FREEZE MY ASS COLD WIND!!!!!! Oh my god it was reali damn cold.. Since it was outdoor, so yeah lucky us.. haha.. while we were eating the wind juz kept blowing at us.. COLD COLD COLD.. aiya… reali cold like mad.. we were like trying to faster eat finish and den ran back into the sch building where it wld be nice and warmer.. oh but nice surprise.. Met Jerry.. Jerry was frm me and Jensy’s diploma class.. He’s actually studying at OCU.. which means after his diploma or advance dip not sure, he flew to Oklahoma City to study at OCU..yes yes which means he is living there now.. i tink he’s a junior now.. so he has abt one more year plus b4 he graduates..

After that when back into school used the computers den headed back to class..

HAIIIIIIIZZZZZZZ….. Exercising time again.. crap.. We were asked to get changed into our PE attire and den walk over to the indoor basketball court.. oh man oh man… i tot i was goin to faint already.. haha.. And i was still wearing my blue councillor t-shirt and Sexy’s flowery shorts for the 3rd day.. NOT DIRTY LAH!!! I’m nice and clean…. haha…

So in a way when class 1st started..i tot ok maybe today will be an easier time.. coz we had to pair up wif a partner and take our blood pressure.. wahh Sexy one so high ah.. haha.. anyway of coz i paired up wif Tenchi.. den we took each others pressure.. wahh when Jensy squeezed the high blood pressure thingy i tot i was goin to die sia.. SO PAINFUL.. omg.. reali pain sia… i felt like my veins were all goin to burst open.. OUCH!!!!!

Den we had to go to a toilet where Ms Binkley took our fat measurement.. HAHAHA.. sway.. me and jenn were like shit sia.. It wasnt that bad i tink.. although i dunt rem wat the measurement were or is it that i am purposely trying not to rem wat the numbers were.. She used a pincers to measure us on our tummy, thigh and arm i tink.. cant reali rem.. oh well.. OH YA.. we also had to weigh ourselves.. me thinking that i was prob still abt 45kg.. I GAINED A NABEI 2KG!!! AARRRGGHHHHH!!!! haiz.. muz b due to all the junk food in OKC.. crap sia.. But I tink Jensy got a even bigger shock.. haah.. she weighed more den us.. haha..Ping Pong and Phuong were so freaky light man.. can blow them away so easily sia.. NOT GD!!! EAT MORE…although Ping Pong is a crazy eater.. oh well..

Den after that headed downstairs to the basketball court area to do push ups.. WAT!!! NA NI!!!! i have done that in an extremely long time.. even in Guides i did it maybe like in sec3 or sth.. coz after that it was me asking ppl to do push ups.. haha.. ya damn bad sia Leisy Peisy.. Seriously the floor was damn hard.. my knees were breaking.. i tink i did abt 15 den gave up.. haha.. i knew then that my knees wld surely bruise.. i easily bruise on the knee.. After that it seemed onli Laurence, oh guys had to do like bench presses instead, was still goin on.. i tink he hit 100plus.. WAHHH Ah ming!!!! So li hai ya!!! haha…

It wasnt over.. haiyo.. we walked over the the steps..where we had to like step up and down the steps.. CRAP.. die.. reali die sia.. haha… so me, Jenn and Sexy were at the bottom steps and when Ms Binkley blew her whistle.. we started goin up and the down the steps.. CRAZY SEXY ALVIN STAMPER U!!! He stamped so bloody hard that i tot the whole floor was vibrating and the bench wld juz break and all of us wld fall down and injure ourselves.. YES!!!! OH DARE U SIA SEXY!! But it didnt happen.. haha..

Den we headed back upstairs where Ms Binkley asked us all to take a mat each.. Oh no.. i knew sth bad was goin to happen.. i know it!!! I was right.. she kinda got into the whole yoga or pilates movements.. we had to lift our legs den do all kinds of weird things.. stretch our tummies and whatever nonsense sia.. haha. i juz tried to do it at 1st after that i reali cldnt.. my body was juz not listening to me anymore… They were in pain! haha..

Reali so impressed wif Ms Binkley.. she’s 50 for pete’s sake.. OMG!! and she cld do it better den anyone of us.. haiz.. feel like a loser.. haha..
Den finally, we were let off to go to the computer lab to do fill in sth.. We had to record wat we eat for the past 3 days and tabulate them in given website.. u guys can tryit its http://www.realage.com. It calculates wat ur actual age is by wat u eat or sth.. yah.. Sadly my”realage” shld be 24.. lucky me.. old me.. ancient me.. haiz.. nvm…

Den went home and did laundry and juz slacked.. haha

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Ok after that nonsense exercise we had.. headed back to the inn where we had some time to rest and get ready to go to the arts festival..

It was damn cold sia… COLD.. omg..freezing rather…ya thats the proper word.. FREEZE MY ASS OFF.. it was ok when there was no wind.. but when the wind juz started slappin ur face.. HALLELUJAH!!! Cold like mad sia…. I cld hear my teeth juz chattering away.. aiyo…

But anyway the arts festival was a display and mostly for sale arts stuff.. for ppl to buy.. not reali that cheap.. ahha…So ya it was pretty nice.. nice scenery, nice artwork and stuff..

Onli bad thing was the weather.. it juz got colder and colder and colder… we were there till abt 9pm where we boarded the bus back to the inn…

Had lots of gd time there.. haha.. laughed alot.. took loads of pics.. and froze to death.. haha.. Also it was quite hard to gage the time coz in Oklahoma City it gets dark like abt 8.30pm plus.. so when we were still walkin around it was still bright.. we were like eh?? wat time is it sia.. haha.. But still had a great time.. great time to become a icicle..

This was the day also where me and Jensy snapped the most famous pic of Alvin.. haha.. so sexy ah Alvin.. shld i put up the pic. haha

Leisy, Jensy & Cute Ping Pong

Sexy, Leisy, Ping Pong & Jensy on the bridge..

Phuong Phuong, Ping Pong, Jensy & Leisy

Jensy took all 3 colors while Sexy edited this..veri nice!

Jensy & Ping pong wif ermm Mr Giraffe??

This is like taken at night.. even though its still bright.. Downtown..

Yeah the five of us.. High 5!!

So cute sia.. haha…

Ppl selling their arts here..

Night at the festival..

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Fitness for Life

Ahhh yes… the second nightmare of Leisy’s life has appeared.. DAY 2 OF EXERCISING!!! Crap sia.. haha…

Anyway, since yest was a big RUNNING DAY for me.. I practically rolled out of bed and “BANG”..rolled down on the floor… ouch Leisy Peisy’s poor big cushioned butt.. my poor legs were on a ACHING FESTIVAL! hai… later on when Jensy’s started waking up.. haha.. more groans and rolley rolley! haha…

Had breakfast.. went to sch and off to class… Today it was Ms Binkley that took us for class.. Wat she taught.. i seriously cant rem.. too much healthy livin and biology terms or watever it was.. seriously dunt rem wat was taught.. haha..

Anyway we had to get our student ID made, so we went 1st in a grp of 8..me, jenn, Ping Pong, Phuong, Alvin, Karho, Murali, Jessica and Michelle went wif Charlene’s assistant Nakita who is a super duper nice person! She’s juz so friendly and plain NICE! Anyway she brought us to the admin block to get our ID’s made… The walk outside was like FREEZING COOL!! Cold like ICE!!! wah lau eh!! Freeze my butt off sia.. haha… COLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ok but it was nice and warm when we got into the building and climbed up the stairs.. I cld hear my poor legs screaming “DUNT CLIMB ANYMORE LEISY!!! THE LEGS…AHHHH THE LEGS…AHHH..” haiz yes the exercise yest was enough to kill me…enough for pain to accumulate on my legs.. ouch…

Ok so we went up after much difficulty and waited for out turn to take pics for our ID.. oh lucky me..lucky number 1.. i was up 1st to take a pic for my ID card.. “Smile!” *FLASH* ouch my eyes.. but there goes my pic.. haha.. waited for my ID card and next was Jensy..

When Jensy’s ID came out.. HAHAH HAHA HAHA HAHA HAHA.. funny funny tenchi tenchi.. haha.. u are reali the most unlucky person i have ever met in my whole entire life.. haha… Our pic was supposed to like a passport size.. BUT Jensy’s pic came out like.. HAHA HAHA a Dwarf!!! haha.. holy crap.. rolls of laughter among all of us.. haha.. instead of her head filling my the whole entire pic.. her face was like one-quarter of the whole pic.. her face was way below and also SO SMALL.. haha.. jensy jensy.. u funny u.. the rest of the part of the pic was all white space wif jensy’s small face at the bottom.. HA HA HA.. ok oops.. i did not juz laugh at u Jensy.. i was juz ermmm not laughing at all….
Anyway everybody’s ID card all turned out ok.. normal pic.. but poor old Jensy is the onli special one. haha… she cldnt take it and asked to re-take.. haha.. which of coz came out much nicer! haha..
Sexy walk’s was funny.. still look like Shaggy yahhh!!! haha..

Ok.. walk back to class in the ice cold winds… we seemed to haf taken veri long so rushed to do worksheets and the class had written some qns like for boys and girls.. Like y do guys do this..den guys will answer.. Y do girls bitch.. den the girls will answer.. so guys write girls qns and girls write boy qns…
Seriously the class was filled wif 90% girls since the other class had no guys.. so our class guys added up to abt 8 of them..wif abt 1 million girls.. ok not.. maybe it was abt 20plus plus.. dunt rem.. haha..
But yah.. girls juz started attacking guys wif qns.. not my business.. juz sat there and listened.. den when it was a guy turn to answer a qn.. some girls juz had to answer even though it was meant for a guy to answer.. Over enthu sia.. cannot stand it..

Ok den we were let known that we had to pay USD$8 to go to the Medical Center which is a fitness center later in the afternoon… oooohhhh kkkkkk…. there goes my $$ for nth reali.. for sth i dunt feel its worth it coz wat will there be there except for EXERCISING EQUIPMENTS.. haizz.. sad parting wif my 8bucks… which is abt S$12.30.. yikes.. i can buy 2 manga!!!

Ok lunch time, this time we decided to go a little nearer and try the Thai restaurant called Salsa Thai..
At 1st i was excited.. coz THAI FOOD ROCKS!!! Started looking at menu.. oh dear quite expensive yah.. ha.. “cold sweat”.. ok so den i order Tom Yum Soup and rice and Jensy i tink order Pad Thai.. so we decided to share..
Waiting, waiting and waiting… yes finally it came.. wow.. not veri big ya the portions.. hmm.. ok.. eat.. it was ok.. but it juz didnt taste as nice as wat we’ve prob ate in Thailand or at Golden Mile (SG)…
And so.. 1st and last time as well that we went to eat Thai food.. haiz.. juz have to wait till i go home and ask my Mumsy to make for me…

ok back to sch.. and onto the bus where we wld go to the Medical Center.. sounds like a hospital sia..

Oh the way there, we passed by the i tink frm wat i rem frm Murali.. It’s the Chamber of Commerce..


Notice the red indian on top.. veri nice (Borat style)

Den we reached the place…
Nightmare has come for Leisy.. haha..
So den we juz waited around and started snapping pic..

Weird name.. sounds like a hospital..


yeah the five of us again… “The Twist Gang”.. haha.. lame sia.. haha..Ping Pong, Me, Phuong Phuong, Jensy & Sexy walk..

Ok den we were brought around by a guide…wat they had there and so on.. aiyo the poor hot tub was closed for cleaning.. saddness…..
Ok den Ms Binkely said we cld do anything until abt
5pm meet at the bus.. OK!! YAHOO!! DO ANYTHING!!! YEAH!! I wanted to sit around prob slp on a mat or sth.. but haha lame ass sia Leisy..

Anyway went to get changed and this time wearing sexy walk’s shorts.. the navy blue flower Hawaiian style that was long, it went below my knee a little.. but better than old nabei purple slping pants.. haha… But it was kinda big so i had to use a safety pin to tightened it.. Wore my blue councillor t-shirt again.. Aiya not dirty lahhh.. haha… no t-shirt to wear sia…

Anyway, we walked around.. me and Jensy.. findin things to do den we saw Sexy walk juz sexily walking around.. haha…

And.. oh another effect of Jensy’s black clouds.. my shoe the other part of the sole started flappin around.. oh yes Leisy lucky lucky u indeed.. **Clap*Clap**..Haiz.. so happening sia.. i didnt noe wat to do so i was walking around the weight lifting area wif my flapping shoe.. veri nice.. veri veri nice… Den of coz dear old Jensy and sexy walk had to burst out laughing… even Laurence was quite surprised by my flapping shoe..
Den Alvin juz asked me to ripped it out.. MY SHOE!! ok ok fine.. i ripped it out.. and there was completely no sole on my shoe.. it was juz like a cloth below.. haha.. if water was on the floor.. I wld kena it.. haha… den now it was unbalanced.. yes the other side of the shoe stil had the sole on.. so my leg was higher den the other.. Den Jensy asked me to ripped the other side.. oh well.. ok *RIPPED* done.. haha.. threw both soles into the bin.. I tink prob ppl wld be wondering wat the ****!! haha.. oh well.. When i started walking….oh veri nice… glue sticky sticky everywhere after i stepped on the floor.. ok.. so we juz faster walked away frm that area to get rid of evidence.. haha…

There was a big ball nearby.. i tink they use that for yoga or pilates.. Jensy juz started bouncing on it.. HAHA so obscene sia Jensy! haha..

Anyway we climb down the stairs.. and again i heard “DUNT CLIMB ANYMORE LEISY!!! THE LEGS…AHHHH THE LEGS…AHHH..” My inner self talking.. ok ignore den. haha.. Downstairs was the basketball court..


Notice the numerous number of hoops.. wah gd sia. Make full use of the court..

We three decided to play basketball… juz shoot shoot into the hoop… den Kai asked us to join him in a game in which he was playing wif some girls frm Grp A.. oh Ya i’m frm Grp C.. haha..
ok.. hmmm… ok den we joined.. Den Alvin and Kai were team leaders.. so me and Jensy were separated.. ahhh.. tears welled up… haha… I was in Kai’s team.. while Jensy was in Sexy walk’s team.. Juz played abit and oh running again.. ouch.. haha…

After that they all started to take breaks, so it was left wif me, Jensy and Alvin again.. We decided to play sth harmless.. ABC.. yeah.. sec sch game sia.. haha… Ok we started.. Jensy stayed at the 1st position i tink for like ten years.. den Sexy walk juz started progessing sia.. Shoot all in.. LIAR PIAR!!! Say nv play bb b4.. onli soccer.. yah yah yah…
Den i was stuck at one position for a while too.. den Jensy.. oh well.. Jensy’s still there.. haha.. den Sexy got stuck at the 3 pointer area.. den Leisy went around like a fireball!! And soon after Jensy got balls in.. well done Tenchi!

It was not long b4 Wenjun came over asking us to join them.. which was Adeline, Ayu, Pris, Emu, Karho and Murali..
Ok den after much persuasion, we joined and split into grps.. Once again tears welled up when my Tenchi was in Wenjun’s team and I was on
Alvin‘s team… tenchi tenchi…
Seriously this was one exhausting game man.. all the running.. yah i tot i was goin to die yet again…
Haha but it was so funny… Adeline was juz screaming and asking ppl to get away frm her when she had the ball..

haha.. den of coz.. the classic of all classic..
Sexy shooter. haha.. I cant believe wat a comedian Alvin reali is.. i dunt rem much abt the game.. onli rem Alvin doin funny things.. that juz cracked me and Jensy up.. haha.. cannot tahan sia.. haha.. lameass. haha.. He wld be a madman grabbing for the ball, den after getting the ball he wld make one whole round b4 goin to the hoop.. wat the hell.. ahaha.. so many funny things.. i nv seen a person fall down so many times in bb.. but yes Sexy walk does things soccer style… Big soccer style sia.. haha.. fall down and den quickly bouncing up.. wahh.. haha.. juz stone there wif my eyes opened.. haha.. crazy sexy fella.. haha..
But of coz the most memorable one and super soccer style is that, i dunt rem wat happen BUT i rem him falling down, kinda like a full body stretched out way, hands stretched all out into the air and “BANG” hit the floor and rolley rolley and bounce back up! WAT THE HOLY HELL IS THAT!!! haha.. OMG!!!! Laughed like mad.. the whole entire two teams juz laughed like mad.. i tot i was watching a movie.. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAH
Classic sia.. haha.. reali laugh till the pain started aching in my poor belly. haha…

Ok juz nice we went to get changed and off we go..
We went to a Asian supermarket…

Me and Tenchi took a pic outside.. behind is a church. Veri nice…

Den walked into the supermarket.. wahh familiar food.. haha…we also saw sushi!!! AHHH.. but so expensive and had no idea wat fishes were they..
Walked around the supermarket den off we went on the bus again back to the sch..

On the way back, jensy asked me for my camera and she faster snapped up amazing pics of the sky.. nice clouds sia.. reali nice..

Ok den at night we decided to go to the arts festival.. in which the 5 of us decided to go.. haha.. blog later..


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Exercise me not!

Haiiii… haha… i’ll get to the exercise part soon.. haha..

In class we were taught how to read the food labels.. what fat is, simple sugar..yada yada… den off we headed to a nearby supermarket to find some items that kinda fit what the lecturer wanted.. seriously we always kinda walk in front BUT me and Jensy always end up at the back… i reali dunt noe y.. slow? Nooo Noo Nooo.. haha.. i dunt tink it is.. haha… but ya we always end up at the back oh well..

Anyway we were walking at the back wif Kai.. haha.. this was pretty funny… Kai started imitating Alvin aka Sexy walk’s WALK… haha… kinda weird coz Kai’s ass is bigger.. haha but yah still funny…coz its not juz us that thinks Alvin has a sexy walk but THE WHOLE CLASS DOES!! haha.. oops..

Sth funny too… I tink me and Jenn haf been callin him too much Sexy walk ,sexy touch hair, sexy everything that i tink HAHAHA pardon me but the whole class noes who Sexy is.. haha poor Alvin yah.. poor poor thing.. wonder how u got into this mess yahhh… hahaha… Siti called him a Sexy arse.. haha…

Ok back back back…
We went into the supermarket and started doin our assignment… den finished quite early.. but Jensy and Ping Pong were still stuck somewhere inside so we had to wait…
But after that we were told we cld head for lunch coz it took quite a while… we walked back to sch 1st den headed out again to eat…

This time we decided to try the Vietnamese food that was further down the road of where Fung’s Kitchen was…

Ahhh yes Pho 2000…

OHHHH wat yummy food they haf.. remind me of when i eat Vietnamese food in Thailand… i asked Phuong Phuong to help me order my dry noodles and my dry spring rolls.. YUMMY.. haha.. the portion was pretty big… haha.. so den me and Jensy decided to share next time if we came.. But it was not that expensive and it was reali good..

Oh guess wat.. haiiiii… black clouds sia… RAIN POURED OUTSIDE LIKE MAD!!! It was madness.. i forgot my poor umbrella…. haha…Anyway the daughter of the owner (Thuy) gave us some newspaper.. haha.. okk.. RUNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My god.. we were running frm shelter to shelter and den we keep hearing thunders and seeing lightening.. wahh lauuuuu scary sia.. we were like okok dunt run yet.. haha… den cars juz kept driving and water kept splashing. AIYO!!! haha… den we decided to juz run and run.. HAIIII already getting my warm up exercise b4 the big PE SESSION.. haha…
Reali damn tired sia when running back to school.. tot i was goin to die.. haha.. i tink i felt like i was goin to die alot of times in
Oklahoma City yahh.. haha…

By the time we reached sch.. MY POOR SHOE.. haiyo.. one shoe the sole came out…AHHHH!!!! haha… My poor nike shoes from when i was in Sec 2… my shoe!! haha… so i was wearing a shoe wif one sole on one shoe and another which was juz fine. haha.. aiya…

Den came the time for me to dread…”Change into ur sports wear outfit”… My heart fell to the floor.. i tot Dr Guerrero had forgotten abt it.. apparently not.. Haii… went to get change.. since i did not bring any sports wear.. i cld onli wear my pyjamas.. i didnt bring shorts either.. haha.. the funny thing is that when i wore my pyjamas at home or to slp.. i felt it didnt look funny or weird.. HA! it didnt match my shoes. And that weird purple flowing pants wif my blue councillor t-shirt.. hai… so embarrassed… Leisy’s 1st embarrassment sia.. haha.. haiyo.. everybody wore like proper sports wear onli Leisy Peisy wore sth so interesting.. NEVER EVER AGAIN!! Even though Jen, Phuong, Ping and Alvin said not funny.. THEY WERE LAUGHING!!!! haha… nabei sia… haha…

Anyway we walked to the sports hall.. which is the indoor basketball court at the bottom.. and some sports watever on the 2nd floor.. there was also a gym on the 2nd floor..
1st we had to do warm ups.. yucks.. haha.. ok den Dr Guerrero told us to run SEVEN yes 7!!!! Rounds around the 2nd floor… we cld either walk or run… But since nobody was walking it, i tink i beta run it… haiiiiii…..my legs.. haha…

Ok.. run… i ran wif Jensy and Phuong… Ping Pong dunno ran where but soon after Jensy disappeared.. so its was me and Phuong.. i cldnt even run one round.. haha.. three-quarter of it i started walking.. haha.. aiya.. den poor Phuong Phuong accompanied me.. so we ran again.. and i stopped.. den ran again and i stopped.. ran again.. den i stoppped.. haha.. never endin sia…Poor Phuong Phuong.. haha i pulled u down wif me!!!

Everybody was like finishing.. haha.. but i tink i was stil at my 3rd or 4th round.. run so fast for wat! haha… den finally it was juz left wif me, Phuong and another girl frm Grp A.. Yikes.. haha.. and we were still needing to run another round… but who cares sia.. haha told Phuong i cldnt take it.. so we stopped at 6 rounds.. haha.. in which i came in last..*clap clap*…. damn out of breath sia.. ARRGGHHHHHH!!!!! DIE!!!! haha….

Nightmare nightmare nightmare not over yet.. we still had to do 100m dash… HAiiii!!!!!!! Not onli that we had to run 2 times!!! Nabei sia.. haha…
Anyway i ran against Phuong which they called us
Vietnam vs Thailand.. and Ping and Jenn which was called Malaysian vs Hongkong.. haha… Phuong fast sia.. haha…

The funny thing is here comes how sexy walk became sexy run… haha.. Alvin ran against Kai.. wahhh so fast sia.. haha.. run damn funny too.. haha.. dunno y the 4 girls (Me, Jen, Ping & Phuong) juz started laughing like mad… haha.. damn joker sia… JOKER SIA!!! haha… so den when he was running me and jenn were like “Sexy Run wooooo”.. haha… there goes his new nick Sexy Run! haha..

Jensy also damn funny.. she was wearing her pyjamas too.. haha.. but it was a nike shirt and her sec sch shorts which was like enough for two person to fit in.. haha.. holdey holdey shorts.. haha.. jensy had to keep holding her shorts and after that put a safety pin to it..

Anyway good old Sexy Run felt so sorry for poor old Leisy in her pyjamas so loan me his kinda black or blue Hawaiian shorts wif flowers.. haha… in which i wld use for the next 2 dreaded days of my exercising life.. haha…

Anyway hurried to change out of my purple pyjamas pants to my jeans and off we went on the bus back home..
We decided to stay home and not go anywhere that nite..
Here’s cute old Jensy Tenchi in
Alvin‘s special made towel hat.. haha.. cute sia..

Yes after that.. we heard that Michelle cld get a earlier flight out of OKC.. we decided to try our luck too.. At 1st we were supposed to leave on the 15th may… but since class ends on the 11th may.. we wanted to try to leave on the 12th may…Den lucky, coz Ping Pong didnt wan to go LA.. so YEAH!!! Alvin and Ping Pong decided to go straight to Taipei wif me and Jensy….

Anyway by the time we got back.. my bones, muscle, body, knee, calf, thigh were ACHING…. ahhhhhhhh pain again.. when the last time i felt like this.. haha.. reali damn pain sia… my poor calf kinda like harden or sth.. oh crap.. haiyo..

Ohh after dinner.. Siti and Alyssa came over.. haha.. had a sexy time.. haha…Jensy took the pics frm above..

I was almost fallin down on the ledge of the top.. haha.

Cute Ping Pong decided to join in the fun.. haha.. Siti and Aly getting squashed!!!

haha.. we were trying to get off each other. haha..

Too tired to do anything, after that and a bath.. i launched myself on the bed.. ouch ouch.. and slept through all the way like a log! Tml wld be another annoying day for me.. haiyo.. We wld be goin to the Medical Center which is a fitness center.. Good luck Leisy.. Great Success…Well Done.. Thumbs up.. Prepare For Battle!!!

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1st day at OCU

Ahhhh…1st day of class.. haha.. how exciting…. since the bus leaves the inn at 8.30am.. so we muz go and eat at least at 8am.. which means i have to wake up at 7am everyday.. ok i didnt.. i woke up at 7.05am everyday for class… haha..

Its funny in the morning coz my hp will ring 1st with the usual “Oh Haiyo…Oh Haiyo..OH HAIYO..”!! den soon in a sec Jen’s hp will start ringing wif Yang Chenling’s “Qingzhu”.. haha.. double attack in the morning…

Well usually i wld be up 1st.. goin to the loo den brushing my teeth, yada yada… den oh Jensy Jensy wld still be slping.. haha…den abt 7.15am i wld be like “Jensy.. Wakey wakey!!!”… oh this joker.. haha.. she wld start makin weird noises haha.. and den start rollin in the bed… haha..like a whale ya Jensy Jensy! haha… but by at least 7.20-7.25am Jensy wld be awake.. haha…

Everyday we wld check the weather forecast online.. u noe in Singapore may not be that accurate but in Oklahoma City.. DAMN ACCURATE!!! When it says its cold.. its COLD.. when it says its hot.. its HOT!! When it says there wil be thunderstorm..there will be THUNDERSTORM… freaky.. haha.. and also we wld on music frm the laptop.. kinda like a morning happy hour.. singing at the top of our lungs.. haha.. rem this Jensy “L-O-L-O-L-O Coco-L-O-V-E” and of coz “L-O-V-E..L O V E..Lian ai ING happy ING!” haha… usual morning songs…

Now when i wake up.. there i wld c Ping Pong downstairs making her milo.. haha… den Phuong Phuong wakes up to drink coffee.. ahhh the usual.. haha…

Ok.. den even though Jensy finishes faster like puttin on some makeup or clothes… but i always end up waiting at the door for her.. haha.. Jensy the indecisive person always haf some last min pondering or sth FOR SURE!! haha..

Anyway me and jensy r usually late by 5-10min.. haha.. abt 8.05 or 8.10am den we can leave our room to the breakfast table..But there r times when we leave exactly at 8am ok..haha

Ahh yess there again same old food.. haiyo..

Ok den its off to sch wif our bus driver Donnie.. super nice dude.. damn nice.. every morning when we r abt to reach sch, he wld say “Rem to take pride in everything u do. I’m proud of u guys..Go out there and make me proud..Ur number 1!”… ohhh encouragin words in the morning always gets u hyped up yah!!

Ok we go to a classroom which is this one..

We took the class together wif another class..Grp A.

Sadly the class is Personal Lifestyle.. ahhh the nightmare of all nightmare has come for Leisy Peisy… ARRGGHHH..

Its a wellness class which teaches u abt u noe.. Healthly Living.. hai… haha..Seriously i dunt noe how this is connected wif mass com.. haiyo..

Anyway two lecturers were teaching us.. they wld alternate among themselves.. Dr Larry Guerrero..tough man who teaches football at OCU and Ms Denise Binkley who is a 50year old trapped in an 25year old body.. HOLY CRAP.. i dunt believe it.. more fit than any of us.. and look damn young sia..She teaches kickboxing at OCU..scary!!

U noe this module is veri veri Physical Education yes yes PE.. MY NIGHTMARE!!!!! haha… i already pushed exercising deep into the backdoors of my cells and locked IT THERE FOREVER!!! BUT.. my heart fell when they asked us to bring PE attire for the next three days… NNOOOOOOOO… STOP BREAKING MY HEART….. haizzzz.. i hate exercising.. haha..i haven done that ever since i graduated frm secondary sch which was like 5 years ago.. I hated it then so i hate it even more now.. haha.. Onli enjoyed when my sec sch class played basketball together.. damn funny sia.. we always laughed when we played.. oh oh i also rem last time in sch, every fri after class the usual councillor gang wld stay back to play till the last bell.. boy those were the days.. haha.. i dunt mind playin basketball coz i like it alot but doin exercises like u noe RUNNING the nightmare of all.. yah i hate it..

The class juz gave us all a wake up call.. and told us wat risk some things gave us.. like obesity wld lead u to wat problems and stuff..

Lunch.. finally came around…since we were new and had no idea where to go for lunch at all. Lucky we bumped into Alyssa, Siti they all.. so they took us to the stretch where they usually go eat at.. we went to Fung’s Kitchen.. A chinese food buffet style.. yeah.. haha.. craving for some home food…

Ta da.. but that was the 1st and last time we ate there.. guess it didnt sink in wif us too well… aiya..

Class was from 9am-12.30pm.. den lunch frm 12.30pm to 2pm

So den headed back to sch to start class again frm 2pm to 5.30pm..

Haha den at night or was it after we got back to the inn.. Alvin was online surfing.. i tink.. den the 4 of us were downstairs.. den suddenly he squatted down at the top of the stairs wif a new hat.. haha.. it was a towel.. wat the hell.. haha.. he said he had juz learned it online.. haha.. laughed like mad and quickly asked Sexy walk to pose for me..

Soooo cuteeeeee…. haha… Sexy walk.. haha… so cuteeee…. the beginning of his funny life wif us.. haha..

Den went to bed… and tried to get mentally prepared for tml’s exercise…***GROAN…***

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Ahhh finally day of Orientation…we met at the meeting above the breakfast table at our Inn
Denise Short our coordinator was there to greet us.. haha.. and also two other ppl from the
Inn to kinda tell us the rules and what is available and wat we cld do our the inn… i tink the rules paper is still stuck on our fridge in OKC.. haha oh well….
Denise gave us a briefing and stuff, gave us maps of our area and sch area and off we headed to OCU Campus.. yeahhh finally…


ahh the bus we wld take to sch everyday.. Okkkk and den we arrive at the University.. wahhh big sia.. haha.. it was in brown.. and there were many blocks..
A reali nice place.. haha.. yes yes all nice nice…

Main entrance of our sch building which we wld enter everyday to get to class…

ahh i see Marc-key boy there.. haha..

This is the Law School at OCU… how nice is that.. veri nice… veri veri nice (Ping Pong style) haha…

The walk behind is usually where we walk to go for lunch..

The school building and also these 3 statues are of the 3 Miss USA who studied in OCU.. how cool…

Anyway it was a short short orientation.. and after that we were brought to Walmart which of coz we went for the ten million times already. haha…

And after that when we got back.. ahhh finally our 1st official cook session in our penthouse!! haha.. we took Ping Pong’s beehoon and fried them.. haha.. quite hard as we didnt reali haf proper sauce like fish sauce or soya sauce.. but oh well healthy livin. haha…

Jensy’s the camera person. haha..

Ta Da!!!! Ai De Tao Can!! Xing Fu!!!!! haha..
Ohh it tasted gd ok.. haha…

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New Home

Ahhhh finally we moved into our penthouse on this day.. where finally we wld have a bigger space to ourselves.. haha..
Me and Jensy kinda usually talked to
Ping Pong b4 this trip like when we were in class, so we pretty much knew abit here and there abt her BUT OF COZ WE GOT TO KNOW MORE!! haha.. This trip was reali knowing more abt ur roomates or ppl that u hang wif.. Now we know Ping Pong’s weakness ahhh.. haha.. and also so cute sia u Ping Pong.. haha… Cute Number 1!!! haha…
Ahhh but we didnt reali know anything abt Phuong at all.. coz usually in class, she’s pretty quiet… HA! Boy were we wrong.. so so so so wrong… haha…
As days went by, we starting calling her Phuong Phuong.. haha.. and she does talk more.. haha.. and she is pretty persistant abt some things that always attack me sia!! haha.. powerful.. haha.. i bow down to u!!Once u tot
ur safe, but.. no no no… it comes even stronger on the 2nd and 3rd wave.. haha.. oh Phuong Phuong!!! haha….
We kinda knew more abt each other during this 3 weeks.. family, life and any other habits.. haha…

Me and Jensy reali felt that we got lucky and shared the room wif them coz seriously wat nice ppl they are… seriously nice nice nice ppl… Reali kind ppl too.. and gd in the kitchen and neat!!! OHHHHH LUCKY!! haha…
Okkk i think i’ve strayed away frm the topic.. haha..

Anyway, we kinda got bored so decided to call Sexy walk (Alvin) haha… i juz cldnt think of whose name to say so i was like is Penny there… haha.. juz to tease u onli lah Sexy Thigh (which i wld blog abt later on..haha)… He kinda still didnt get wat the hell we were talking abt.. haha.. oh well.. he even said is that the who new nickname.. haha.. wahhh laugh like mad sia.. haha…

And also the funny thing was that Alvin actually loan Jensy his laptop which of coz he nv got back again till end of trip.. haha.. Jensy damn lame sia.. haha.. i cant believe she d/l Audition in his laptop.. haha.. took ten yrs to finish.. haha.. i was already slping when it finished i tink.. haha.. funny sia when Jen told Sexy walk tat she was loading Audition in his com.. haha.. classic look..
OH OH OH which i suddenly rem that jensy loves to jump on
Alvin‘s bed.. haha.. ahhh the same face reaction.. haha..

haha.. As days went on, Jensy also d/l the whole of Boa and Cyndi Wang new album into his com.. haha.. there goes the classic face reaction again.. haha.. Joker sia Tenchi u!! haha.. haha reali funny.. haha.. it was as though it was Jensy’s com.. funny funny!! haha… and not onli that… Jensy’s also d/l Skype in his laptop.. haha.. another shocker face.. haha…. not to mention loading all the pics we took in OKC into his com.. haha i tink he gave up.. haha.. Jensy’s not to be messed wif sia!! Tenchi rocks! haha…

Haha but yah.. during nights where i wld be in bed already which is not early.. dunno y we always slp at 12am or 1plus. no matter how we said we were goin to slp by 11pm BUT oh well it always dragged on.. haha..
Jensy always played Audition when i was slping already.. haha.. but i noe she’s playing coz i hear the “COME ON” haha… ahhhh remember the voice of that weird ass.. haha..and of coz the Rain’s song.. Its raining…

As usual straying away from topic…
ahhh but next one wld be how orientation went… our 1st cooked meal and also how sch looks…

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Ahhh finally goin to show u pics of the wonderful place we stayed at Oklahoma City for 3wks… The environment is reali nice.. kinda like a big and more open spaced chalet…
Reali loved the place.. haha…
I shared the house wif Jensy of coz!
Ping Pong and Phuong Phuong!!!!

Ahhh here’s wat the place looks like frm the outside..


And this is the stairs that lead up to my house..


And this of coz is the nice nice livin room.

And of coz our nice clean kitchen… haha..

The house had 2 beds and one sofa bed… one bed downstairs and one bed upstairs..

We kinda scissors paper stone for it.. haha.. 2 wld slp upstairs and 2 wld sleep downstairs…

Okkkkk… so i lost. haha.. Ping and Phuong took the room downstairs and me and Jensy had to climb upstairs to our bedroom.
Ping‘s room was a closed concept.. Their room had doors to close.. so ta da!!

And ours.. was an open concept where there was no doors and the basin was outside of the toilet.. haha.. we had it pretty airy all the time.. haha..

This was mine and Jensy’s bedroom.. and the desk where the 2 of us wld use the laptop all the time.. haha..

Right across our bed is our basin~!! haha..

ahhhh and our toilet~!! haha…

These are basically the view frm outside of my house..

ahh the laundry room where we had to frequent quite abit coz Ping and Phuong always had like ten million clothes to wash.. haha.. i will nv forget the time where Ping had a tissue in one pf her clothes and OMG!! haha.. the tissue and spread everywhere all over our clothes too.. haha.. joker of the century sia Ping Pong u!!!

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2nd day at OKC

Ahhhh the 2nd day at Oklahoma City
I’m trying to rem as much as i can and also watever i can rem i’ll juz blog it.. haha…
oooohhh okkkkk lets start…
At this time i was still living wif the 6 other ppl in the penthouse…so it was me, Jensy,
Ping Pong, Sexy walk aka ALvin, Uncle aka Karho, Jessica and Michelle…

So den i kinda woke up late.. haha.. but it wasnt that late i tink.. late morning.. or was it not late… ok breakfast is from 7am to 9am.. so i guess it was early!! haha.. i tink i went there abt 8am or sth… wahhh so early sia.. haha.. ok anyway.. we met Janice there 1st and den after that we met the rest of our class that came the one wk early den us to Oklahoma City (OKC)… and of coz we met our dearest SITI AND GANG!!! haha… Oh i love Siti sia.. haha.. Her hair was down and she was dressed so damn cool man!!!! haha..
Ok.. wat they have at the Marriott Residence Inn breakfast table is pretty much the same everyday! I MEAN EVERDAY OF MY LIFE!!!!! haha..its a buffet style so yup u can get watever u wan..
There is potatos which i took everyday..wonder y.. and also the meat patty which is like the piece of flat meat in
ur cheeseburger… and also there was scrambled eggs.. and sometimes where wld be bacon, scone wif mashed potato gravy. U cld also make waffles which i nv did but had some from Jensy’s b4… and milk and yogurt which we occasionally “kapo” back to our penthouse.. haha..”kapo kapo” became our official word to say during breakfast table.. haha…. and also there was tea, coffee u cld make.. always had a wide selection of tea bags.. i usually took greentea wif lemon!! yum yum… Oishi nei!!! and of coz “kapo kapo” back! haha.. and “kapo kapo” sugar!! haha…

But ya.. that was the daily routine which we did everyday at the breakfast table..

While the rest decided to go wif the other class to Penn Square Mall… as usual Leisy’s being lazy.. haha.. me, jensy and ping pong stayed at home… sadly to prepare dinner.. ahah…

But yeah.. i tink i mentioned it that it was also the nite that Murali and Phuong Phuong came… haha.. happy family yah!! haha…

Ohhh i forgot to mention that abt 10pm plus or sth.. Ping Pong, Jensy, Sexy Walk (Alvin) and Me went over for gossip at Siti’s place!!! haha.. the most happening place to be in.. haha..Siti’s place also had 4 ppl staying wif each other.. Siti, Alyssa aka lovely girl, Haidah and Charmaine…

Lots and lots of gossip were spilled… haha.. funny sia when Siti does imitations.. haha LOVE THEM… and after a while Delfy came over too.. haha.. wahhh but cannot believe we talked sooooo long sia.. it ended abt 1am plus i tink.. den when we walk out of the door wahhh cold sia.. ran like mad back home.. haha… FREEZING!!!!!!
Great time.. haha…

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Here are some pics which i kapo frm Alvin (Sexy walk). haha..

A pic of Houston airport.. which we transit in to get to Oklahoma.

These r the jet that we took for the domestic flights in US.

And of coz the most important is WALMART!! haha.. that was the supermarket that we all frequent quite a bit. haha.. went almost everyday during the 1st wk to get grocceries to cook at home..

This is the entrance of Walmart at Oklahoma City..
It reali is a huge supermarket.. kinda like Carrefour like that…

Ahhh and of coz our 1st lunch or was it dinner at KFC.. salty like mad sia.. haha.. tot i was goin to die of salt attack.. and not onli that NO CHILI SAUCE.. haiz…

We reached there earlier den most of our other classmates, abt 2 days earlier so in the end the 7 of us shared a house there to save cost 1st, coz the one that we paid for already we cld onli move in Sat which was on 21st may. We reached 19th may…
It was a penthouse.. and there were two rooms in it. Which Jessica and Michelle took upstairs and me,
Ping Pong, Jensy took the room downstairs. and Karho and Alvin took the sofa bed outside our room. The 1st nite was quite fun..
haha the 2nd nite got more interesting.. 2 more ppl came early, Phuong and Murali.. haha so it was 9 ppl in the house.. OMG! haha.. how fun was that.. Phuong slept upstairs and Murali oh poor Murali slept on the floor..
We had lots of fun.. We made dinner.. wif the help of the wonderful Alyssa.. haha.. Linguine in yummy pasta sauce. haha…

Oh the wonderful kitchen we cooked in. haha.. This was at Sexy walk’s house..

Anyway the next blog will be on my own house.. haha.. will show u how the place looks like.. Our wonderful penthouse which the 4 of us spent 3 wks in.. Ping Pong, Jensy and Phuong Phuong!!!

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Reached Oklahoma..

I have finally reached Oklahoma!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Its Friday 4;13am SG time….
Oklahoma is thurs 3:13pm…
Veri tired AND DAMN Pukey!!!!!!!!!!!!

Had 4 veri long rides… at 1st the flight to taipei
was four hrs… not too bad… quite ok…

den after that was our flight to LA… OMG!!! That was
one of the worse experience ever ever ever!!!!!! At
first it was not so bad… but at abt 1am… wahhh the
plane starting movin funny…up down… VERI PUKEY!!!
Thought i was goin to die… reali did…
I went to the loo and puked it out.. felt slightly
better.. but cldnt slp… slept for abt an hr only..
veri shag at that point…
Landed early… abt 6am SG time.. so it was abt 3pm LA
We checked out and stayed at a motel.. where 7 (Jensy, Karho,
Alvin,Ping, Michelle and Jessica)of us
shared 2 rooms… was so tired that after eating BK,
we went straight to slp at 8pm LA Time… abt 11am SG
time..The weather in LA was freezing!!!! SO COLD!!!! i
tot i was goin to freeze to death!!!!
We were so tired.. we didnt even shower or anything
juz slept onli!!!
We kept waking up in the nite…time seem to pass by
veri slow.. we woke up at 3am coz our flight was at
6am..It was so cold in the morning.. will send pics
later on…
AFter that we left for houston…it was a small
plane….2 hrs and a half.. it was juz now only… and
den after that we took we last plane to
Oklahoma…That plane was extremely small… wahh like
a jet… i cant belive it.. BUT it was painful to
be… veri pukey.. the pressure was veri strong coz
its small… I tot i was goin die.. like can feel or
heart drop… i even cried a little.. coz my tummy was
so queesy…

Now i’m in the inn already.. veri nice.. haha… will
take pics too…

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I cant believe it!!! Tml is the day that i will be flying off wif 6 other of my classmates to Oklahoma City…. I have to go there b coz of school…. My degree is from OCU… so we have to go there for 3 weeks on campus kinda thing….

Oh man…. in fact i dunt reali want to go so far reali…. but there isnt a choice….. I heard frm my other classmate who is there that the weather is cold… aircon cold.. must bring warm clothes, moistorising cream, lip balm, gloves…. my luggage is already kinda full and i still feel like there is more to put in… aiyo i’m gonna miss my fluffy bed…. but not the HOT weather here…. i will miss watching my 100% entertainment XIAOZHU!!!!

there will be 4 person sharing a room… like a mini house thingy… so i’ll be sleeping wif Jensy… Haha… i cant believe i’ll be wif jensy for like one mth and 24 hours togther everyday… Jensy oh jensy!!! haha…

After that on the 15th may… i’ll be stopping over at Taipei for abt 5 days…
Goin to go HOT SPRING!!! YEAh and buy my MANGA!!!! YEAH!!!!

I’ll update on when i am there.. tml that is… leaving tml… aiyo….

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