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wow!!! Arashi sugei na! I cant believe VS Arashi is going golden as well as instead of 30mins, it’ll be an hour long!!! This is super cool!

Source: Tokyograph

“VS Arashi” goes golden
Sat, July 25, 2009 (7:21pm EDT)
Fans of popular boy band Arashi will now be able to watch the group every week during golden time. Their show “VS Arashi” on Fuji TV is moving from its Saturday afternoon time slot (12:59pm-1:30pm) to an hour-long time slot on Thursday nights at 7:00pm. This will be Arashi’s first show during golden time hours.

“VS Arashi” has been on the air since April 2008. Each episode features Arashi competing against different guest celebrities in a variety of games, such as “Falling Pipe” and “Cliff Climb.”

The show will air in its new time slot starting this October.


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(icon credit: muri@lj)

This VS arashi was a blast!!!!! Their junior Tegoshi Yuya from NEWS came on the program. And there was a new game too!!!

Lots of pics.

Pics credit: tudorqueeny@livejournal

Gifs credit: brandedwhite@livejournal


Matsujun getting mad at Ohno for calling his outfit cute. hahaha


Poor Leader!! haha



The attack of the DOS!!!




Dunt reali noe wat this guest’s name was but he was so excited to c Arashi in flesh, so he started touchin them. hahaha


A new game called : Jumping Shooter. An honestly exhausting game! haha




brandedwhite_12 brandedwhite_30

brandedwhite_12_1 brandedwhite_14_1

Poor Aiba-chan coughing away, den Nino pulling Aiba up! Sweet!!


Look how handsome our goalkeeper is! haha







brandedwhite_31      brandedwhite_32


Ohno has been failing at this game for the past few episodes.. haha… so when he managed to pass, he wld do this “Cross his arms”.. hahaa… i dunt noe watever for.. But Sho+Aiba+Nino found it so funny that they started imitating him too!! haha

brandedwhite_22     brandedwhite_23_1



Notice the little arm cross at the end, and also the other 3 down there crossing their arms. ahah


Hahaha.. Oh-chan has finally conquered his failure! ahha



brandedwhite_33  brandedwhite_27       



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gabenut_24 gabenut_26 gabenut_25 gabenut_28

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This is juz getting so so so funny… haha.. usually Ohno nevers messes up.. but lately maybe 2 or three times, he keeps failing at this game “Rolling Coin Tower”.. haha.. It’s so funny to watch. And everybody, including Sakurai was expecting Sakurai to fail.. haha… Leader is juz adorable.. haha… In one screencap, u can see the members all lookin at him at disbelief.. haha

Screencaps credit: ghol88@lj






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i juz had to include these two videos before sleeping.. haha.. sho-chan.. haha honestly how silly can u get… haha… u are reali the cutest thing on earth.. haha..

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haha… watching VS Arashi these couple of episodes has been freaking hilarious. Haha.. i mean reali funny.. firstly, as usual Sakurai Sho is juz reali bad at sports… so den when its time to play games, when he volunteers, he gets “ehhhhhhh…” from the audience.. haha… It’s sooo funny… And basically Arashi members get nervous when he wants to play these games. haha

Managed to find these few videos online. These are some silly Sakurai Sho moments on VS Arashi.

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Haha this has got me laughing like mad.. i love this episode. It’s Aiba’s segment called “Ai Land” where they play silly games sent in by the viewers. The scenes shown with the guests have been cut as they weren’t veri interesting, haha. So den they also try out some new games sent in.

I took some snapshots.

Gifs credit: ghol88@lj

This next game is where they were as school kids and emptying all their bags, and the next person wld have to pick them up and put into their sch bags. haha. As u can see frm the last 2 screencaps, Sho is asking “Is this reali fun?” haha

This next game is abt having a newspaper holding your legs and trying to get the opponent’s hat.

Haha.. dunt u juz love Sakurai’s walk.

Haha this has got to be one of the best games ever. haha. Putting a long pole across ur shoulders and goin through the barriers. haha.. Sakurai act has got to be the most classic one ever. haha.

This is Aiba’s try first.

Den it was Matsujun’s turn.

And finally Sho’s turn. haha.. watch the silliness.

Den this is prob one of the most CRAZY game ever. haha. Rollar Skates TUG OF WAR.. i noe… WAT THE.. haha.. this has gotten my sides cracked from laughin too much. haha.

First Try

2nd Try

Third Try

awww group hug.. haha

4th Try

slowly but surely… haha

5th Try

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