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Haiz… the day to go back to my boring life is Singapore. haiz.. without my sister too. Our flight was at 3.30pm, so we reached at airport at abt almost 2pm to check in.. my lord the queue was like super long.. we stood there till like almost 3pm. Crazy. Of coz by den, me and Hansy’s eyes were starting to well up. haiz. And when we were abt to go into the gate, me and Hansy already had tears.. It’s always hard to separate from ur crazy sister..

On board, i was watching a show called “Thank God Ur Here”.. its an Australian program where ppl well mostly funny ppl are thrown into a situation and have to act out the scene. Kinda like an “Whose line is it anyway” style. It was damn funny. I watched all three episodes of it. haha. Den also watched “Enchanted”, i tot it was quite cute i guess… BUT i didnt get to watch the ending AS the plane was landing… wat the… oh well i’ll ask Jensy abt the ending.

Touchdown and stepped out of the airport and BURN… HOT LIKE HELLLLLLL… i’m melting…. sooooooo hot.. haiz… miss that cold air in Perth.

Oh, took this pic from the plane, beautiful sunset..

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Today juz went to Harbour Town for a quickie with Nic. Its a place where its pretty much called a factory outlet, things are cheaper, but since it was having a sale as all the other places, it was pretty much on equal par as other places.
Went back home and made dinner for all as it was our last nite there. haiz…. time, where has all the time gone.

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Yes we went to Garden City again. This time got more food to bring back and den we had our yummy BOOST drink. Oishi desu YO.

We also went into Priceline where they sell cosmetic, shampoo and stuff. I love the wide range. There is so much Shampoo or body foam that u can choose from. I love it man. Had to take this new Lux product, it’s so pretty in their clear bottle.

Met Alina and her fren Jane too.. haha.. yeeeahhh… Den again we ate Edo Teppan. The japanese food is juz oishi. I also ate Red Rooster.

Went home and helped Jane dye her hair, while Hansy dyed her own.. sugoei na.. haha..

Oh here are some great buys.

All these clothes are below ten bucks each… wow.. haha.. some are even 5bucks onli.

Oh i’m absolutely crazy over this sweet. Its called Roc Candy. So pretty and damn nice to eat.

Oh this is my absolute favourite… Apple Liquorice.. i love it soooo much…

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Damn Ikea Closet

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We didnt reali go anywhere today coz the closet from Ikea was to be delievered today in the afternoon. It came a little earlier and damn… its heavy.. my lord.. and Hansy juz got all excited abt fixing it, flauting her muscles.. haiz…

This has got to be one of the most frustrating times in our lives.. REALI mean it. At first we were doin it all jollyful den as the instructions were not clear, we did have to take it apart quite a few time..

We started on it at 4pm… until Alina came home at abt 7pm we were still doin it. Alina came and helped us. Too kind of a soul. haha.

By abt 9pm we cldnt take it, had to eat sth. Alina took us out for chinese food nearby. And den we started on it again. I tink it was almost 11pm by the time we were done with it. I hated it so much, my energy was completely drained…. haiz… nv DIY a BIG closet again. NEVER EVER..

But the finished feeling is great, we kept touching the closet. haha. Kept lookin at it. haiz, didnt noe we went to Perth to have to help to fix Hansy’s closet. haiz. haha.

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Decided to let Mumsy sleep in more, so Hansy took me to her school. Very near the house she’s livin in. Abt 5 minutes walk onli. Met Rina-chan for a short while as she was goin to meet her frenz for lunch and den fly off to Melbourne for a holiday.

Hansy’s sch is pretty big, also went into the school bookshop where Hansy bought me her school’s japanese textbk. Den walked around the campus and also into the student village, Hansy tried callin her frenz livin in the student village but it seemed that most of them had left for holidays.

There is even a “chinese garden” in Murdoch Uni. haha

There is even a daycare center in the school where lecturers can put their kids there. Cool nei.

Den off to the student village where Hansy had first stayed last yr and met Sepi who was her best housemate. haha.

Den from the student village we walked to Kardinya Park which is no veri far to get groceries. Den Hansy told me she used to walk this path with Sepi and they used to sing Utda Hikaru’s Flavor of Life and Sepi wld keep taking pictures along the way. haha.

Went to eat Chicken Treats as i was a little hungry, den headed to K Mart and Coles. It was nice u noe, hanging out with Hansy alone as we do in Singapore when we’re goin to Kinokuniya. ahha..

After making lunch at home, we juz had to watch a little arashi. haha.. as usual…

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At first i was wat? Swan Valley? Are we goin to c a ballet show or sth… haha.. turns out Swan Valley is a place where they sell famous stuff like wine, nougat, chocolates. We went with Hansy’s fren Eu Kim. Before that, we were waiting at a place, cant remember where, but i loved the old feeling of the building so had to snap a shot. haha.

Den as we went to the carpark Eu Kim had park, we saw this guy suddenly drive by and BANG into a curb, and sth from his car had fallen off.. geez… Heard that lots of young Australians have been getting into car accidents thats y they’re changing the rules abt getting a license. Luckily Hansy has got hers. Anyway he tried driving back into a car parking slot and almost hit the other, geezzzz…. mumsy’s kept lookin and laughing. haha.

So den Swan Valley is pretty big. Had some lunch, silly Hansy and her Indian curry.. “nice or not Hansy” haha..

Den went to the Chocolate Factory. It was havin a black out, haha. oh well. U cld also sample chocolates there. Hansy & Eu kim were on a tasting feast, i didnt reali like raw or shld i say pure chocolate so onli ate a bit. I prefer mine with additional things like nuts, fruits, caramel and so on. haha.

Den went nearby to a cheese tasting and wine tasting place. Wow the cheese was juz sooo creamy… i cldnt take it.. haha.. they loved it but i dunt like over creamy stuff so yah thats me. haha.. but the wine was pretty nice, didnt taste like wine. i guess this is the vineyard.

Ohhh i took a snap shot of the sky.. isn’t the clouds juz amazing to look at.

Oooo den we saw a Nougat shop.

Den drove on into, i tink its called Whiteman Park. There was a wildlife park, but we were too late and didnt want to spend on entry fee either. haha. So ended up juz strolling in the park.

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Nic took us to Hilliarys Boat Harbour. It was beautiful there. The view is juz amazing. We ate Fish and chips and always wanted to puke again coz there was juz too much fries given. Hansy also bought a drink for us, it’s brand is called BOOST.. YUMMMMMMMYYYY… it’s a smoothie+yogurt drink… SUPER SUPER oishi.. the taste is juz so amazingly strong unlike in Singapore where’s its quite diluted or juz too expensive.

After that also headed down to Ikea to look for a closet for Hansy. I tell u, when i walked in, i tot i was right back in Singapore’s Ikea.. the structure and layout is exactly the same, even the cafe. wow.

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