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Taipei Buys

Ahhh yes… cannot wait to share u u guys wat i bought.. haha.. oh well… bought a couple things frm Taipei…mostly manga of coz.. my fantastic new collection of 91 books.. YEAH! haha..crazy sia.. now no space to keep in my room.. die sia.. okkk..

Den i also bought necklaces, caps for my sister, t-shirts..

I reali bought alot of necklaces.. i cant believe it..madness sia Leisy..

My fav buy..Fairy necklace..

My two mics!!! haha reali like this one ever since i saw Xiaozhu wearing it on tv.

How cute is this..bought this at Shilin Night Market..

Yeahh my nice nice guitar..also frm Shilin…

Got tis frm Wu Fen Pu..kinda haf a thing for keys..dunno y..

This was reali out of the blue buy..coz Me and Ping pong were lookin at some stuff at Ximending, coz Ping pong wanted to buy some keychain for her frens..den she kept pointing at this donut necklace & said its reali cute, juz buy it… Cant believe i crumbled and bought it.. haha..reali like it sia.. so cute.. Donut leh.. haha..

This is pretty cool ya.. Bought 3 caps for Hansy…

Anyway….bought my amazing manga there too.. haha..SO CHEAP SIA!!! i cannot believe how cheap it was!!! haha…


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Ahhh back finally after a month away frm Singapore..
Came back on Sunday (20thmay)…
Ok i’m sorry i didnt blog at all while i was overseas but i will try to update as much as i can!!!
Will post up pics too.. OMG took like ten million pics over there.. haha..

Oh my journey back was exhausting coz.. my flight was at 7.40am frm Taipei back to Singapore… so my frenz, Ping (Ping Pong), Jennifer (Tenchi) and Alvin (Sexy walk) didnt get ANY SLEEP AT ALL. Onli Alvin did but onli for like less den an hour.
We were packing like mad.. and had to leave the hotel by
3.30AM!!! yes thats rite how mad is it!! haha.. took a cab down to a bus stop and den waited for the Freego Bus to come send us to the Airport at 4.30am..

WAHHH at that time already damn shag.. coz nv slp at all… finally got on the bus and slept all the way to the airport.. WAHHH pukey pukey feeling again!!! oh dear oh dear me!! haha.. reached the airport at abt almost 6am and headed straight for the toilet!!

Tried to puke but cldnt..haha but i heard Jensy puke! haha.. i think i was too hungry and shag! ahha.. All empty my poor tummy…

Finally we went to queue up to check in, where a lady prob around 40 or 50 tried to CUT our queue! Nabei!!! She cldnt cut us so cut the poor guy behind us.. den pretend pretend to have a conversation wif us… nabei cut her head off sia!!!

Den as we reached halfway off the queue, suddenly we saw her husband like all the way in front of the counter already!!!! WAT THE HELL!!!!! den he waved her over and she hurriedly scuttled over to the front!! WAHHHH CUT QUEUE KING & QUEEN!!! My frens and i had our mouth WIDE OPEN AND CLD ALMOST TOUCH THE GROUND WIF IT!!!! Power sia!!!

haha.. oh well.. it was finally our turn and my frens were like weigh ur luggage 1st.. haha.. coz mine was like super heavy.. the max weight u can check in is 32kg well mine was 38KG!! HOLY CRAP!! haha.. i bought too many comics!! haha.. we den had to go to one side and remove 5kg off my bag and transfer it to my other bad which onli weighed 12kg!!! haha…

My poor frens, seriously i think i wld have died without them!!! I love u guys!! Reali do!!! haha… They were helping me stuff my other luggage wif manga and putting lighter things into my luggage.. haha..I blame my manga!!!
Oh ya i bought 91 NEW MANGA!!! yes 91!!!!!!!!!!!! MADDNESS SIA LEISY!!!!!!!

ok back to the story..
Jensy & Ping Pong managed to get my main luggage to 29kg and the other small luggage to 20kg.. haha..
After that went to get some breakfast and den rushed to catch the plane..

Was so tired that i slept ALL THE WAY!!! cldnt move an inch..it was until they woke me up to push up my chair, 30min to landing.. wah slept for 3and half hour.. dead beat!!

Finally REACHED SINGAPORE!!! wahhhh nice to be back but i juz cldnt stand the weather… When i stepped out into the carpark.. i tot i was goin to die and melt away…HOT LIKE MAD!!! WAHHH HOT SIA!!!!
REALI cldnt take the weather….HOT!!!!!!!!!!! like hotter den hot spring!! haha..

I had chicken rice for lunch!! Oh how i missed the tender chicken and CHILI SAUCE!! Ahhhhh.. haha..
den reached home at 2pm.. slept all the way till 8.30pm.. den slept from 1am to 2pm the next day.. and den 3pm till 8pm again.. wahhh damn tired sia.. haha…

ok next few blogs will be abt Oklahoma and Taipei so get ready!!
here’s a pic of my 91 new MANGA!! haha..

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