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Aiyo i cant believe it… Yanli aka Yanki is 21 years old already. Time flies nei… haha..

So anyway, met up wif Davin aka Vin, Kartik aka Son and Jasmond aka Jas to go together to her bday. Vin asked us to take a cab in coz it was juz tooo wulu to get in..

Got there at Loyang, where it was her Auntie’s house. First saw Ms Tan Poh Choo, Yanki’s form teacher in Secondary sch. She kinda still looks the same. Surprisingly, out of all of us, she cld remember my name. She also nv taught me b4, haha but she did teach my sister. oh well. haha..

Den we all juz hung around and ate, we did see some Holy kids.. ok i mean as in my sch name Holy Innocents High. haha.. we usually say Holy, or is that guy from Holy. That kind of thing. haha. Mostly were frm her class, we the 4 of us were pretty much the onli student councillor bunch.

I remember havin lots and lots of fun, somehow i reali miss the energy. haha. Jas and Kartik were the same, seriously.. after so long, they still can get the bond of arguing with each other. haha.. Vin was being super funny. haha.. Suddenly giving Kartik an english name. haha.. This is the best part. At first he was saying “Kartik… Khatib Mrt Station…” ahha… den It became “Kartik… Khatib.. Juz b4 Yishun, after Yio Chu Kang… son of Balakrishnan.” HAHAHAHHAHAHAH… seriously that got me rolling… i was laughing so hard that my cheeks hurt reali reali bad… i wonder how long has it been since i laughed until my cheeks hurt.. Imagine i used to hang out wif them almost everyday in secondary sch. ahha.. imagine the balls of laughter we shared everyday. Reali reali miss that alot.. Den Vin was goin on and on abt using words like ” Mathematically, technically, logically” haha all the cally endings.. haha…

Kartik and Jas said i changed, i guess older as well as not as noisy or wild as b4.. i guess it is true. i tink i kinda tamed down, as well as gotten even more quieter.. sad but haiz. haha..

Anyway, hope to meet all the councillors soon coz i reali had a blast. haha..

Vin, Lei, Yanki, Kartik (Son) & Jas

Yanki’s sec sch classmates + councillors

Yanki & Lei

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Ahhh today is Save the Earth day yah… oops i didnt wear green… Anyway had exam early in the morning.. HAIZ!!! haha…

And the lamest thing.. watever we studied didnt exactly come out the way it was supposed to reali.. came out all the weird numbers… ARRGGGHHHH!!!! oh welll…

Den after that.. KARTIK PANGSEI ME!!!!!! Nabei sia.. we were supposed to meet 4pm at Lavender Mrt to go Army market… BUT NO!!! HE PANGSEI ME!!! PANGSEI me to go NDP preview wif his gf.. bad son!!! haha.. oh well..

Since i was meeting the rest of the councillor gang at 6pm Bugis Mrt.. i had lots and lots of time on my hands… so followed Ping Pong to her work.. at Taka.. she works at the toy section. haha.. and yes since i had nth to do till 6pm.. i needed company rite.. oh yes.. poor Sexy Alvin had to accompany Leisy Peisy… haha.. sorry sexy!!! haha.. Oh and thanks again Sexy!!! haha… We spent most of the time sitting down coz.. oh well i was feeling old and tired so needed to sit down and rest the old legs.. haha… oh dear me… haha… OH and thanks for carrying my textbk back!! SORRYYYYYY!!!! hahahaha…

Ok den on the way to Bugis Mrt when Davin aka Vin msged me.. wahhh he reached so early.. at 5.53pm!!! HAHAHAHA!! By the time i reached Bugis was abt 6.15pm den soon after Junzhong aka Zhong Zhong came wif his gf AND the veri veri LATE JASMOND!!! haha came abt 6.30pm plus….

Den got a msg frm Alvin aka Baby.. haha saying that he’lll be late coz he’s at camp and will drive there to meet us.. ok.. so den we juz walked abit and Vin intro us to eat at Sketches.. coz we were looking for a place where we cld sit down long long to talk cok.. haha… ok.. went in and took like ten yrs to order.. hahaha.. oops.. Alvin my baby den asked us to eat 1st coz he’ll be running late.. so ok we ate 1st..

Wahhhh reali talk cok session man… hahahahaha.. reali reali laughed like mad… haha… Davin the super talk cok… haha.. dunno wat the hell but damn funny sia Vin.. haha.. den of coz there’s Jas… hahah.. and the lame ass Zhong Zhong.. I juz rem laughing alot.. haha.. all the funny conversation.. haha… and of coz by the time we ate finished in fact i took extra extra longer to eat.. ahha den Alvin came.. aiyo… haha.. he was damn busy in camp… I tink he builds tanks.. wahhh.. haha.. 1st thing he came, sat down and looked at some girls.. WAHHHHHH typical Alvin sia.. haha.. i cant believe he still does that… haha…

Anyway they were talking alot abt army stuff…which is interesting coz i dunt reali hear or noe much abt it… I also learnt sth new.. MLM.. haha.. Mama Lemon.. haha no lahhaha… haha its Davin that gave that name.. haha.. Its actually Multi Level Marketing.. learnt sth new.. haha…

Den after that went over to Starbucks abit.. laughed a couple more.. haha.. u noe wat.. everybody is reali the same.. same personality.. haha… onli talk cok more.. haha.. AHHH Davin changed!! Hahah.. his appearance.. WAHHHH he used to be a teddy bear.. nice and round at the tummy but NOW.. OMG!!! ahha so slim sia Davin!!! haha I cant believe it Vin!!! U reali veri slim now!!! hahahahaha!!! VERY!!! He even said he had to buy new clothes.. ahahahha.. so cute!!!! Alvin is also much much slimmer!! Used to be much bigger sized but now.. Woohooo… haha… Zhong Zhong still as tall and skinny as ever.. and Jas.. oh Jas.. haha.. put on a little weight.. ahaha…

I cant believe i have known them for a long time.. time passes by damn fast… ahah.. my sec sch councillor buddies.. haha.. always sit in the canteen during slient reading period.. ahha… Oh and when i was walking wif themm…. HAIZ… i forgot reali how short i reali am.. haha.. coz they are like over 170cm plus.. and Zhong’s gf also equally tall.. ahah.. i was the onli short ass!! haha.. Reali brought me back to rality!! haha.. but i can rem that i was always having to lift my head up to talk to them.. haha esp Zhong.. when he 1st came.. yikes.. head juz had to tilt up.. haiz.. memories.. ahha… Hang out too much wif the short gang.. ahha..oops sorry Tenchi, Ping Pong and Phuong Phuong!! hahaha…

Anyway Vin had to leave soon.. so it was juz left wif the few of us.. so den we sat awhile den left.. Alvin had to go to his fren’s place.. so bye bye my Baby!! haha..

Me, Jas, Zhong and Zhong’s gf took the train back.. Jas got off at Dhoby Gaut.. awww bye bye Jas aka Curly fries!! haha.. Den Zhong sat all the way to AMK coz his gf stays there.. haha… so funny sia.. i forgot to mention one part..

In Sketches.. we cld like order our own menu.. so we juz tick how our pasta was goin to be. den Zhong put his name as ZHONG ZHONG!!! ahhahaha.. i cant believe it!! haha.. When the waitress called his name to give the pasta.. “Zhong Zhong”.. HAhahahha reali burst out laughing man!!! ahhahaha.. lame ass.. ahhaahha.. den he changed my name to Student Council Advisor Lei Lei.. ahhaha.. lucky the waitress nv call that name coz i was the last one to be served!! haha…

Anyway got off at Yio Chu Kang and headed back..

haha.. Reali had a great time sia.. always enjoy lots of laughter wif u guys!! Cant wait to c u guys soon again.. shld be at Alvin’s 21st bday next yah!!!

Left to back – Jasmond (Jas), Junzhong (Zhong Zhong), Zhong’s lovely gf..

Right to back – Alvin (Baby), Leisy, Davin (Vin)..

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