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Ahhhhhh this is juzzzzz toooooo cute for words… Toma & Yamapi are reali best frenz!

U can read the fan report here at the awesome teacup79’s livejournal!

Ahhhh i wish i cld c a video of this!!

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Ahhhhh this is one of the cutest update by Yamapi in a while! More Tomapi love love!!!!

This translation is done by the fantastic teacup79@lj.

U can read her translation here.

Yamapi’s Jweb

Thank you everyone for 2008!

Well~This morning, around 8
I received a mail from Toma.

It said that he will post about the events of the concert [that he attended as guest] in his Jweb, so he’s sending me a copy first.

He also wrote some pretty mushy stuff. Yeah, definitely mushy. (Laugh)

But [after receiving his mail], I was in a good mood from the day’s start.

Although I don’t know when, or in what manner, I think that I’ll be very happy if we could sing together!

Come to think of it, I’ll be singing today. I’ll be going to the Tokyo Dome party later.

After the party ends, I will go eat noodles.

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This was one cute post that i had to post abt Yamapi talking abt TOMA.. haha..

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I have photo shoots and interviews this morning

And I’m currently going to attend the performance at Music Station

Toma called me today. He called to say he already watched the “Kurosagi” move preview.

I’m very happy

Thank you

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15 November 2007
8:00 PM


Yesterday I ate yakiniku with Toma and chatted until midnight! [Note: Yakiniku = grilled meat or barbecue]
The yukke was best   [Note: Yukke = raw beef, it also has raw egg yolk and seasoning ^O^, I think its a Korean dish, but its popular in Japan too ne~]

I’m really very happy!

Discovered that Toma has been my friend for half my life now, really raised my spirits ne!
We have mutual understanding of each other’s life, so our feelings are naturally really good (laughs).

Now I have to go to the radio show

Awww….. how cute is this.. haha…

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