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Back from Bangkok!

Wahhhh finally back frm Bangkok… my cousin told us to bring long sleeved shirt there coz it was veri cold at nite.. BUT when we got there.. HOT.. haiz.. haha.. it was onli cold in Jan when we were goin to leave already.. i mean COLD.. the whole day too.. wahhh that was reali veri shiok.. haha…

This time we stayed at my Aunt’s apartment… it’s veri accessible and even JJ Market and Central Lad Phrao was like 10min away onli..

Anyway, the 1st wk and a half was almost spent at home or at my Aunt’s house for dinner, coz my mum needed to c some stuff..

Anyway, on one day, me and Hansy were so happy to have gone to Siam Paragon’s Kinokuniya! haha.. made our day when we got 3 chinese manga!! haha… YES they do sell them there…

Also had a great time at a place called Esplanade.. where my Uncle treated us to dinner.. it was a buffet place called Shabu Shabu by Oishi.. It’s like japanese food on conveyor belts and also like steamboat.. BUT u had onli one hr and 20mins to eat den u have to leave or pay extra.. HAHA.. interesting ya.. It onli cost 219Baht!!! CHEAP!!!

We also got to go to JJ Market aka Chatuchak.. Bought a lot of t-shirts frm my cousin’s frenz.. haha.. so got them like much cheaper.. i tink in all we have like 40 new shirts… haha..

I also bought 40 t-shirts frm my cousin to sell and test the market here in Singapore… Maybe will try in flea markets 1st, if response is gd den i’ll get more and either set up online shop or pushcart.. Gambatte ne!!!

Miss Bangkok so much.. miss the food.. haha.. my Tom Yum Soup…


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