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Aiyo soooo sad, ten episodes onli.. haha… But this is a touching episode. Yamada family has moved back into their old rundown house and Taro declined goin to America to study. He decides to enter an “Air Guitar” contest in order to win a JUMBO hamburger for his family. haha.. of coz he pulls Mimura in and Ikegami joins in. Taro’s siblings den think that it’s their fault that Taro is not goin to America because of money issue. They decide to try to win the first prize of cash in an lucky draw. This is a super touching episode, get ur tissues ready coz i cried so much. AND Ohno Satoshi makes a super SHORT appearance but it was juz adorable. haha. I loved how they used Arashi’s song Happiness to play Air Guitar with. haha..

Really loved this drama, mainly coz of Sho haha but it was reali enjoyable to watch.

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Episode 9 kinda talks abt how Taro is trying his hardest to adjust to “Rich” life coz he sees all his siblings enjoying themselves to the fullest. Mimura is also not really talking to Taro as he feels that Taro is lying to himself. But Ikegami comes to Taro’s rescue and pulls to a supermarket sale and also lets Taro and Mimura both have a chance to talk wif each other. All i can say is that Sho had some absolutely dreamy features here. haha…

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Episode 8 is abt how one of his classmates kinda having a weird crush on him and starts following him around and den he sees that Taro is poor AND starts spreading all kinds of gossip abt it. BUT den again, Taro’s father had inherited a HUGE house from one of his customers, (he sells paintings). Taro wld den be confused as to whether to move in the house to make his siblings happy.

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Loved this episode coz lots more SHO… haha.. This episode is abt whether Taro cld juz get away one day without thinking abt his family. Therefore, his family pushes him to go out and have fun, and so Taro joins his classmates out for a studying session at a temple.

BUT of coz, Taro ends up still thinking of them esp when there is heavy rain as the house is not in the best condition when it rains. All i can say is that i’m biased coz there were lots of nice Sho scenes.. haha.. But this was one heck of an touching episode..

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This episode was pretty fun to watch… Taro and Ikegami get to act in an 40’s or was it 50’s kinda film. It was funny when Taro had a hard time saying that he cldnt live without Ikegami, but had some help from buddy Mimura… Lots of nice nice Sho screen time.. haha…

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This episode shows the various tasks that Taro has to do b4 the Summer vacation ends. Wat reali touched me is that how much he is willing to do for his family. He even got cloth (well actually an old school banner) to make a yukata for his little sister to attend the festival.. kyyyaaaa…. how sweet…

And i guess i got a little biased BUT here’s some nice screenshots of Sakurai Sho. haha.. U dont get to c Sho-chan very cool in reality coz he’s sooo silly on programs.. haha.. I mean he is cool sometimes BUT silly most of the time.. that’s y we all love him nei.. haha

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I’m addicted… i really am addicted to this show. haha.. oh dear me.. haha.. This episode shows the return of Taro’s father who is a wandering artist. And he brings with him lots more chaos.. plus a foreign boy who comes and homestays with them. This episode is all abt finding out y the boy doesnt laugh.

Guess Sho had a bigger role here since his character’s childhood was the same. And yes, the girl still annoyed me.

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