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This episode is pretty funny.. haha… i didnt noe that Kudo Shizuka is Kimura Takuya’s wife… wahhhh… lucky lady.. haha

Anyway this video is soooo funny.. They play a festival game where u use a “gun” to shoot down ur prize.. haha.. Koichi is like a little boy when he went “YEA YEA YEA” at Tsuyoshi.. haha.. listen for Koichi’s “gun” shot.. haha.. damn adorable..  Den after that he made a 2nd empty shot haha.. which Tsuyoshi claims it sounded like a fart. haha

Den this second is juz cute.. haha Tsuyoshi pickin on Koichi’s little mistake.. haha.. Koichi was suppose to say “Maria-san” BUT he said “Mario-san” instead. haha

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For those who don’t noe wat Domoto Kyoudai is, its a variety show hosted by Kinki Kids. Guests come on the show and get interviewed “Domoto One Question, One Answer”. Sometimes it gets so silly.. haha… love it… i tink Koichi is getting funnier and funnier each time.. haha.. Takamizawa san too.. haha

Anyway this episode was a new girl Techno grp that went on the show… Koichi had lots of funny moments.. haha.. being called dumb, playing with “Love Chopsticks” and realising how much Tsuyoshi does love him. haha..

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