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Hurrayyy for a new Sakurai Sho drama called “The Quiz Show”… This is actually the 2nd season as there was a 1st one made last year but with a whole different cast.

Sho plays a host on a quiz show. There are different guest that come on the show in order to get the “Dream Chance”, which is getting whatever you wish for to come true. But the questions come out very easy and just based on common sense and knowledge. BUT as the game progresses, the questions become more intimate and are actually questions based on your on life. Of coz mostly things that you dont want people to know about.

But Sho’s character also has a past of which he cannot remember anything about. And the show’s producer who is played by Kanjani8’s Yokoyama You is one character to look out for as it seems maybe he knows abt Sakurai’s past and is that evil what i would call “Do-S” man. haha..

OHHH the drama’s theme song is sang by Arashi too!

The 1st epi guest was Aikawa Sho.

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The Quiz Show Golden - Episode 1[13-35-56]

The Quiz Show Golden - Episode 1[13-36-02]

The Quiz Show Golden - 01[15-20-45]

The Quiz Show Golden - 01[15-30-19]

The Quiz Show Golden - 01[15-50-54]

The Quiz Show Golden - 01[15-57-49]

The Quiz Show Golden - 01[16-35-00]

The Quiz Show Golden - 01[16-40-18]

The Quiz Show Golden - 01[16-40-45]

The Quiz Show Golden - 01[16-40-57]

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Omg!!! Sho is goin to have a new drama… ahhhhhh I cant keep up anymore!!!! haha Arashi has so much goin on for them!!! But it’s goin to be great to be able to watch a Sho drama since Yamada Taro!!!

Source: Tokyograph

Arashi’s Sho Sakurai has been chosen to star in the NTV drama series “The Quiz Show.” The show is a prime time version of last summer’s late night drama “The Quiz Show,” which starred Jin Katagiri and Shigeyuki Totsugi.

In the new version, Sakurai plays the host of a live TV quiz program. On the show, contestants who achieve 7 correct answers win 10 million yen, and those who get 8 correct answers will have one of their wishes granted by the TV network. But while the questions start off innocently enough, as the game progresses, the questions gradually delve into the contestants’ past crimes or indiscretions, presenting them with the dilemma of having to confess their guilt in order to win.

Sakurai’s character also has a mysterious past. Before becoming the show’s host, an accident had left him in a vegetative state for six years, which also resulted in him losing most of his memories.

The supporting cast includes Kanjani8’s Yu Yokoyama as the show’s director, Aya Matsuura as a rookie assistant director, and Miki Maya as the producer. Broadcast begins on April 18 in NTV’s Saturday 9pm time slot.

Source: Sponichi Annex

Here’s 2 youtube links. The 1st one is the CM and the 2nd one is a news abt his new drama.

Dont u juz love that smirk! haha

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