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Lately i’ve been more Xiaozhu crazy.. haha.. coz went to his concert and all.. so den decided to go to his autograph session.. Seriously i dunt noe wat spurred me on.. haha.. guess juz wanted to his him.. Pulled poor Jensy along wif me coz at 1st Yanki didnt want to come.. BUT last min she decided to come.. haha.. funny!!!

I was stupid to have said to go eat 1st coz the queue was LIKE HARRRR!!!!! Den Hansy met us downstairs and we cut queue… haha.. oops… We managed to get upstairs but was all the way at the back.. although there were much more ppl that cldnt get in.. There were like so many many ppl.. Den we were told to squeeze.. wahh nearly died sia.. everybody was like touching ur ass.. haiz… Cldnt even c him at all.. short ppl is like that… haha… we juz cldnt c his performance at all!! sianz.. but after that tat the signing started.. and we were juz like squeezing in.. we even had to cut a queue.. haha.. oops.. Jensy and Hansy decided to go c if his album was still selling.. but they unluckly.. onli one left den they put down, den someone else snatched it! Den they went to Popular and saw his bk.. haiz.. one left.. they put down, den someone else snatched it..

Me and Yanki stood in the queue for like 3 hrs.. my god.. most of the time it was not even movin.. my legs were breaking.. seriously pain sia… den it was so hot.. no air at all.. maddness sia…

FINALLY!! AT abt 10pm plus it was our turn.. IT WAS WORTH IT.. he signed the album, den looked at u and shook ur hand… oh my god… it was worth it for that one look at u.. oh my god… he so handsome sia.. reali reali super handsome.. it was super up close man.. haha.. rocks..

After that, we went down to Mos Buger to find Hansy and Jensy… Hansy was depressed.. den we still saw many batches of ppl downstairs.. i tink he prob signed till like 12am or sth man..

I muz say Thanks Jensy! Sorry for pulling u wif me!! haha..

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IT ROCKED!!!!!!! haha…. at first Hansy didnt wan to go wif me… BUT luckily Yanki decided to go den Hansy said oh well ok.. DEN YEAH!!! WE WENT!!!!! hahaha….

There were many funny moments… and also lots of cool dance moves… he rocks man.. haha.. my Xiaozhu!!!

These videos are mostly taken frm Youtube coz its a hassle to upload mine in and also i sat far far away.. haha…

This rocked sia.. he was soooo cool… haha… den at the end he said that after so many concerts, this was the 1st time that his mic had broke! AHAHHA..

I reali love this song sia.. haha.. Gary Cao Ge worte the melody for him!

Rainie Yang Chen Ling was his guest star.. super cute sia she…

HAHAHA.. this was funny man.. he was trying to speak English.. haha.. den he said his English improved.. when he stayed at the hotel, he asked for “room service” ahah.. den he said “Excuse me, i have hamburger!”… haha.. den heard his stupid laugh.. haha..

THIS was the funniest sia… Ji Fen is a song where he wld randomly pick a audience member and be his gf for the song.. haha.. BUT.. it was the 1st time he said that a guy was picked.. haha.. super cute sia.. he held the boy’s hand.. haha

here’s another! haha.. super cute.. there was even once he pretended to kiss the boy! haha…

Here’s lots of pics that my poor sister Hansy took so that i cld enjoy my concert!! ahahaha.. He reali super handsome and funny sia.. OH ya.. after that met Xiaoping and Meihui haha coz they also went…

me and Hansy!

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OMG!!!! 1 day to Show Luo Zhixiang aka Xiaozhu concert!!!

Cant believe i’m goin to c him tml!! hahahha… YIPEEE!!!! Fall on me Xiaozhu!!! haha

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Seems like i’ll be goin to my Xiaozhu’s concert!!! haha..

At 1st i wanted to go BUT my sister didnt wan to go wif me.. haiz… den after that we decided we wanted to go to Jay Chou’s concert much more… I mean duh.. Jay Chou u noe… BUT of coz depression… no more tixs… haiz..

Den Hansy got swayed by her fren to go watch Xiaozhu’s concert… so den she bought tixs for the both of us.. So den it will be 4 of us goin.. Hansy, me, Yanki and her sister…

Oh well happy too.. but still havin depression over my Jay Chou… haha… haiz…

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