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Yipeeeeee finally i’m goin to watch Hana Yori Dango. Since this month is a fasting month for muslims, Tasha cldnt join me and Jensy for sushi lunch. haha.. Me and Jensy juz regretted taking the 1.30pm bus.. by the time we got to Cineleisure, the sushi queue was like loooooonnnnggggg…. ara ara nan daiyo… i tink we stood in line for abt 40minutes.. den finally SUSHIIIIIII…. haha… oishi desu yo..

Since Tashie was goin to meet us at 6.30pm for the 7pm movie, we still had some time so decided to walk around to look for a bday gift for Tashie as her bday wld be comin soon and we weren’t sure whether Tashie was goin to have a party or sth like that.. we walked over to HMV and immediately a “wooden block” caught our eyes.. HAHAHAH.. yes a wooden block.. well with like digital clock in it.. like if u switched off the clock, it literally looked like a wooden block.. haha.. we were so intrigued by it.. haha… after walking the whole of HMV we went back and bought the clock for Tashie. haha.. coz we thought it wld be funny and lame when she sees it…

Den we went over to Centrepoint to buy a bday card WHICH was lame too.. haha.. Jensy was like we have to find sth lame which kinda be sth onli we give her or sth like that.. haha honestly we onli tink lame when we’re around Tashie.. haha.. anyway Tasha was late coz of her tution as well as the train.. we were likeeee oh shuccckkksss… haha..
Den we went back to Cineleisure and hurried stood in queue for Tashie to buy KFC so that she cld eat since she is starving due to her fasting.

I tink by  the time we got in the cinema it was like almost 7.30pm.. missed like half an hr of the show… haha oh dear..

Some of the parts were pretty funny.. but overall i guess i was a little disapointed. I guess i was expecting more from it. I tink the drama had been stronger and better and the movie was just ok.. I guess coz it was a whole new script and not from the manga.. ALTHOUGH i do remember reading abt the part where Doumouji and Makino being stranded on a island together. But there were a few touching moments, esp when Doumouji was like Makino is onli the girl for him. *pinch*pinch* heart moment. haha.. But i tink Inoue Mao (Makino) was reali funny here.. i tink she made me laugh alot. Oguri Shun too is juz handsssoommeee… haha.. ohhh i love Arashi’s One Love.. it was played during the ending credits.. Actually when i first heard it i tot it was like a Kinki Kids kinda song.. haha.. oh well.. it’s reali super nice. But u noe wat, overall i did enjoy the movie.. after all its the greatest love story nei.. haha..

After that we juz decided to hang around for a while and get a drink at Starbucks where we gave Tashie her bday present.. ahha.. she was literally “had her mouth open”.. haha.. we were like “its a wooden block” for u.. haha.. she reali had no idea y the hell we gave her a wooden block. haha.. Den after we told her its a clock and all.. she was still reali confused as to where she cld see the time.. HAHAHAHAH poor Tashie.. reali poor thing.. haha… that was reali funny. haha..

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(Very late in posting, happened on 10th August 2008)

Here’s reali long story… So Jensy’s fren Zee Kee has already told me abt this surprise bday that she wanted to throw for Jensy. So den she asked me to ask my diploma & degree frenz along too. Den at first the plan was for Boon Lay to take Jensy out in the afternoon den, bring her back to my house’s poolside for her surprise bday.

BUT last min, Zee Kee told me to ask Jensy out.. So actually i had wanted to treat Jensy already so it was a nice timing.

So den me and Jensy headed out to Bugis, coz David was goin to pick up the bday cake at Orchard, so goin further wld be a better idea. And also Tasha and the rest wld be at Ang Mo Kio mrt waiting to be picked up by Zee Kee to our house.

We ate Ajisen Ramen… y.. haha coz i had the cravin for Tom Yum Ramen… BUT the menu has changed so much…. The Tom Yum Ramen doesnt come wif prawn anymore and the side dishes, there is no more of my fav OCTOPUS… depression.. worse thing is that, JENSY THAT SNEAKY FELLOW rushed to pay… I CANNOT BELIEVE.. her hands were all over the cashier.. haiz… i tell ya, that girl’s heart is too kind, too kind.

After that we headed to Sim Lim Square coz i needed to buy Hansy her external disk 1000GB!!! wahhhhhh…… so much space… how many Arashi videos can i load in sia. haha. Den my hp was like a big hit sia, beeping non-stop, getting msgs from Ping Pong, Zee Kee and David. Like msg them when i’m leavin or someone is late.. aiyo… haha

Since there was still time, we went to walk in Bugis Village. At first we already walked finished the first floor den  i was thinkin maybe we shld go or sth.. DEN Bertsy msg sayin he lost his wallet so cldnt come. DEN Zee kee msg sayin that nara cldnt come coz she had a cyst in her eye, den Tasha late.. haha.. my god i tot i was goin to faint, even though i didnt tink of walkin the 2nd floor but oh well to waste time, i did it. haha.. Den luckily after that, AND after goin to my Kino haha (getting Oricon Style with ARASHI on the cover), it was juz nice to leave coz they said they juz took the cab to my house.

Den me and Jensy headed back.. So i juz cldnt tink of how to bluff her to the poolside.. i juz went blank sia. haha… geez, so i said i’ll walk u home coz its ur bday. haha.. den i made some lame excuse sayin that my mum left her watch at the pool so i had to go find it.. geez leisy.. haha.. BUT luckily Jensy came up with me DEN MISSION COMPLETE. haha.. Lights all turned on and cameras flashing.. oh tenchi omedetou! haha.. her 7 sec sch frenz were there, family, Boon Lay, Tashie and Ping Pong.

I kinda felt bad for leavin Tashie and Ping Pong alone for so long, but luckily Zee Kee took reali gd care of them.. haha they juz adores her. haha. Tashie now understands how ulu our house reali is. haha… Had lots of fun wif Tashie and Ping Pong. Ping Pong banged her head. HAHA i dunt understand y.. Tashie laughed so loud. haha…

Around 10.15pm like that, i dropped Tasha and Ping Pong at AMK mrt.. i reali felt bad for them u noe, coz they all live in the East, its reali a long journey back. Anyway Tashie lets meet soon ya!!! haha


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Ohhhh my official last sushi buffet on a weekday, it doesnt count holidays, haha. I had to ask Jensy & Tashie out to eat with me. I met Jensy over at Cineleisure coz i had to go meet someone in the morning. I met Jensy around 2.15pm and the both of us were starving.. haha… we went in to get a seat 1st, as Tasha said she’ll be late.

Ok we ate 1st… oops.. hahaha sorry Tashie.. we were starving little children. Ahhhh sushi is the best nei… haha.. had lots of my salmon sashimi.. oishi desu yo.

After that we decided to go watch a movie… but there didnt seem to be any thing we wanted to watch, so we headed upstairs to rent a movie to watch. DEN i noticed that the Johnny’s shop MISE has CLOSED DOWN. NA NI!!!!! Haiz how to get my posters now.. oh well.. i actually onli got one Sakurai poster there, and bought it cheaper as they were givin like 20% discount or sth.

ANYWAY, haha.. we were lost as to wat to watch. NO IDEA. Me and Jensy cannot take horror movies or violent kind, so haha.. i tink we went for like the lamest show ever.. i mean EVER. haiz.. Paris Hilton’s The Hottie & The Nottie… i noe i noe i noe… wat were we thinking.. it was prob the lamest show EVER.. ever.. everything abt it was so fake.. the guy is also DAMN ugly.. haiyo.. haha.. It reminded me and Jensy of a “ER XIN” guy. haha… u noe, i noe nei Tenchi-chan.

After the movie, we had some time left so we were busy takin pics in the room. haha.. Famous pics came out, right Tasha. Tipsy toe and Moonwalk. haha..

Anyway i miss u 2 a whole lot.. haha.. lets meet soon again yah. Haha.. Sushi juz rocks doesnt it.. haha…

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Haha… u will understand my headline a little later… Finally got to meet Tasha again.. me and Jensy were actually late.. we were supposed to meet at one pm at Somerset mrt.. but we kinda dragged in Ang Mo Kio, so we got there abt 1.15pm.. AND Tashie, oh Tashie.. she over slept.. HAHA.. i cannot believe it.. so she reached abt almost 2pm.. oh well.. hahaha as usual..
Headed over to Cineleisure for our usual SUSHI BUFFET.. haha.. we were like
3rd in queue.. AND u juz cannot believe how long we stood there… i tink for like almost an hr.. we were like starving monsters and getting cranky coz of the wait.. luckily the couple in front of us left, so we were 2nd in queue.. haha.. den when we looked behind us.. OH MY LORD.. the queue was like reali freaking long.. OMG SIA…

Even when ppl left. the staff took so long to juz clear the table and also took sooo long to ask ppl in.. wat the hell.. also there was a table that pretty much annoyed us, they weren’t even eating, they were using their laptop in there.. wat the hell.. HELLLLOOOOO its a SUSHI BUFFET.. COME ON… there are like tons of ppl waiting outside.. Jensy kept givin the STARES.. haha.. funny sia..

When we got in, i tink it was the first that we were like so starving, that we took watever on the belt and started eating, den after a while we ended up laughing coz we weren’t even talking to each other but stuffing ourselves.. haha..

Tashie also told us her story abt getting into a car accident. Me and Jensy were like, yah yah yah another bluff story or joke.. BUT as she was telling the story, it was TRUE.. she had a broken nose.. oh Tashie, luckily ur alright..

Anyway, it was abt 4plus den we decided to go catch a movie. So den we went to watch The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. I had actually watched the first part with them too, so it was fun that we went to watch the 2nd part together..

I reali love the movie, in fact we all did.. haha.. It also helped that Prince Caspian was juz sooooo handsome.. haha.. *swoon*swoon*…. i guess i like all these kind of fantasy story.

Movie ended around 7.30pm.. Bertsy said he’ll meet us for dinner… But after a few pics, Tasha had to leave to meet her other frenz, so Me and Jensy were left wif Bertsy. Bertsy did a nice thing by buying us dessert.. haha.. Anyway, i tink Bertsy got reali bored wif us, coz we had nth planned at all. So decided to find Tasha near Heeren. Bumped into Zhonghui too.. quite a while since i last saw him, although i remember bumping into him in Wisma b4 too.. haha.. in fact Ah hui was right next to Tasha’s table, how coincidental..

After chatting a while wif Tashie and her frenz, we all left, they took a cab while me and Jensy took the MRT back.

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I hate bdays now coz i’m getting older.. haha.. no lah.. i dunt exactly hate it, i juz dunt have a habit of celebrating it.. so if we go out and juz hang and not make a big deal of my bday, i’m ok wif it.. haha… But of coz getting presents is nice.. hahaha..

Anyway, I was waiting like for ten years for Jensy & bertsy to arrive!! haha.. aiyo… finally they reached like 45 min late or sth like that… I noe poor Jensy had alot to do.. Went to Taka’s Aijsen coz Jensy knew that i love it.. haha…

Had a yummy lunch at 3pm.. haha.. ordered my Tom Yum Ramen.. OISHI!!! haha… Jensy gave me JAY CHOU’s latest album!! HAHAHHA… thanks Jensy.. I was goin to get it eventually but.. haha.. Jensy got it for me 1st… it also came wif a figurine.. ohhh JAY!! haha.. And of coz i had to go Kino.. haha.. and den gave walked over to Centrepoint to sit and chill at MacDonald’s.. hahaha.. sat there and juz talked.. den Hansy juz nice came down from work at GAP.. den we juz blah blah.. haha.. when finally Bertsy produce a gift for me.. HAHAHA.. oops.. it was a necklace… reali nice sia Bertsy!! I like it ok!! haha..

We kept talking abt Tashie… haiz.. we miss her.. she’s so far far away in Oklahoma!! haha..

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On Friday, last min, Tasha asked whether we were free to hangout.. haha.. luckily even though on such short notice.. all of us cld make it.. Tashie wanted to meet us before she leaves for Oklahoma City on the 23 Nov.. that lucky twerp.. haha…Me and Jensy were super early.. haha.. we were supposed to meet 1.30pm at Somerset MRT.. but we got there at 1pm.. oh well.. decided to go walk walk as we tot there was a LIME flea market.. oh well guess there wasn’t.. haha..

Soon after Bertsy came and as he was calling us, he bumped right into us at Cineleisure.. haha.. Den us being old ladies, we wanted to sit down.. haha.. sat at the food court downstairs where my t-shirt came into gd use.. haha.. Hansy bought it for me frm Perth..

Haha.. wat was so lame that he shirt said I’m sad out! haha..

Den juz nice Tashie came.. den of coz being sushi lovers, we wanted to eat sushi.. haha.. AND KIND OLD BERTSY agreed to eat it too.. he doesn’t like sushi.. We were like eh? eh? eh? reali not bertsy? eh? Den instead of givin us a nabei face, he was like so kind.. EHHHH.. who r u Bertsy!!! haha…

We stood in the queue for quite a while.. lots of ppl sia Saturday. Den the manager or sth came by and ask how many of us.. den this is wat was so funny.. coz the guy cldn’t speak properly, Bertsy replied in that same way.. HAHAHA.. Jensy smacked him.. haha lame ass Bertsy!

Finally, we got to eat our yummy sushi.. although there were some angry moments abt “Pftt…” ahhaha… lame ass Tashie.. haha.. Den also Tasha kept saying that Bertsy needs therapy to return back to his self.. haha.. Bertsy was veri vulgar b4.. haha oops.. also got angry at stuff last time.. but now he is like so like soft-hearted and quiet.. haha.. oh my god.. But den his old self came out a few times when Tasha juz had to piss him off.. haha.. That was super funny.. haha..

We took a cab down to Minds Cafe at Selegie rd.. right opposite Parklane Mall.. We order some food and played some games.. first we played Charades.. Me and Jensy were a team and Tasha and Bertsy were one.. It was pretty fun, coz we were like doin all the lame actions.. haha..

Den we played Truth or Dare Jenga.. haha.. that was damn fun sia.. Bertsy took out all the ones that wld make the other players have a harder time to not let it fall.. haha… So shy sia when we were playing coz when it fell, we wld be “OHHHH!!!” Haha den all the pieces wld juz fly everywhere.. Poor Jensy and Bertsy had to pick the pieces up at the other table.. haha.. We were all laughing at Bertsy coz he looked like so soft-hearted when picking up, saying sorry to the other table.. ahha.. who r u sia Bertsy..

The last game we played was Loot.. which was a pirate game, where we had to collect the most gold in order to win the round.. quite fun… There was a point of time when Bertsy put down a ship wif gold 1st, den Jensy did the same and so did i.. Den Tasha also did that.. den Tasha said ” This round free ah.. we all keep our gold ah!”.. AHHAHAHAHAH… den it was Bertsy’s turn, he kept his gold and placed a pirate on Tasha’s gold.. HHAHAHAHAHAHAH… oh my god, me and Jensy juz burst out laughing like mad dogs.. ahhahahahahha… the funniest thing ever sia.. Tashie’s face was juz super funny!! HAHAHHAHAHAHAHA… classic moment sia… Tasha sia, when playin the game, ahahha.. she’s juz like a kid u noe… she sat next to me, always tried to look at my cards.. den tried to steal my golds.. hahaha.. den also tried to take extra cards frm the deck.. HAHAH.. playing wif a big kid!!! hahaha that Tashie so cute sia…

It was abt 8pm, we decided we still wanted to hang around so went to Parklane Mall to the arcade.. There was a wide range of games there.. also not too many ppl.. den Jensy and Bertsy played the Guitars… haha.. that was cute…

Den after that we also played the drums where we played Tasha’s fav song.. haha.. we all played one round.. i died fast.. haiz.. oh well.. haha.. den we and Jensy also played a game.. den we decided that the 4 of us wanted to play sth together.. haha.. juz nice a 4 player gun game.. Bertsy was saying try not to die so early.. guess who died 1st.. BERTSY! haha… i died next.. Jensy was the last man standing.. wahhhhh.. haha…

Anyway, we decided to still hang around so we sat at the staircase outside, and juz chit chat.. lots of stuff we talked abt.. haha.. love life.. haiz.. haha.. pathetic.. haha.. den of coz we cldnt end our nite w/o taking pics.. haha.. as usual… Den it was abt 11pm Tasha and Bertsy took a cab back while me and Jensy walked to Dhoby Gaut MRT..

Love hanging out wif these buddies sia.. haha always have lots of laughter.. haha.. and of coz Jensy’s the love of my life.. hahaha… Tasha soo funny when she calls Bertsy.. “BERT TRANDDDDDD…!!!!!!!!” hahah.. Have a safe trip yahhh Tashie!!!! Have lots of fun!!!

Anyway me and Jensy reached Yio chu kang mrt around 12am.. den walked to our usual place outside a secondary sch to hail a cab back.. we were standing there for quite a while den saw a cab stopping in front, and letting passengers down.. DEN out of nowhere, this lady around 30’s – 40’s juz walked out of the sch and walked right in front of us and started hailing for that cab.. NABEI sia.. wat the hell!!!!!!! Jensy got super super mad.. and started yelling at the lady “Excuse me MAM.. EXCUSE ME MAM!!!” And Jensy started walking towards her.. den the stupid lady was like “Ohh i flag down for u..” den she asked the cab to go forward to us.. den before Jensy got in she said sth like “Yeah right.. as if u were flaggin it down for us..” ahhahah i tell jensy’s the coolest person on Earth… hahah…

Jensy was pretty pissed off… This was like my 2nd time meeting wif cab snatchers.. haiz.. Exciting things always happen wif Jensy.. haha..

Ahhhh.. freaky Jensy!

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Yup Hansy has come back!!! Came back around 9pm on Thursday… went back… unpacked and den soon after Jensy came over too… Always nice to have ur neighbour around.. haha..

Anyway, Hansy was telling us stories abt “DI”.. haha.. funny and weird ones…

After that me and Jensy spent like the whole nite researching on which Japanese schools offer full time courses and also the cost of it..

And of coz, i being so excited abt my Toma, showed her the funny parts in Hana Kimi… haha.. I tink Jensy left my house at abt 3.30am.. yes.. AM.. morning.. yes..

sorry tenchi! haha.. our tummies were growling ever since 2am.. haha.. that was super funny!!!! hahaha…

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Oh Jensy! Stupid directory!

Me and Jensy met up to go collect our graduation photos.. coz thursday was the last day to get it.. So den we went to eat at AMK… for our favourite Japanese food.. hahaha… yummy sia.. The person even seemed to have remembered me coz i always bought food but didn’t come in a long time coz of work… I always bought curry beef but opted for chicken katsu! haha..

Me and Jensy were over bloated sia! haha… Fat like shit.. haha… When we got on the train, we were attracted to the funny funny… hahaha…

From wat i had checked at the street directory online, the way to get there was to take the MRT to Potong Pasir den frm there take a bus to a stop which is 3 stops away..

NABEI sia.. hahaha.. we were bloody absorbed in  TV mobile, talking abt y Singaporeans talk wif such a Singaporean way and den we miss our stop.. OH MAN!!! The worse thing was that there were no traffic lights or anything that we cld cross.. we had to dash across the road like 3 times… BIG ROADS TOO!!! Stupid place so far.. den so many cars and the stupid sun burning us.. There was juz so much like pollutants from the cars.. that when we wiped our faces, it was all black.. YUCKS..

Anyway, we reached finally! Den we looked for our photos.. haha.. at the same time some others didnt collect their pics yet, so den we saw some unlucky ppl who had their tassel swung across their faces when the photographer shot it.. hahaha.. silly Jensy, laughing out loud there.. HAHAHA..

Decided to make one of mine into a photoframe… and den we asked which the nearest way to take a bus back.. “Oh u can take a bus rite outside here..to Toa Payoh” EHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! NA NIIIII!!!! We were like wat the hell sia.. so much nearer.. Toa Payoh.. haiz… felt like stupid sia.. haha..

Me and Jensy went to Kino Taka coz yes i wanted to but manga.. but didnt c the ones that i wanted to i left empty handed.. VERI VERI RARE for me to do that… haha..

So den since we were nearby, we headed to Shaw House to check out a Japanese sch.. coz me and Jensy want to take it up.. It’s pretty ex.. and also sadly the full time course was filled up.. shucks.. We decided to think it again and let each other noe by Thursday..

Oh Thursday Hansy is coming back…

Went back wif Jensy, and Leisy the photographer helped Jensy take some pics at Yio Chu Kang Sports Centre and also at our compound.. haha.. we kinda walked around.. i nv reali walked around our place.. Anyway, always love hanging out wif u Tenchi!!!

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Yeah!!! Its that time again when we three go eat our sushi!!! haha.. This time we were supposed to meet at 2pm at Somerset MRT.. i went out earlier coz wanted to go but tickets to Jay Chou’s concert.. BUT BUT BUT!!!!!!!!!!! Depression hit me man… my heart is broken… nabei.. completely sold out.. wat the nabei sia… AND it was onli the 2nd day of public sales… angry sia… muz be they let all out to the bank credit card members.. piss me off..

Msg Hansy and den she called me.. den said ok we’ll c keep a lookout… den i also msged Chongtak.. Ah Tak!!! Told him abt it too…. haiz… he was even more depressed den me… he’s HUGE Jay fan and nv missed his concert… haiz… depression sia Ah Tak…

Oh well, roamed around at Daiso at Plaza Singapura for abit when Jensy said she’ll be late.. so instead she’ll reach at 3pm…. oh my god.. haha.. msg Tasha den she said she was on the way, so i’ll meet her 1st..

Met Tasha at Somerset where we sat at the end of the station waiting for Jensy.. haha… like homeless people as wat Tasha told Jensy… haha.. Tasha was also wearing a dress.. wah nice legs yah Tashie!!!! haha… Sat for abt an hr b4 finally Jensy came… Our tummies were rumbling by den… hahaha… oh dear me…

Went to but tickets 1st to catch the Game Plan starring the Rock! and den went to our usual Sushi place at Cineleisure to eat sushi… my god we were so hungry… den we didnt realise that we had ordered so much… and usually it wld take a while to come but this time it came so fast that our table was filled completely wif food.. haha… we were kinda lookin at it, and were like Ooooo Kayyyyyy…. hahaha… FEAST!!!!!

I tink we were all exploding… hahah… we were like goin to die sia… haha.. so freaking full and it made us all sleepy…. hahaha… that was reali funny sia… hahaha…

Ooohhh den juz nice for our movie, we bought our usual subway cookies.. YUMMY… haha.. the show was veri funny and sweet.. kinda touches ur heart that kind.. also had lots of Elvis..I like… ahahaha…

When we came out it was abt 8pm.. so den since we were still too full to tink of food, we went to take neoprints!!! hahaha… there were like all new machines in which we were not familiar wif at all!!!! And all pretty ex.. these new japanese machines all cost abt $10-11 bucks for a neoprint… wahhhhhhhhhh……….

So den we went to every machine.. deciding on which to take.. i tink we spent a long long time decidin that Tasha deciding to sit on the chairs waiting for us.. haha.. finally we decided on one… but it was all in Japanese that we juz randomly picked out.. some more the time to pick was like a few seconds that we had no time to tink at all.. haiz.. depression sia.. our 1st shot, we didnt even noe that it was goin to take us.. we like AHHHHHHHH… den snapped.. haiz.. oh well.. many funny ones..

Tasha wanted to have coffee, but the Starbucks near the Californian Fitness was shut down already.. haiyo.. so juz had some smoothie and shared a hot dog at Orange Julius..

Took some pics.. but we were already too tired and sleepy that it turned out crappy.. haha.. Stayed wif Tasha to hail a cab.. seriously the cabs, wif lights on and on one inside juz wldnt stop.. i reali dunt noe y.. Tasha was getting a little pissed. BUT finally managed to get one.. haha..

Me and Jensy took the MRT back and got in a cab to head home.. nice thing abt having ur best pal as a neighbour.. haha…

Miss u girls loads.. C u on Tuesday Jensy!

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