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I dunt believe it… seriously i dont believe. How is it possible… He’s onli 50 yrs old. And he sadly died from pneumonia. Haiz i still find this unbelievable.

Read here for more info.

Bernie Mac’s Death: What Happened?


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Ohhhh my official last sushi buffet on a weekday, it doesnt count holidays, haha. I had to ask Jensy & Tashie out to eat with me. I met Jensy over at Cineleisure coz i had to go meet someone in the morning. I met Jensy around 2.15pm and the both of us were starving.. haha… we went in to get a seat 1st, as Tasha said she’ll be late.

Ok we ate 1st… oops.. hahaha sorry Tashie.. we were starving little children. Ahhhh sushi is the best nei… haha.. had lots of my salmon sashimi.. oishi desu yo.

After that we decided to go watch a movie… but there didnt seem to be any thing we wanted to watch, so we headed upstairs to rent a movie to watch. DEN i noticed that the Johnny’s shop MISE has CLOSED DOWN. NA NI!!!!! Haiz how to get my posters now.. oh well.. i actually onli got one Sakurai poster there, and bought it cheaper as they were givin like 20% discount or sth.

ANYWAY, haha.. we were lost as to wat to watch. NO IDEA. Me and Jensy cannot take horror movies or violent kind, so haha.. i tink we went for like the lamest show ever.. i mean EVER. haiz.. Paris Hilton’s The Hottie & The Nottie… i noe i noe i noe… wat were we thinking.. it was prob the lamest show EVER.. ever.. everything abt it was so fake.. the guy is also DAMN ugly.. haiyo.. haha.. It reminded me and Jensy of a “ER XIN” guy. haha… u noe, i noe nei Tenchi-chan.

After the movie, we had some time left so we were busy takin pics in the room. haha.. Famous pics came out, right Tasha. Tipsy toe and Moonwalk. haha..

Anyway i miss u 2 a whole lot.. haha.. lets meet soon again yah. Haha.. Sushi juz rocks doesnt it.. haha…

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Ahhhh finally we get to meet each other after like… ermmm when was the last time we met? Geez… its been super long ago… Well, it was kinda the usual gang that came out together. So we met at Orchard MRT at 7.30pm… coz some of the guys had juz booked out from camp so yah we had to meet at around that time. Qianying and Adolphus were there like super early.. haha… coz Mr BUTTON-UP was afraid to be late. haha.. that was reali funny.. i got there soon after, den i tink it was Eugene, Tingxuan den Mervin that came… Followed by the late Ruibin. haha

Since Zhaoxian said he’ll be late, i waited for him while the rest made their way to Dempsey Road to the restaurant La Fondue. When we got there, haha the rest hadnt place their orders yet… we knew WHY.. haha.. it was quite costly.. haha… we sat there for like the longest time deciding wat to eat… Soon after, Jack and Kelvin came… Some decided to juz order food, while a few of us juz ordered desert to eat.. haha.. we decided to go Macdonald’s later… haha

After that we did head into Orchard and met up wif Liyang and Zhitai… and we ate at Macdonald’s.. haha.. we were still hungry… onli had desert in our bellies… haha..

U noe, my sec school class was reali the best that i ever had… we were all talking abt stuff that happened in sch.. haha… like one time there was a heavy rain.. so den we placed all our umbrellas outside the corridor, the thing is that our class was the first in the row, so den the other classes had to walk past our corridor in order to get to their classroom.. haha.. ppl had a hard time walking through that umbrellas.. haha.. some juz walked into our front door and got out the back door… haha.. that was reali reali funny…

After that, we and Zhaoxian headed back together coz we took the same train line down, while the rest lived the other side so they took the other line.. i had lots of fun.. Zhaoxian is like one of my buddies that i’ve known since like primary 4.. haha…

Anyway, let’s plan to meet at the end of the year YAHHH… haha…

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Zouk Flea Market

Hey all…

Come on down this sunday 30th march at Zouk Flea Market.

Will be having a booth there selling both mens and ladies t-shirts.

It will be in Zouk itself from 2pm to 7pm. For those who don’t know the address is :

17 Jiak Kim Street (S)169420

Visit this link for directions on how to get here. http://www.streetdirectory.com/asia_travel/travel/travel_id_10161/travel_site_12519/

Some t-shirts designs are like this.

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Lime Flea Market!!!

Hey all!!!!

Please come visit me and my neighbour Jennifer’s booth this Saturday 23rd FEB 2008 at LIME FLEA MARKET @ YOUTH PARK… 1pm to 7pm

It’s behind Orchard Cineleisure… In Singapore. In case others are reading this.

We’ll be selling lots of clothes, both new as well as 2nd hand… also for MEN & WOMEN!

We’ll also be selling lots of accessories like necklace, bangles and nice vintage bags…

This is my neighbour’s website.. these are the style of clothes that she will be selling.


And also some of my designs are like these…

Do come by or help pass the message around! Thanks!

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Merry Xmas All!!!

Hey u guys!!!! Merry Xmas!!!!!!!!!

Hope u all have a wonderful Xmas!!!

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Goin to Bangkok

Hey all…

Will goin to Bangkok on 16th Dec all the way till 3rd Jan!!

Dunt look for me unless its urgent!! HAHAHA…

Merry Xmas and a happy New year!!!

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