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(Very late in posting, happened on 10th August 2008)

Here’s reali long story… So Jensy’s fren Zee Kee has already told me abt this surprise bday that she wanted to throw for Jensy. So den she asked me to ask my diploma & degree frenz along too. Den at first the plan was for Boon Lay to take Jensy out in the afternoon den, bring her back to my house’s poolside for her surprise bday.

BUT last min, Zee Kee told me to ask Jensy out.. So actually i had wanted to treat Jensy already so it was a nice timing.

So den me and Jensy headed out to Bugis, coz David was goin to pick up the bday cake at Orchard, so goin further wld be a better idea. And also Tasha and the rest wld be at Ang Mo Kio mrt waiting to be picked up by Zee Kee to our house.

We ate Ajisen Ramen… y.. haha coz i had the cravin for Tom Yum Ramen… BUT the menu has changed so much…. The Tom Yum Ramen doesnt come wif prawn anymore and the side dishes, there is no more of my fav OCTOPUS… depression.. worse thing is that, JENSY THAT SNEAKY FELLOW rushed to pay… I CANNOT BELIEVE.. her hands were all over the cashier.. haiz… i tell ya, that girl’s heart is too kind, too kind.

After that we headed to Sim Lim Square coz i needed to buy Hansy her external disk 1000GB!!! wahhhhhh…… so much space… how many Arashi videos can i load in sia. haha. Den my hp was like a big hit sia, beeping non-stop, getting msgs from Ping Pong, Zee Kee and David. Like msg them when i’m leavin or someone is late.. aiyo… haha

Since there was still time, we went to walk in Bugis Village. At first we already walked finished the first floor den  i was thinkin maybe we shld go or sth.. DEN Bertsy msg sayin he lost his wallet so cldnt come. DEN Zee kee msg sayin that nara cldnt come coz she had a cyst in her eye, den Tasha late.. haha.. my god i tot i was goin to faint, even though i didnt tink of walkin the 2nd floor but oh well to waste time, i did it. haha.. Den luckily after that, AND after goin to my Kino haha (getting Oricon Style with ARASHI on the cover), it was juz nice to leave coz they said they juz took the cab to my house.

Den me and Jensy headed back.. So i juz cldnt tink of how to bluff her to the poolside.. i juz went blank sia. haha… geez, so i said i’ll walk u home coz its ur bday. haha.. den i made some lame excuse sayin that my mum left her watch at the pool so i had to go find it.. geez leisy.. haha.. BUT luckily Jensy came up with me DEN MISSION COMPLETE. haha.. Lights all turned on and cameras flashing.. oh tenchi omedetou! haha.. her 7 sec sch frenz were there, family, Boon Lay, Tashie and Ping Pong.

I kinda felt bad for leavin Tashie and Ping Pong alone for so long, but luckily Zee Kee took reali gd care of them.. haha they juz adores her. haha. Tashie now understands how ulu our house reali is. haha… Had lots of fun wif Tashie and Ping Pong. Ping Pong banged her head. HAHA i dunt understand y.. Tashie laughed so loud. haha…

Around 10.15pm like that, i dropped Tasha and Ping Pong at AMK mrt.. i reali felt bad for them u noe, coz they all live in the East, its reali a long journey back. Anyway Tashie lets meet soon ya!!! haha



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