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Since its a week day, i couldnt hang out with them all, I HAD TO WORK! Shucks. haha.

Since Tetsu juz didnt reali buy anything, i walked around like mad during lunch to look for souvenirs to give him. Managed to get some magnets and a T-shirt that said “Relax LAH”.. Tetsu is so crazy abt usin the word “LAH”..

Oh well i met them after work at Marina Square and den went to Suntec City too. And it was my first time too touchin the water at the fountain! That was fun. Had dinner and den walked around, den also walked over to Esplanade to see the night view. Reali pretty. Could see the Singapore flyer and the merlion and all.

Had to hurry back too coz Tetsu had to be at the airport at 11pm to check in. His flight to Osaka was at 1.10am. WAHHHHHHH crazy man.. ahahha.. Well on the mrt we gave Tetsu his early bday present and he was so abt to cry. haha…

Met Mumsy at AMK mrt den drove to the airport.

At the airport too, we made him read our bday card and Chihiro’s card too. Ohhhh Tetsu-pon.. Could see my sister getting reali sad coz after all she had spent one whole year with him and basically saw him like 5-6 times a week. They would always go groccery shopping together, watch videos and always hang out together.

We got home like abt 1am… I was throughly exhausted. Shucks work tml.

It was sad when Tetsu had to leave demo mata aimasu nei!!! OOKINKI!!!





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