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It’s Hari Raya Haji so yeah its a holiday. BUT the day juz couldnt start off worse. RAIN. haiz.. luckily mumsy dropped us off at AMK mrt. Oh we pulled Jensy along again! haha. Went to Bugis, since we were a little early, went to Kino 1st coz KINO SALE! hahaha… Managed to get a couple of ARASHI mags! haha.. Thats most important nei. Den soon after everyone came including Chihiro-chan who juz reached Singapore at 3am. Oh my lord. Chi-chan is from Tokyo. Ii na!!!!!!

Went to eat den walked in Bugis Village. We spent the whole day at Bugis. My lord, my legs reali reali felt exhausted. Like even when i woke up, i felt like my body aching and all. ahha.. yes yes OLD. We even took photo stickers. Sugoei na! haha…

Went back to AMK’s S-11 to get some dinner. Chi-chan, Sho-chan & Tetsu-pon all ate wantan mee. They said it was oishi and its diff from the one is perth. ahahah.. Thats cute!

AHHHH i have work tml!!!! yabeeeeiiiii… my legs… my back… ahhh my body…. they’re aching!!!


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