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At about 11am plus, mumsy decided to bring Tetsu & Sho for chicken rice at Serangoon Garden. We also asked Jensy to come along coz we tot it’ll be cool for her to meet them! Mumsy also bought us Goreng Pisang. Nice and piping hot! Oishi daiyo!

Den after that mumsy dropped us off at Kovan mrt and we headed down to Harbourfront. Met Jovis there and off to Sentosa. Quite diff from when i went there like a long long long time ago. Entry fee is onli $3. We didnt reali walk much inside so i honestly dont reali noe wats new inside actually. haha.

Den went to Vivocity… Daiso rocks!!! hahahha.. Also had Hagen Das where Jensy treated us.. Haiz Jensy that kind soul! But the serving was reali such a disapointment. So little. Not even enough for a person.

Walked around the whole Vivo, seriously my old legs were abt to crash. haha… This is wat happens when u age. haha. Den we also decided to head to Funan abit. AND i got a new laptop which came wif a seriously GREAT DEAL. I was so not expecting to buy one. My other laptop, haiz a silly story i tell u, i accidentally cracked the screen. But it was an internal crack. I couldnt c half of my screen. And also its old, some buttons arent workin. haha.. oh well. But poor everyone took turns to carry it for me coz it came wif a free printer! wowowowowow!

Headed to Clarke Quay, the lights on the steps in front of Central were reali beautiful and we stood in front of the bungee jump for like 15mins juz to c them blast off. hahaha… It’s interesting how ppl wan to excite themselves like that. And den off to Liang Court for a nice nice Japanese dinner. And rushed into kino at the closing time. Oops!












clarke quay

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Man behind me looks a little too shocked. Haha!

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