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Hansy’s pals from Perth came over for a holiday in Singapore. Firstly Sho came early in the morning and den after that at 1pm we went to pick up Tetsu from the airport. Sho is a young and very very cute half japanese half English 18year old boy from Hansy’s Uni. And Tetsu, yes we all know Tetsu nei. haha.. i had already met Tetsu when i went to Perth, and still kept in contact with him after that. He’s my “arashi-johnnys coverted” friend! haha

So den we returned mumsy the car and den took the train to Orchard. And we went to eat AJISEN! hahaha my favourite Tom Yum ramen!!! hahaha very oishi nei!!! Den went to Kino of coz in Takashiyama, which Tetsu said the buidling looked so gorgeous! hahaha thats funny!

We also went to HMV, Far East, Isetan, Cineleisure. Well basically the whole stretch of Orchard Road. haha.. My legs were juz breaking. But i had loads of fun with them. Oh forgot to mention that Sho+Tetsu are staying at Jovis’s place. Jovis is my sister’s junior at the University!





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